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9/10 'cause your username at the bottom is too simplistic and has no textures in comparison to the rest of the cover, but it’s still really good. The username just seems out of place.



Yeah that’s kinda my style for my user name LOL I always use the same font for most of my books and keep it boring compared to everything else. Didn’t start out intentionally doing it but now I can’t stop :laughing:


7/10. I am not really fond of the font chosen for ‘Recreationals’. Also, “Cover by…” and “Poetry by…” right above the title are kinda distracting. They’re crowding the title. I think they would work better on top and bottom of the cover, separately.

Genre: Werewolf


I definitely love the picture, I’m just not too sure of the font (for the title). I don’t know. It just seems pretty plain to me. I love covers that have more “oomph” to it… xD



I like it not sure if it’s my phone though or the actual picture but it looks a little blurry


3/10. Sorry but this cover does nothing for me. Everything from the font to the smoke to the cracks on the girl’s skin just… Doesn’t work for me. It all looks very thrown together and doesn’t blend or look dynamic. And the last bit of text is just cut off too. I’m sorry, but I’m really struggling with this cover. It’s not for me.



I posted this from my phone for some reason when posted it some parts off. xD The cracks on the girls skin is actually like apart of this like curse she has- the Smoke is a representation of her powers- But not everyone agrees coverwise. I can say the exact same about your cover, It doesn’t work for me either; It’s a good cover really well done but I wouldn’t click on it if I saw it. So it’s just a matter of what the author thinks- Different writers and readers prefer different things :smiley:


My first thought was Neuromancer, the stone age. I do lke the idea behind eagles covering the eyes, though I wonder how much is symbolism or magical realism?

Here is mine.^ ^

@PurelyAliyah Oops I think there was a conflict, I can rate your cover?


@SarahWeaver Nah you’re fine! I was just responding to her rating of my cover. You don’t have to rate it unless you want too- I need to fix the cover in general though- For some reason my phone changed a lot of how it looks- It’s really blurry from the PC and there is letters cut off. I might have screenshotted it wrong from before :confused:


Oh that’s odd! I did wonder if it was intentional with the cut-off or not. :joy:

What I mean is, you can do cracks and smoke, it’s not the elements themselves that I don’t like. I like the overall theme and the feel of it; but it’s the execution I’m not a fan of.

And hey, different strokes for different folks!


Yeahhh- I think my phone didn’t like how high quality it was when I screenshotted it.

I mean I worked on the cover for roughly a month and had to learn how to photoshop for it- So I think it’s fantastic :stuck_out_tongue:


Is this manly for posting existing covers? Or asking for tips? I have … lots of questions.


@PurelyAliyah and that’s what’s most important :slight_smile:

@SarahWeaver It’s all in the top post.


You can post covers for stories that aren’t posted at the moment if that’s what you mean. (I should probably add that at the top lol). When you post your cover to be rated, you could maybe add some questions after about the cover for the person rating it to answer?


1.5/10 I’m sorry but the cover just screams tastless. The two pictures don’t match well and neither do the colour schemes of both of them.

And here is mine


Note : for some reason the picture is a bit zoomed in and isn’t aligned well when I posted it, though the actual cover in my story isn’t that way. So this link might help to see how it really looks like (not a link to my wattpad story)

: https://m.imgur.com/es47VDp


I wasn’t the cover right above, the others should have posted covers. That could have been timed way better.


Yes, but yours was the closest one and I didn’t exactly have any other options so yeah…


I really liked the cover. The colour scheme works really well and I love the background and the font used. 9/10

Genre: Historical Fiction



9/10 - this cover is breath taking. I love the simple font work, the imagery used, the colour scheme. All in all, it’s an awesome cover. Only reason it’s not getting a full 10 is because I’m a nitpicky asshole, and I’d move the author name down to the bottom centre of the cover, so there’s nothing stealing focus from the face of the girl. She has such an amazing expression and I feel like she should stand alone. As humans, most of us are drawn to text so my eyes bounced to your author name rather than her face. But that’s such a small nitpick. There’s really nothing else that could be improved. I love this.

Here’s mine for an upcoming book! (Historical Dark Fantasy)



8.5/10. I love how this looks like a Sci-fi snowflake! (It’s probably not but that’s how it looks to me and I adore it :sweat_smile:) It gives a genre feel and overall mood feel already by how the cover is dark. The border seems a little pointless in my opinion as it doesn’t take up much room and you don’t really notice it at first, but I’m sure it would look amazing with or without it. The only thing that is really annoying me is how your author name looks way too shiny, maybe fade that out a bit?