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I’m not going to lie; when I first saw it, I didn’t like it that much. But the longer I looked at it, the more I kind of started to lean towards it. I’m giving you a 7.5 because, honestly, I don’t like the image itself. The font you used was great, in my opinion, as was the placing of the words. But the image felt too bright, or something. It just kind of threw me off.

Here’s my cover. I don’t know why I made it, but I was bored:



This is a really nice cover 9/10. I like the pose the girl is doing and the simplicity of it and I think the font goes well. I do think the white is a little too much of a bright white though and it kind of throws me off. Perhaps if it was just an off white or something like that.

Here is my cover:



I love the blue tone you had going for the cover. It’s not blasting colors everywhere I look, as well it is aesthetically pleasing to look out. I didn’t give it a solid 9 because it is rather dark and when you put it on the Wattpad thumbnail I feel like it’ll be hard to read some of the text. Other than that, kudos to you!



8/10 I really like it and the author’s name is perfect. I like the spacing of it and the how it semi stands out but still fits together. The title I don’t like all that much. It would be better for Dragon’s to be the same color as maybe the flowers to tie it all together? The red is just a bit jarring.



7/10 the fonts can be a bit clearer and could stand out more. The pastel color scheme doesnt make it stand out much, but the concept is pretty neat.




7/10 there’s just something about the asymmetry that doesn’t feel right. The text on the top in regards to the picture frame seems very odd in distance. Maybe move the frame up a bit so it isn’t crowded at the bottom so much.



9/10 I love it! It draws you in and the main character on the front looks very unhuman, which makes the title really good because it tells you that this unhuman looking woman is going to become human in the story. I don’t know if you intended for it to look like this, but at the bottom it looks like there are either jewels or rocks - to me, it looks like alien eggs or dragon eggs (that sort of thing anyway) which could possibly be pointing to how she came to be or what sort of unhuman race she is from. To improve it you could possibly make your name bigger. There is also little bits of writing which you can’t really read or see, but if they are little snippets about her character, perhaps make them stand out more and make them bigger as well. Because it’s in that black and white or greyish type of colour, it doesn’t stand out as much as it would if it were in colour. That’s not to say this wouldn’t catch the eye and make me want to read it, it just makes it hard to read your name and the title since everything is of a very similar colour.

Critique the graphic above

2/5 Overall, I love the idea behind the cover: The subtitle is punchy and the picture is compelling. Though the latter is too pixly and low quality. What I would do in that situation is to search for more sizes on Google, or find a similar image to work with.

I like your font choice; it goes pretty well with the fantasy topic. The problem for me is that you don’t left any margins between the silhouette’s border and the body, which gives an unpleasant claustrophobic feeling. Also, it feels like it’s not properly aligned in consequence. Give your text a little more space to breathe.

There’s also not enough contrast between the book title and the subtitle. What I would do is to take the book title out of the silhouette and place it somewhere else, maybe above the model, to have more space to strech it out. Either that, reducing the subtitle’s font size, or using a different font for it altogether (which is the riskier of choices so proceed with care).


This is all I have sowwy.


8.5/10 | i really like the color theme you choose. the way the background blurs to make you focus on the model/title is really cool in my opinion. i also like that the model is in an angle. the only drawback for me is that the font used for the title doesn’t match the overall vibe of the picture. a font like Girl in a jacket or Girl in a jacket
to suit the image more

this is really simple but it’s something


8/10 I like the cover! I think it looks nice and simple yet intriguing. The only thing I would change would be the colour of the font.


8/10 very intersting, but the colours seem out of context with the title. They seem more suited to fire than snow

Title: no one


8/10 I really like the symbolism and simplicity of your cover. My only minor suggestion world be to move the title a bit higher to counterbalance your username and bring more focus to the woman’s face.

Incandescent: First of the Affinities by undefined


9/10 omg I love your cover so much. It reminds me of some of the western romance I used to read (which isn’t a bad thing) but everything just blends so well together. My only criticism would be that the title seems really blurry on my end though the author isn’t, so idk.



7/10. The male feels more fitted into the cover than the female because I can still see some of her original background. I would maybe take off a little more of her hair to fix that. I love the texture and colour of the title, it fits the cover very well in my opinion. The smoke also gives it more of a mysterious vibe.



Oh that’s bloody lovely. So clean. Nog perfrct tho, since as a Wattpad cover, the bottom Is way too tiny. But that’s a 9.8/10



10/10 Not having a head really sticks out. And I’m asking myself why a headless person would be dancing.


9/10 I really like how you have a quote on to add to it besides just the title.



6/10 it’s good, but could be better. The dancer and her position are good. The tagline is kind of lost in the dark area. The random turquoise bit is out of place, serves no purpose and kind of ruins it



7.5/10 the girl looks very intriguing and the dark colors help with that. The body laying in front kinda grabs the attention of how dangerous this girl is and I love it. The font could be changed though it’s a bit too basic.



8/10: i think your genre is really clear, and the tagline is really cute!

teen fiction