Get Your Fantasy Summary Rated!


(XD I was like OHHH another one and then looked at who made it. ME.)

7/10- I feel like I have read that first part before… I think for a show. Anyway, Oliver seems OP and that is kind of a turnoff.

Mine from The City of Crows and Blood,

“If you wish to upset the law that all crows are black, you mustn’t seek to show that no crows are; it is enough if you prove one single crow to be white.”
― William James

Flinkston, Oregon, a small city close to the coast, has a population of 100,001. The city is run by multiple groups of families called The Murder. They live near the coast in a gated community and the only way in is through invitation. All wear black and keep to themselves.

Sydni Anderson has moved to Flinkston to start over. She has landed a job as a secretary for the law office of DuPont and Lockwood, two families from The Murder, and is ready to get going when she meets Ash Lockwood, her boss’ son.

Ash is tired of The Murder’s rituals and wants no part of it, but he can’t leave without giving up his life. In the darkness, he sees a light within Sydni who wants nothing to do with him or his family. She simply wants to work and live her own life without drama.

The Murder have a different plan with the two and soon Sydni finds herself trapped in the crow’s nest.


thank you so much it is helpful, ill play with it some more! I honestly thought it was too short with not enough info LOL


8/10 for me. The premise sounds really cool! I would probably read this book. I love the crow references, like “Murder” and “crow’s nest.” The Oregon Coast is also my favorite place on Earth and I’d be excited to read about some wicked fictional drama there :slight_smile: The only thing I see is that it’s a bit too long for my tastes and your sentence structure is a little choppy. None of the sentences seem to flow together and there are a lot of facts included that don’t necessarily need to be there for a summary. For example, the phrase “She simply wants to work and live her own life without drama” seems like its unnecessary, since the previous sentence already said that Sydni wants nothing to do with them. You could drop that sentence and explain Sydni’s drama-free personality in the actual text. However, I’m no professional and I have a short attention span, so the actual wording might just be wrong for me personally. But I am interested in the story, which is the whole point of a summary, so good job!

This is mine, which is my first try ever and is probably pretty bad:

Far in the Frozen North live the Rogalanders, excellent smiths, worshippers of the water, and the so-called “bear-people.” Every year, the devout who are coming of age receive a tattoo - a Mark of Endil, which reveals to its bearer the destiny laid out by the gods. The day of Hala’s marking, originally supposed to bring with it joy and celebration, is ruined by an unexpected tragedy. The subsequent arrival of a woman from a rival nation forces Hala and the other newly-marked believers on a dangerous cross-continental mission, during which they discover an international conspiracy. In the face of betrayal and death, the young Rogalanders must grapple with the answer to one question: how much are you willing to sacrifice to protect your country?


Okay i’m HOOKED. Maybe it’s just cause you checked off a bunch of stuff I love in fantasy right away, but I would SO READ THAT? It sounds high fantasy but not in the way that’s full of elves and dragons and so on. Honesty, a 10/10 from me! Might even sneak onto your page and see if you’ve posted anything :wink:

Also, Hala like “Ha-la” right? Ik a girl with that name so hopefully I’m saying it correctly

Warning: Mines very long

Myths of The Gray Lady and the Plague Doctor had been passed down for centuries. A ghost story for children passed down time and time again in the city at the center of the lake; New Bridge is a city born from death and water.

Joel Davis doesn’t know it as a ghost story. He lives it. Since he was a child, Joel has been possessed by a malevolent spirit that has forced him down a dark path without free will. The entity claims to be the same characters from his childhood stories, specifically the so-called Plague Doctor, and he’s on the run from the monsters Joel’s city lays upon.

Roman Hart and Iza Bukowski never cared for Joel Davis. His reputation as the cities worst resident proceeds him. But when strange phone calls from unknown senders liter Roman’s inbox, all sounding too close to Joel Davis for his comfort, they begins to question the truth behind all of Joel’s lies. As Roman is dragged into childhood nightmares and Iza falls deeper into an ancient mystery, the town of New Bridge begins to tear apart at the seams with Joel Davis seemingly at the center.


No problem. Always happy to help.



There are a few spelling mistakes in your summary (though they might just be typos), so I’d try to polish it a bit more. But the premise is definitely intriguing, and it gives off very paranormal/mystery vibes.

my summary:

Ori is an average small-town. Or so he thought, until a strange circus appears in his backyard. He meets Blithe, a golden and guileful acrobat who immediately draws Ori in. So when she invites him to run away and join the Cirque de Reverie, how can he possibly refuse?

Two sisters, as opposite as light and dark but as close as the moon and the stars. When one runs away, leaving the younger sister heartbroken, she grapples with her grief and the secrets her sister left behind. Something tugs on her heart, forcing her to follow in her sister’s steps, and she must find a way to save her before it’s too late. But in a circus that thrives on magic, mystery, and manipulation, that task might just be monumental.

The circus intertwines their paths, and their destinies are written in the stars.



It’s very confusing, firstly. Is Ori a town, boy, or girl?

Pretty sure this is a sentence fragment.

The rest is well-done. The premise sounds a little cliche but it probably has the potential to not be cliche.

Shatter of Eventime:

A flower withers in Emperial Seat, dying slowly despite the guidance of all that is Divine, all the water and light in the world.

A pretender Queen rises in the Cold Realms, her invincible magic seemingly bane of all High Norde and beyond, carving up men like a butcher’s knife cleaves through meat.

An exiled boy, former noble of the Empire, wanders the lands to find seven storied relics that hold the only hope of his father’s salvation.

A coven of four ancient beings gathers during a long night far to the east, twisting and bending their dark wills to enslave a powerful, lonely, and loveless man.

And finally, a lone woman strikes at the heart of darkness, risking everything except herself to end the threat of destruction once and for all.

But in the Eventime Empire, a sickly giant ready to collapse from its own weight, the only hope of the glory of mankind…

It shatters, and it brings the rest of the world crashing down with it.

Note that this is sort of a collection of stories, and the reader is intended to know at least some of these names when first starting the book.


Oops, I think there was a typo in my post! It was supposed to say “Ori is an average small-town boy”


@Cleziness 8/10. I like the formatting of your summary. It’s very unique. Seeing the note makes more sense, so I’m rating based on the fact that I assume the readers would know the story. I like your in depth descriptions and analogies. Well done!

Elin was used to life in Loftel, the fjord city where her family had lived for generations, but she couldn’t shake the feeling that it wasn’t where she was supposed to be.

When three ages of peace were broken with an attack, it was all El needed to leave her city and jump into action. She was thrown into the drama of the four kingdoms, romance, the dragon-shifters, and the battles for power across Mendin - all while trying to protect the land from the impending darkness that was trying to overpower them all.


Ugh, I got skipped :scream_cat: Oh well, I thought I was being greedy. Looks like I need more flowery impact to my summary. Baroque style wording it is! Tally-ho…! :smile_cat:


Oh wow, thank you! That just made my day! And yes, that’s the pronunciation I imagined :slight_smile: Thank you so much!


Sorry you got missed, Veronica.

I would rate your blurb at 6 for now - but it is not an opinion on your story, in no way! The broken up sentences in my view can have a huge impact, but you have two of them in your blurb, and they do not do much for me where they are placed, and it is unclear who was kidnapped, Famine or his three brothers. In the later blurb, your summary reads a bit like an advertisement of the monsters in the book. Now, I like those monsters, but I do not really get the feel for much else.

I hope this helps, and good luck with your blurb and your story.


I really love the first sentence. It introduces the interest smoothly, giving the hint of the Nordic setting by using the word fjords.

I am not sure I like the use of ‘ages’ because it is a nebulous term. You also switch between the MC’s already short name Elin to a nickname, El, which discredits her as a force to be reckoned with, she is shown later on.

What i do not like at all is the laundry list at the end. It basically promises me nothing special, except maybe the dragon-shifters. I suggest that you focus instead on the most special aspect of your story. Is Elin a dragon-shifter? Does she fall in love with one?

I would rate it as 7/10 for the moment.

Cheers, and good luck with your blurb and your story.


Good folks, thank you in advance for your help! Just starting to work on it, and I am trying to find the right way to place the accents.

Warmage Sixteen

Sixteen is the supremely unlucky number, but apprentice Xi gambles his sanity to pass the test and become the sixteenth Warmage in the service of the Empire.

With the threat of the Demonic Horde invasion looming, Xi needs the freedom to act, and fast. He has to find his mother before being embroiled in the war. Torn between love and misgivings about being left behind as a child, Xi and his constant companion, the magic bird Fenghuang, speed towards the border city of Tarkan. According to his magic map, that’s where his mother’s journey has inexplicably stopped.

There, the Sixteenth Warmage searches for answers, but finds his first war and his destiny.


Thank you


7/10. It’s good. It tells me what the book is about and is interesting. I think the passiveness makes it a bit wordy. Example:

According to his magic map, that’s where his mother’s journey has inexplicably stopped.

Maybe it might work better if using active voice. It should also shave off some words too.
“Xi, along with Fenghuang (his magic bird companion), follows his mother’s trail to the city of Tarkan as per his magic map.”

Otherwise, nice work :slight_smile:

Being greedy again. Hopefully, I’ve nailed it this time. If not, I’m going to go back to the drawing board crying :joy_cat: Not really. Still… My blurb.

“I’ll find a way to save my brother. Do whatever the hell you want. I’m stealing your guns.”

Famine is a man determined to save his three brothers after they were tragically separated when a magical fire destroyed their monastery home. He finds himself in a foreign city called Apocalypse. There he falls in with the Evadale Knight Order security group, which guards the Hell’s Labyrinth prison facility. The prison’s system goes haywire upon his arrival.

Amongst prison chaos, Famine learns that his missing brothers are somewhere within the area. He’d do anything to reunite his family, even if it meant fighting malignant redback spiders and a mind-sucking demon. The fights he faces may be more than he can handle.

This is volume one of the Seriphyn Knight Chronicles.

It begins.


That’s a great suggestion, thank you.


This sounds really good!! I love the way you’re brought in the horsemen and the apocalypse, very creative!

I quickly came up with this description the other night, it’s very rough, but as it’s for what I hope will be an episode-style series, it’s hard to summarise when I’ve yet to work out all the details. All tips are most appreciated!

Vaun travels the lengths of the land, sharing the stories and tales that he encounters along the way. From the woods on the outskirts of villages, to the bustling taverns of the towns; he meets new faces, friends and foes. With unrest growing throughout the lands, suspicions rising, and no place to truly call home; he will, of course, have his own story to tell.


Yay! Party balloons all around! :balloon::partying_face: Thank you very much. :star2:


8/10 Sounds good. I like how you kept the tone of the story. Even though there isn’t much info put out there, your writing style kept me interested. And it somewhat reminded me of a side character from The Witcher.


It is said in the old tales of Dragonark, a Dragon God descended from the skies and enslaved the mortal realm known as Grandvalla-home to the superior races that inhabit the planet. As ashes and chaos rained for centuries, many worshiped and feared the almighty god. He was unstoppable. However, hope found its way when he disappeared without a trace. No one knows nor remember what truly happened that day. All that was left were nothing but a myth.

Eight hundred years later, he returned to continue what he started. The only thing standing in his way is a curse of human form that seals his true self. Who would believe such a man who says he is the Dragon God?