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7/10. I like the text down there where you write the ‘written by’ and your name. Maybe there’s still something wrong with your title… You could have put the ‘love’ a little lower and the ‘complications’ a little smaller so it wouldn’t be so close to the edges? And if possible, maybe it would look better if the font you used for your name and the font you use for the second word of your title are the same. The other thing is, the colors to your texts shouldn’t be too different like… It could be ‘white and red’ or ‘white and blue’ because it’s not really a good idea to have too many different fonts with too different color because it usually draws attention away.
This is mine:


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5/10 this is not my style at all. The scratches looks like they were just tossed in there and not properly blended. And I can’t figure out what the white text underneath “SAVIOR” says. There’s just too much splatter going on. Less is more, and it would definitely benefit you to tone it all down. The image in itself is super cool, but there’s just to much stuff on it.



I like the simplicity here. The wings from the eyes are somehow creepy but also fascinating. Both your title and a name is easy to read. The way it seems to be “painted” is something you don’t see often too :slight_smile:

Rating 9/10

Story: The Clashing Destinies (Book 2)
Genre: Open Fanfiction (Sonic the Hedgehog, no fandom knowledge needed)




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i rated your cover before so…

and you know it was 10/10 and its flawless because you worked hard for it


Well, this one was for different book I haven’t posted anywhere for rating yet :slight_smile: I’m glad you like it :wink:


9/10 - I really think that you did a great job with your cover Witto1501! Everything fits so well together and I really get a lot of insight from the cover. It is visually pleasing and I am sure it contains visual meaning which coordinates solidly with the story. The only thing I personally didn’t really like about your cover was how you placed the author’s name. It didn’t really fit in with the rest of the cover I guess.



Thank you :smiley: I was worried it’s overcrowded XD I tried to include elements that are relevant to the story. I don’t know where I can put my name. Any suggestion? I can erase THE and put it there. Would it look better? Or maybe I can change the font as I’m thinking to add a few details to correspond to the cover made for the first book in trilogy :slight_smile:


I think that erasing THE and substituting it with your name would be an excellent option. Alternatively, you could try and blend your name into the background where it is now. Add textures, remove the border, and make it feel a bit more boundless and approachable. Maybe try increasing the width between each character in your name. There are really an unlimited amount of possible things you could do to it. In the end it will all depend on what you like and whether or not it works for you. If you aren’t pleasing yourself then it won’t please others.


Thank you so much :slight_smile: I’ll definitely try something you mentioned :wink:



So, overall it doesn’t really grab me for a few reasons.

  1. The font is really jarring. I think the title should just be in one font. I just think the font for “this” looks a little unprofessional.

  2. I don’t really know what I’m looking at. It’s a forest. One of the trees has a sword through it. And the focus seems to be groups of mushrooms? I think? That’s what my eyes are immediately drawn to and I have no idea what they are.

  3. Did you add the sword in? It looks out of place. The lighting doesn’t affect it at all and it looks almost like a cartoon when placed with the realism and darkness of the forest.

  4. Not wild about the author’s name placement. It’s off center and something about it is really distracting. Maybe if it were smaller and down at the bottom under the title it would work better?


8/10 You have a really eye catching color combo and the patterns are really interesting. I do find the pattern makes the title a little harder to read.

Here is mine:



I love the image and the font! I only have two suggestions:
-The character is quite blurry, and it’s difficult to make out where they end and the background begins

  • The “The” and your authour name don’t really fit well with the other fonts. Using a font a bit similar to the normal one would work, I think!



7/10 It’s kind of bland. I think it would look better without the change of color (I can’t think of what that’s call), and the ‘BO’ of ‘book’ fades out a little.



I’m not about the font on the title, but I do think the front image is interesting. I think that the title should all be one font, as the image you’re using is already pretty busy.I do like the placement and look of where your name is, it goes well with the rest of the image.