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8/10 not bad i must say, its quite entrancing because of the fact that I love dragons and it makes me happy to see someone putting a story like this out into the world… keep up the good work

Honor Bound

SilverTongue’s life was great, he loved the people that he commanded as the prince, but that all changed when the mountain that they lived under collapsed after one of the magic stablizers
malfunctioned. Millions upon millions died as he was the only one of his kind left standing. It was at that time he realized tht this world was only a toy for GOD, which will change as soon as he gets to Heaven and slaughters every last angel that allowed this to happen.

Was he cursed or was he blessed? was he loved or was he hated? Tese are the things he must find out as he works his way to his destination: HEAVEN


For some reason the name SilverTongue gives me heavy Dustfinger vibes from Inkheart. Idk why. Just thought I’d mention that.

I get a really heavy satire vibe from your summary honestly. I can’t really take anything seriously that mentions killing God and Angels right in the summary since it just screams satire to me? So if it is, then great your point comes across, if not, maybe fix that.

Also there are some grammar things that could be improved and maybe make it more coherant. here’s how:

SilverTongue’s was the Prince of the people under the mountain.
All that changed when a magic stablizer malfunctioned and the mountain collasped upon their city. As now the last kind of his race, he realizes this world was…etc etc


The Light Breaker

Izra and Sephone Cadfael always heard about the prophecy that foretold a mortal god becoming ruler of all the lands. A fight between light and dark where the darkness would be forever vanquished.

When Izra and Sephone are swept up into this prophecy, Sephone embraces her newfound power of light; Izra fights it.

Years later, Sephone has conquered the land against the will of the people, forcing Izra to face the waging war inside himself as he learns what the darkness truly is to defeat his sister. Even though, as the prophecy says, he is the one fated to die…


6/10 - your story sounds amazing and I love how you ended it by saying ‘he is the one fated to die’. But your summary is a bit… chaotic? there is too much information in the beginning and too little in the middle. to me there wasn’t a real flow to it … I’d write something along the lines : When the twins (or siblings) Izra and Sephone are swept up in a prophecy where light vanquishes darkness, Sephone embraces her newfound power of light - her brother Izra fights it. Years later, Sephone has conquered the land despite the protest of her people, forcing Izra to face the waging war inside himself. Maybe his darkness is truly the only thing that can defeat his power-hungry sister. But amongst other things, there is one great fear standing in his way - according to the prophecy, he is the one fated to die.


Catherine Black learns the hard way that sometimes things are meant to fall apart. Some rules, including ones that are centuries old, are meant to be broken.
Once the little community of Everett Valley slowly starts to deteriorate, Catherine knows she needs to decide quickly whether to stay or leave behind everything she once knew. Knowing that there is an unknown danger lurking in the shadows makes leaving an even harder feat. But what if the murderers follow Catherine on her quest to find answers? What if that was the plan all along?

Apparently, everything is connected to them.
The Ancients.
Whoever they are…