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9/10 The cover looks professional, though it’s kind of a hard contrast from light to dark that’s pretty glaring to my eyes. I also can barley read the graphic creators name at the bottom and if the cover were any smaller I probably couldn’t make it out. Looks pretty nice otherwise, though.



I love this cover! The reflection of the title looks pretty awesome and the font is perfect. I also love your colour scheme, it adds to the desert feel.



I feel like the flames don’t really look very good with the black and white picture. Also the bold generic font in black doesn’t look the best.
Also it doesn’t tell you almost anything more than what just reading the title would. And the name of the author should also be added.
But other than that…I like the black and white picture…maybe blur it out a little bit and add the title in a different font, along with the author’s name.
But this is just my honest opinion/suggestion.

Well this is mine.



9/10 You don’t have much, but I think it works because less is sometimes more.



Its different and interesting, I’d check out the summary.



Its really nice. I love the simpler style youre using along with the blurred picture. I do think you could make the word “ivory” a bit darker as it is a bit hard to read. But otherwise, it`s beautiful



I really like how minimal and simple your cover is! I do wish the title was maybe a bit bigger so it was more prominent, but there’s nothing really wrong.


I really like that! I’d maybe move the “Graphics by” bit down a little though because the letters get tangled with the curls of the gold and I can’t read the last word. 9/10


My book is obviously non-fiction


I really like the cover, especially the way the letters are with the smoke on the background.


7/10. I love the greyscale aesthetic as it makes your cover interesting to look at and it makes the face catch your eye more. My only suggestion is that you could possibly make the text bigger or lower it as you have quite a bit of empty space.


7/10 Because while I like the graphics, the title arrangement makes me default to another language’s pronunciation and miss the fact that it says ‘Rise’. Having the title full vertical would improve this, as would having it full horizontal. Maybe play around?

A matched set; looking for advice on how they fit together. Ignore the white borders; it’s a screenshot.