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7.5/10 I really like it! Not giving it a higher rating because perhaps there could be a way for the text to look more like it belongs to the cover and not simply put on top of it. Adding textures on the text could work. But then again, that’s just me.



(Love cover threads!)

6/10 - I’m afraid this won’t be good in thumbnail size as the font on the title is already hard to read. It also seems… Empty. There’s a huge blank white space above the arm on the record player which kind of makes it look like something got cut out. Other than that, I do really like the colour scheme and the overall imagery. It’s nice and fits a poetry collection quite well.



8/10 It looks like a classic book–very professional. Personally I would want a token/icon some sort of symbol letting me know clearer what the story was about–this feels like it could be historical fiction -> dystopian -> paranormal Native American -> shape shifters. I do like how telling the scar on his cheek is, though.


Thank you!

You got shapeshifters out of it? Awesome! I’ll take what I can get :smile:


6/10 The image is nice and clear, but the title looks sort of…plain. It’s also really small and at the bottom so I kind feel like it could be easily missed. Also, the way the images overlap with the one being up higher and leaving a sort of line just above the title makes it look like it was amateurly (if that’s even a word XD) done in my opinion.

(NOTE: This cover was not made by me. It was made by a graphics designer artist)


8/10 Only reason it gets that low is 'cause I see some weird white line above your author name. Looks like there was a thin glow or something that didn’t get properly erased. So it’s just a nitpicky detail I see. :laughing: At Wattpad size it’ll never get noticed.


Thank you, I had never seen it before that (It’s never been blown up that big) I have no clue what it was…lol


Based on how the lines travel (there’s a very thin bit going down the right side of the text as well) I’m leaning toward a glow effect. Or the designer did the text in one program then pasted it onto the image in another, and it might’ve left a transparent background that they didn’t completely erase. But like I said, most people aren’t going to notice it :laughing: It’s just my annoying eye goes right to it. I do the same on my own covers when I forget to erase the teeniest part of the background and I just see this line going through it. My eye goes right to it and will just stay there until I remove it. :rofl:


8/10 the only thing I don’t like is her eyes they look very out of place for me for some reason and I can’t put my finger on it, I think the way the picture is expanded might be the reason for it though xD It probably looks a lot better in wattpads cover size.



7.5/10. I love how the cover gives a general feel of the story and little of what to expect. Her red eyes seem to look at me no matter where I look at the cover from :smile:. The only thing that is putting me off slightly is how the title doesn’t feel like it fits the cover. Maybe try using a different font or having a slight gradient colouring or shadow behind it? The author name could probably be a little bigger as it’s probably hard to see when it has been shrunk down.



Yeahhh The Title is just a placeholder until I can find a better font. I don’t like having my authors name big tbh because it’s not about me it’s about the story. But I love the advice, I’ll look into improving the cover :smiley:


Honestly, I think this is amazing. None of my suggestions are really that good, but shrinking the word “of” and making it a bit darker may help to emphasize the important words. Again, I don’t know, maybe darken some of the words to give it a more subdued image, to go with “ash”. I really don’t know.

(The moon is slightly blurry, so please don’t comment on that)

Note. Cover by me, and my stuff sucks.


4/10. Sorry but… The image is shorter and you can see the difference in the shade of blue above and below it, the image chosen is really simplistic and the text seems simply put on top, not a part of the cover. Also it looks like it says ANoisies and I assume that was Anoisies? Unless that’s just the way it’s written in the title too, if so, ignore my last comment.

I hate the dotted lines too :rofl:


8/10 I like the image, it’s really well done and I like the way you did the name over the title and made the title really stand out. Those little bits of shading on the title are beautiful! I’m not really sure what to think of the dotted lines…they look…okay, but I don’t know what they really add to the cover, so I’m unsure. Great job tho!

(Again, this Cover was not made by me, it was made by a designer as a prize for me)


I get you again :laughing:

This one gets a 9/10 because it’s near perfect, but again just some nit picky details. I wouldn’t mind the book title being bigger since the font makes it look so squished and the tag line just stands out too much to me. I’d rather see the detail of the cyborg in the back.

This is an in progress cover I’m working on for a future book. Just looking for any feedback as I try to finalize it:


XD Thank you for the feedback. I personally like the tag line to stand out just because otherwise I feel like it would get too lost on the cover, but I see what you mean. Thank you!


Maybe have it moved to the bottom and see if that at least shows more of the detail of the back? The image is great, it just gets hidden too much by all the text crammed together.


Possibly. The person who did it for me probably isn’t awake yet, so I’ll have to wait on them.