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I love it! The font and picture give it a really nice, playful feel. 10/10.

Here’s one I made on my own.


4/10 I’m not really sure what’s going on with the ghost title under the title, and I can’t tell anything about the book from the cover except the title and author honestly…

(It may be a little grainy blown up, but it’s not at Wattpad size. Also, cover not made by me)


@Ghostly_Girl 8/10 I love your picture choice and text placement. It’s simplistic and neat, nothing too overwhelming. Maybe the picture it’s a bit grainy, so you may try and fix its quality by adding some tweaks (ex. shadows, lights, filters, etc.)

This is a cover I made for a company project by @The_Fittest.


I did note above that the pic is grainy when you blow it up, but when it’s Wattpad sized it’s not bad.

Thank you, though!


Ur welcome


The image is grainy compared to the text is what they meant lol. At least that’s what I’m seeing.


Oh, I see. Forgive me, I’m so stupid XD


7/10 I like it but maybe the text should have a hint of color (dark blue, blood red, etc) and the author is a tad hard to read.



8/10 I think this is actually really impressive! I love the monochrome scale that indicates the tone of the book, the blending of the couple into the background is done well but they are each still distinct from it. The only think that II don’t love is the font of ‘last’ as to me it blends into the words in the background, but that could just be an issue for mega dyslexics like me.


I love this. I love how artsy and simple it is. I think the font could be a little easier to read, but besides that, I think it’s great.




A fellow coffee story! Twins haha.
I love the minimalist design of the cover and how easy everything is to read! Your tag line is cute as well just above your name. I personally prefer covers that are a bit brighter, which is why I gave it an 8, but I’m a big fan of the simplistic design!




I love your cover. Maybe it’s because I’m a Star trek fan but I also like your tag line at the bottom. The cover really makes me want to check out your story. I give it a solid 9/10


aaaaaah thank you so much :heart:
the tag line is new since my previous cover so I was a little unsure of it, but good to know you like it!


I like how this cover mixes a city feel with a country feel. Would that by any chance have something to do with the story? I’m guessing “grind” maybe has something to do with coffee/cafe? The cover definitely doesn’t seem like a mature type of “grind.” Haha.
I’d give it 8/10. The font looks good (I’m HORRIBLE at picking fonts, btw), but it seems to be competing too hard with the open sign right above it.

Ok–redid my cover.


I remember scrolling down and seeing your previous cover. What I liked about the previous cover was how you had coding as the background - I thought that was quite clever.

With the newer one, it definitely is eye-catching - with bright colours and pictures. Although, I just feel there could be improvements for that extra oomph (there’s nothing wrong with your cover atm). I guess it’s due to the lack of background, I feel that the characters really pop out, but at the same time, it feels a little ‘empty’ at the top. Also, I’d recommend adding your name/username on the cover. :blush: Overall, 7/10.

Here’s mine:


Thank you so much! And yes I wanted the feeling of country becaus the story takes place in a small town. The grind is referring to both the coffee grinding and well grown up grinding. :wink: It’s rated mature because of the sex in the story. :blush:


The empty spot is where the future awards stickers are going. Hahahaha–just playin’.


10/10 I would definitely click on this cover! I love the painted kind of vibe and the title also grabs me which helps, I like the use of the whole cover and the simplicity of it - but then the longer you look the more you notice! Love it :blush:

Here is mine:


10/10 First of all, everything you need to know is in the cover. Secondly, it’s clear, it’s fitting for the genre, and it’s intriguing enough to make you want to read. I like how you chose an artistically blurred picture that is quite dream-like, elusive just like dreams, but also elusive like the past. The orange/yellow color was a clever choice to attract the potential readers attention on the title and the genre. Really, I love your cover. Great job! :smile:

Here is the cover of my sci-fi/cyberpunk short-story: