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Thank you, I was actually trying to make it look like a wanted poster, and I have different texts, it just wasn’t downloading on my phone.


I have to admit your cover has a lot going on but I do understand what the topic is about and it probably sums up the overall idea of your book.Its just a very big splash of colors and I just don’t see it attracting me as a reader but I bet other would like it if they were into murder and that kind of stuff. 7/10

Here is mine


I actually like it a lot. It’s simplistic and suits its genre, not overcrowded, and overall pretty nice. I’m not the biggest fan of white bars at the top and bottom of covers but I feel that it works here, so I can’t really suggest removing them. 9/10.



Its different and interesting, I’d check out the summary.



I like the title and the sombre mood I’m getting from the color and blurred edges of the girl. Your name is missing, though, and I prefer images of people where I can see faces. Unless this story’s about hair?



I think you did a good job of balancing the chaos of the graphic with the simplicity of the text, which is a nice contrast. I also find the image really artsy and aesthetically pleasing.



Thank you!


9/10! Simple covers are always the best and honestly isn’t an easiest cover type to pull off. Your cover is simply beautiful, balanced and there’s no component missing. The colours really bring it justice. I’m a graphic designer myself and I often see people having their title letters colour monotone which makes the font hard to read. Your titles stand out and matches the colours of the circus tents (my favourite part of the cover!). I would have given it a 10 if the background doesn’t have any patterns or textile but plain black. It would look a lot neat that way. :slight_smile:


Wow! 10/10 that is stunning!! I love it! that really is beautiful I’m in awe haha. It looks so luxurious with the gold, and I love the textures against the smooth black background.



Thank you!
I have to agree with you on the textured thing, but unfortunately I did not make my own cover, and the person who did is unable to change it.
I really love your cover by the way! It’s incredibly professional looking and definitely draws me in!


9/10 I love the font of your title. Both your title and background lead me to believe that this story takes a few hundred years ago.



7/10 I like how the colors are one of the things drawing to the cover. What I think could be better is the font. I’m just not a big fan of that kind of font personally. Other than that I really like it.




I like the contrast between the text and the background, but I still think you should make the text more readable. The author name and the subtitle are pretty small and hard to read, and it’s not very pleasing how there’s a big gap in the middle of the cover.


8/10 I think its very unique but the words at the top, I can’t read them so I think if you fix those you will have a really good cover.

Here are mine:
Ok so basically, I have a cover already but It doesn’t match my story completely but I like it so I made another one which I also like and fits it a little more but I still don’t know. Will the person rating it rate both of them and give me their opinion? Thank you!


The words at the top say who made the cover, so they’re not supposed to stand out!




Its different and interesting, I’d check out the summary.



8/10. I love the simplicity, the colours and the congruence between title and picture. I do find the word ‘Ivory’ hard to read. And there is no author name?



I like how simple your cover is, and I think the fact that the girls’ eyes are staring right at the reader is pretty compelling. I think you would benefit from changing the font of the title text. As it is now it looks kind of plain.


7.5/10. I love how the cover is focused on the title and I also love how my favourite font is used for ‘WHAT’ and ‘BRINGS’. The tents at the bottom of the cover gives the reader an idea straight away of where the story will likely be set. The only things that annoy me are how the border seems to be cut off at the edges, how the border covers the tents at the bottom and how the flag of the middle tent is overlapped by the text. Other than that, this looks like a story I would definitely pick up to read the blurb of.