7/10. Looks really amateur, I don’t like the font. I love the idea, and the pictures are great!


I really love the text that you used for the title and how it blends into the image. I also like how you have a specific colour scheme spread throughout the cover. The image itself is throwing me off a little though. Maybe because the bottom feels a little too empty in comparison to the top.



I really like your cover! It looks like you put a lot of thoughts and time in it. I won’t write too much now because there’s nothing really to complain about and it simply looks great! All in all, I’ll give it 10/10, good job!



8/10, it’s a really solid cover, but it’s hard to read your name at the bottom? It’s doable on a bigger screen, but I’m not sure a lot of mobile users would be able to read it.


7/10. I like the color scheme and the simplicity of it, but I feel it might be too simple. Maybe have the drawing take up more space so the top doesn’t look so empty?



7/10, I like the vibe of this cover and the colors work really well together! I feel like the title could be positioned a bit differently / in a different font to make it stand out a little bit more in contrast to the hand!



Wow! 9.5/10 I really love this cover, if I had to nit pick it would be that, at least to me, the title seems to be two or three different sizes which isnt as pleasing to me personally as if it was all uniform. Still, the tear down the centre is brilliant, the characters look great and the tone it sets really gives me a great insight into the type of novel i’m about to read.


8/10! I love how the title matches the image depicted on the front perfectly and follows the dark theme I’m assuming you’re going for! The only thing I took points away from is that sometimes it can get tricky to focus on the image or the title since they’re right beside each other.


9/10, such a sweet and simple design! i really like it.




thank you so much for the compliments and really helpful input! I like your cover a lot as well :smiley:


10/10 I really favor minimalistic cover aesthetics and this is amazing. I love how the words are out of the way at the bottom and complimenting the actual picture. Good job!



I don’t really like the font you chose but the background is good. Try something else and maybe make the birds a bit smaller? They look too big. Also, it would look best if you didn’t write AmandaLoves together, instead separated would look better: Amanda Loves. Your name should also be bigger. 7/10



I like the lighing and the colors. It looks like midnight is transitioning to dawn, which is really pretty and romantic. I’ll give it a 9/10 since the two at the bottom could stand to be bigger but overall, it’s really nice.


6/10 I like the font and the colour scheme, but there’s quite a heavy filter on the picture which makes it less pleasing to look at. I think you could also put the words a little further down, but apart from that it has a really suave style going that’s nice. :slight_smile:




This is stunning. It’s a 9.5/10 from me.

(Taking off .5 for the website watermark on the bottom left corner. Now that I’ve seen it I cannot un-see it.)


7.5/10 Can’t for the life of me figure out what the title is supposed to be; I can’t tell if it’s two words or one, and what the word(s) is/are supposed to mean. The image isn’t bad, and I like the font. It doesn’t make me personally want to read it, though. Maybe if I understood what the title was.



8/10. I like the cover as well as the simplicity of it, the stars going through the hands is simple and pretty amazing too.

Here’s mine (its the current cover for it though I change it from time to time)



7.5/10. The colour scheme is okay but I think the that the written by and the author should be placed together instead of sandwiching the tittle because that makes it confusing. I would probably flip through and see what the story is about.

Here’s my cover: I was really struggling with knowing what I wanted on the cover itself. Usually it takes me about 4-5 cover changes until I’m satisfied with the cover and I’m likely to change the cover/tittle mid story because I’m not to happy with the tittle.