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thank you so much! I’m a big fan of your cover as well :smiley:


10/10 love the font and placement of the title, the aesthetic appeal of the picture and not to mention oh well the colours all work together.



7/10 I like how the title is placed over the guy’s shirt. Both the title and the guy lead me to believe this is a bad boy story. Although, the font for angels feels weird.

(This story won’t be on Wattpad for a couple months, but I’d love an honest opinion)


7/10. I don’t know. It is a nice cover but I don’t think I would stop and read the description of the book based off of the cover. But I do like the color choice you chose

photo perfect harmony 3_zpsjlzykd2m.jpg
photo perfect harmony 4_zpsnuoyx7ma.jpg
photo perfect harmony 1_zpswlisabip.jpg
photo perfect harmony 2_zpsrdzviyve.jpg


9.5/10 - The imagery and color in all of them makes them appealing. The text stands out just enough to not take away the reader’s attention from the images. My personal favorite is the 3rd.





Please, provide more than just a number :wink:



The lightning and title really brings out what the character on the boat must be feeling. Broken, betrayed, and alone. The only reason I took off 2 points is because as a photographer I see a lot of open space above her and it keeps the focus off the character on the cover. Make sure to focus on what you want people to focus on and cut the rest.


7/10. The cover gives a vibe of horror which is, I think, your aim. However, I don’t like the way you have added your user name there. Takes away half the discomfort.

Here’s my cover. Can someone specifically tell me if the sticker looks out of place or the bottom part of the book look too crowded?


7/10! I like the vibrant font and the balanced component of the cover. It’s beautifully done. I am a designer myself and I must say the cover is very nicely laid out. The sticker looks a little out of place because mostly people place their stickers around the top more than bottom. Either ways, it doesn’t irritate the eyes that much and is actually totally okay.

Please help me rate my cover. I feel like I over did the effect.


I lik everything except for the fly bears/lizards. Take them out and in my opinion your book cover will look amazing. (Note: I have no idea what the white flying things are. I’m really sorry an s don’t mean to offend you. It’s a fantastic cover.) 7/10!



It’s a cute cover! :slight_smile: 7/10



I would give this 8/10. I love the color and the image as it goes down to the bottom right corner. It all seems very mysterious, and makes me interested to see what this is about. One thing I would change would be a change of font? It’s a little hard to read the writing with it being in the upper right corner in front of the other image behind it. Good job though.



Thank you! I will see if I can adjust the sticker at the top.


8/10 It’s simple but still tells a reader what the story is about. I love it.



I really like the colour choice the pink background is very eye-catching! I also like the font used for the title. It’s very simplistic however, and I think that maybe the title could be bigger or the background could include a bit of a pattern.

Lord Monticrox


8/10 the art is really cute to be honest, but I feel like the fonts and the text placement doesn’t really complement it that well.


9/10. It is very simplistic and leaves me wondering about the book. My only suggestion is maybe to change the font to something more natural in capslock. I don’t mean to offend. It’s a very nice cover.



I’m afraid that looks like an incredibly shoddy book cover designed in MS Word in around five minutes. The cover art hardly says anything, and the generic font just makes it worse. In fact, it looks more like a missing person poster more than anything else. This is a really bad cover, if I’m being perfectly honest. 3/10.



I got a space-fantasy or science fiction vibe from this cover. But what in the world is it about? It does not tell us something meaningful, not from the title. It has no subtitle too.
However, it does fit as a science fiction kinda story. It’s kinda plain, but it’s a good plain; like retro plain.
I’d give it a 5/10 Not bad

Here’s mine: