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Search for “Fray makes your cover.” She has a thread where you can apply for a cover :wink:


(It is, it is! I didn’t think anyone would catch that lol)


7/10 I like it and it reminds me of some of the published books in the sci fi section at my library. Good job!


Anything you might suggest for improvement? I’ve already published the book, but I can always update the cover.


hmm, maybe change the background behind the storm trooper to something with more texture so it isn’t just black, and maybe lighten the storm trooper itself. It’s very dark.


Man, I wish I could but the background and the clone trooper are one piece of art. I can’t alter them individually without the help of photoshop which I don’t own, nor do I know how to use it. Plus, the book is supposed to be pretty dark, so I went with the darker image for that. Does it make it hard to see?


There’s ‘dark’ as in macabre then there’s ‘dark’ where the pixels were edited with compare and contrast instead of levels (ignore my photoshop snark lol). In pixlr, it’s really easy to make it a separate layer. and it’s free lol. But that’s just my take. Blank backgrounds can make a cover boring.


Ah, I guess I just never realized how dark it was. I’ll try pixlr, but I suck at using any sort of editing software. (I had pixlr for a bit, but deleted it for storage and because I was kinda lost…) Oh well, forgive my useless editing skills.


Haha you should see my covers from six years ago. I feel ya. Alright I’m going to stop hijacking the thread haha


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All my covers suck, it’s fine.


And I return!

7/10 The coloring and such is really good and I like how you made the title stand out, though it looks a little grainy blown up, but I think that’s just sizing. The images on the right seem to go together really well but the one on the left is a totally different style and much clearer and it stands out a little awkwardly for me. Plus, the name is a little small and I’m not sure how I feel about it being split, but it works.

So…here’s my new cover.



8/10 I like that! Especially the title because it looks “fractured.” How does this cover look when it’s a smaller size (as on a mobile phone)? I find that tends to be one of my biggest problems with covers–they look okay in larger sizes–but not as great in the smaller/thumbnail sizes.

Here’s mine. Took me about 10 minutes to put together–so hit me with the suggestions. My feelings won’t get hurt. Hahaha.


That is a really cool font for your title! I’m not sure that I’m sold on the “Right? Wrong.” up at the top. I think the cover picture and title are enough to spark my interest.

Solid 8/10!


I like the minimalistic style a lot. It’s very reminiscent of something that I think an official Wattpad account would put out. The author font color could be a little darker and bolder though. It blends into the cover somewhat. 8/10!



I’m not completely sold on this cover. My graphic art skills leave something to be desired but this like only the third cover I’ve done. What are your suggestions community?


I already put it in the Wattpad cover thing, so I like to think it looks pretty good at a small size. I don’t know how to size it down on here.


Thank you! I added it mainly cause it looked kinda empty up there, but I can try taking it off.


7/10. I personally like the border and textured/ opaque middle, but I feel like that takes the focus away from the picture behind it a little. Maybe try having it not textured and just a simple colour? The text I feel could be a little bigger as it may not be easy to read when shrunk down. Other than that, I generally like the feel of your cover :upside_down_face:



I like this cover and how easy it is to read! The image is a little blurry and the subtitle at the top looks like it’s a little too far to the right, but other than that, I like it! 8/10

Genre: Teen Fiction



8/10: the image is really cute and i love the use of the cursive font. the negative space is a little awkward though and i think it’d look better if you either enlarged the image or moved it down a little and made ‘last’ straight as opposed to tilted to make it more cohesive

here’s a thing i made for a request
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