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9.5/10 Cool design. I’d definitely check it out. The writing is clear and readable but looking at the cover I have no idea what is is about. This may intrigue some but turn away others.

My cover:
image https://i.imgur.com/wMaqnIE.png


It’s kind of too simple. The title is cleverly done, but it may be a bit harder to read. Is there “The” twice? I know it may not affect much, but it can make you think if you are reading it right :wink: . The font is plain, so maybe different one can do a better job, but it’s easy to read.

Rate: 8.5/10




  1. The title especially the lower part will not be noticed that much because of the black smoke thingy.
  2. The font of the title and the author isn’t that pretty to be honest. It’s way too wacky.
    I apologize if my review is too negative. :<


Here’s my cover, I used a kpop idol so sorry about that. And the blurry background is intentional.


Thank you, and no worries :slight_smile:

The red text is the title, the white line is just a sub-text :wink:


man y’all don’t even know how happy I am I found this thread

Anyway, review:

I like the setting and the sunlight effect. But I think maybe the idol doesn’t blend in well enough with the background - it looks like he was noticeably superimposed. I think it might be because he’s too light compared to the background - maybe if you made him a little darker, or lowered his contrast or saturation, or changed his color palette to be warmer/more amber and match the room more it could work better.

That said though, that’s a damn good title effect. I love the glowy font, it blends perfectly with the room and sunlight effect. (I also like that the sunlight effect also hits the idol.)


Anyway, here is mine:



My initial thought was that this cover is so cute. The colors are super friendly and lighthearted and it so obviously portrays what the book is going to be about. For some reason it reminded me of the show ‘Friends’? which is not a bad thing by any means lol. It pulls the reader in because it alludes to make different character perspectives all in one area, but very clearly with separate lives.

If I were to recommend anything, I’d say maybe enlarge the font (this is difficult 'cuz then it might overlap some of the windows). Maybe it’s just a ‘me’ thing but I feel like titles are more well received when they are the focal point/one of the focal points on the cover, but the title here is a little outshined by the windows.

Overall I REALLY dig it, you did an awesome job finding a picture that suits your story so well! 9/10 yo nice.

Here’s mine:


I really like it. 8/10



I really like the cover, it’s simple but nicely elegant especially with the warm colors which makes it feel more welcoming 10/10


What do you mean?


7/10 You have a good and interesting title. I’m just a little confused as everytime I think of the word patriotic I think of being devoted to a country and I’m not seeing that in the picture. Maybe I’m wrong. I’d be curious to see. I also do like the picture.



@JustinW11 9/10. Although it doesn’t look like a genre I would read, solely based on the cover (and I stared at it from a covermakers perspective for a good long minute) it’s pretty well done. The colors all come together nicely and the placement is also well done. I’d probably design it the same way. Not all texts have to be dead center on the cover :wink:

That being said, here’s something dead center :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s a collage of two books.



@TheTigerWriter 10/10. Wow, both are amazing. I prefer the blue one, yet I can see people preferring the other one. The typeface is very appropriate. I also like how the font size is different in different parts of the cover. Last, loving the fact that the word “of” is inside the “C” of “Scepter,” as that’s truly creative.



10/10 I love the colour scheme and the image. I think it looks really good! The font is nice too! The whole thing really draws me in!

Here is mine:


Thank you :smile:


7.5/10. I like how the picture represents the title. I would give it a higher rating if maybe you put your username in a different spot. You could also try using a sharper font that really stands out. Great job!

here is mine:


I like how the “Till Tomorrow” is a different font then the “Comes”. The two completely different characters on the same background is pretty poetic to me. The rough edges on the background of the title adds an extra note. It would be nice if you had your author tag on there.


i don’t really see how the title and the image have anything to do with each other, but i like the idea of having the book be the cover of the book. however, just having the book with nothing going on in the background makes it a bit bland. i recommend keeping the book idea, but setting the background to be in a library or something of the sort…just so it would look less like a stock photo and more like it belongs there. i’d also recommend using more than one font to make the cover more interesting. overall i’d rate this a 6/10.



It looks childlike, but I kind of like it in some way 7/10


7/10 I love the subtitle! Very intriguing and makes you want to find out what point of view this story will take. Although, I find the photo terrifying haha😅 But I think that’s what you’re going for so good job! I’m guessing this is a vampire horror story?

Genre: Scifi + Mystery/Thriller


8/10 I really like how creative it is and simple.