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You have to rate the cover before yours before getting a rating yourself.


oh my bad


8/10 this is really cool


8/10 i love the mysteriousness in this one



Not completely happy with this. I’m not exactly a graphic design person, and I basically just threw this together so my story had something.


You too, need to rate the covers above yours before getting a rating on yours :slight_smile:


Whoops, my bad. Forgot to review.

7/10. I love contrast in images and this one really pops with it. Not entirely sold on the font for ‘secrets’, though not 100% sure why. It just feels a little off to me.


thanks for the advice


I’m a little lost as to which I’m meant to be reviewing… but if it’s yours @UncannyBurt, maybe make your name a bigger, you could even afford to make the title a touch bigger too if you wished too.


I wanted to change the font of my name, but I lost the design. I’d have to recreate the entire thing to do it haha


Thanks, I’ll have a look at doing that.


@Meghan_Mars 9/10 I really liked your cover! Loved the colors and it isn’t difficult to read the title since the color of the font and font size fits well to the picture.

This is mine:


Thank you! Love yours too!


I feel like, the cover is really cliche but professional. Like you can find a lot of teen fiction covers like this on Wattpad and even the main conflict is given away in the sub-titles. If I were you, I would just remove the conflict part though. 7/10 :slight_smile:



8/10 I love the simplicity of it and the details on the rose drawing. I’m not sure about mixing two styles of fonts for the title though


It looks great, except that this character is X23 / Laura Kinney from MARVEL comics, so if it’s not a Marvel fanfic, I’d watch out for this.

I need y’all to rate this thing I finished just a moment ago:


I’m planning to change the pic as soon as I find a suitable one (It’s really hard)


8/10 I love the font and the images on each of the book covers. The part in which you explain the different concepts is a little bit hard to read because you can still see part of the background, I think it would be better if the white rectangle wasn’t so transparent.

Here’s mine: Maybe Someday


I really like this one! I love how the picture is kind of blurred out, so the text stands out more. A 10/10, would def read.

Title: Entrapped By Darkness