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The cover seems really creative. It doesn’t reveal much about your story but it still let’s you know the two on the front are or will become very close. I’m not into teen fic but I’ll still give it a 8.5/10



7.5/10 the background with the moon and the cliffs is really good, the font is perfect. The main figure seems slightly distorted and not fully integrated into the scene

Mine (with new font)


I’ll give it a 6/10 to me it looks like a comic book or something along thoes lines. I like this font better then the other cover.



I like it! I like how the title is the first thing I see and the title is clear and easy to read. I would definitely check the book out! 9/10


It’s very simple which is good, the BG is interesting, but I think it blends a bit with your character since both are blue. The black space is also quite big, so there may be put some object connecting to the story.

Your title is easy to read, but the font is kinda ordinary. I think this book is in romance/teen fiction and co. genre.

Rating: 7.5/10

My story: The Crossing Destinies (OPEN Sonic the Hedgehog FF



I think is cute . It makes me think of some animation or something :slight_smile:

My book: Dark tears


Thank you :heart:


7/10 This is a cool image, and I really like the title, but your text needs texture or something to blend with the rest of the cover. Like the font too, it fits really well :smiley:

(note that this image was made by an artist hired on fiverr, not by me)


I guess not bad for a romance book, I just have a feeling it’s too similar to these 50-page cheesy romance stories in paperback you can buy at the news stand for two dollars. The artist did a good job though!
Here’s a cover for my upcoming project. (Yes, it’s an intentional mock of Shadowhunters.)Dreamcatcher2


8/10 background should be less dark so symbol will be more attractive but name font is awesome


8/10 A nice cover, I like the simplicity and the different fonts. I like how the red breaks up the greys. However, I don’t think the font at the bottom goes quite as well. I’m not sure if the bottom has been cut off or not because there are a few little weird white lines.

Here is mine:


9/10 I really like the placement of the font and the crown over top of the title. The background has great colouring and the subtle silhouettes at the bottom don’t fight with the night sky. I’m not a big fan of the circles in the corner, but overall really great cover!



8/10 I like the cover, its some what simple, and the wings are a bit to turned to one side so it makes them a little off kilter if that makes sense? but I love the text placement and the use of different fonts, I also like how it’s only two different fonts all in all good cover!



8/10 there is nothing wrong in your cover, mainly love dispersing faces but it is not attractive and make name a little more bold

my cover is


Nice idea and image, plus, the genre is clear, which is great. I don’t quite love the ‘love’, tho, it looks out of place and if I were you, I’d keep “love” and “complications” closer together because right now they don’t read like the whole title (these two words are the title, right?) but instead like two unrelated words. The quality ain’t the best, too, but I’m not sure if it’s the image or just the way it’s uploaded here. Now I’m just nitpicking, but it’d look better if the author’s name would be put up just a liiiitle higher to add some negative space to the bottom and I’m seeing some little light details at the bottom that look like the remains of cropped out text?




At first, it’s not exactly the most eye-catching, but overall, the cover is pretty nice. I like how the ‘i’ in ‘Imperfect’ curls around the ‘a’ in ‘saving,’ but having white font and then switching to gradient and an entirely different font is kind of eh. Also, the sky part of the background doesn’t quite mesh with the silhouettes on the cover, but I’m just nitpicking. The cover looks great!

(And now I feel bad about mine haha)


Please keep in mind that I didn’t make it, a really talented fellow that goes by gentlefiend did.


It’s amazing and I think it truly conveys the genre/feel of your book! My only thing is that a change in font may be able to elevate it even further. To me, the current font feels very bubbly and friendly which works nicely for the ‘friend’ part of the title, but doesn’t so much for ‘or foe’ part. Finding something that balances the vibe of the first font would really make this cover incredible!



Nothing on the cover is exactly standing out since everything is in gray colors. Is the book named “Ivy Tendrils”? You may want to add the title a color as the right part is overlapping with the “symbol” behind it (I actually like this one, for some reason, it reminds me horror-cartoonish dog heads howling :rofl:)

The quote is eye-catching. You may add a stroke around your username since I think it may be harder to see on the smaller thumbnail. However, I like how it is different from the full-colored ones :heart:

Rate: 7.5/10

Title: The Crossing Destinies (open Sonic the Hedgehog FF)

I have done a few changes, and I wonder if it looks any better :wink:



10/10 awesome work looks like real marvel books, totally loved it

hey there, this is my story made some changes hope y’all like it


Thank you, I’m glad you like it, it was a long road to get it to this :rofl: