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8/10 not bad i must say, its quite entrancing because of the fact that I love dragons and it makes me happy to see someone putting a story like this out into the world… keep up the good work

Honor Bound

SilverTongue’s life was great, he loved the people that he commanded as the prince, but that all changed when the mountain that they lived under collapsed after one of the magic stablizers
malfunctioned. Millions upon millions died as he was the only one of his kind left standing. It was at that time he realized tht this world was only a toy for GOD, which will change as soon as he gets to Heaven and slaughters every last angel that allowed this to happen.

Was he cursed or was he blessed? was he loved or was he hated? Tese are the things he must find out as he works his way to his destination: HEAVEN


For some reason the name SilverTongue gives me heavy Dustfinger vibes from Inkheart. Idk why. Just thought I’d mention that.

I get a really heavy satire vibe from your summary honestly. I can’t really take anything seriously that mentions killing God and Angels right in the summary since it just screams satire to me? So if it is, then great your point comes across, if not, maybe fix that.

Also there are some grammar things that could be improved and maybe make it more coherant. here’s how:

SilverTongue’s was the Prince of the people under the mountain.
All that changed when a magic stablizer malfunctioned and the mountain collasped upon their city. As now the last kind of his race, he realizes this world was…etc etc


The Light Breaker

Izra and Sephone Cadfael always heard about the prophecy that foretold a mortal god becoming ruler of all the lands. A fight between light and dark where the darkness would be forever vanquished.

When Izra and Sephone are swept up into this prophecy, Sephone embraces her newfound power of light; Izra fights it.

Years later, Sephone has conquered the land against the will of the people, forcing Izra to face the waging war inside himself as he learns what the darkness truly is to defeat his sister. Even though, as the prophecy says, he is the one fated to die…


6/10 - your story sounds amazing and I love how you ended it by saying ‘he is the one fated to die’. But your summary is a bit… chaotic? there is too much information in the beginning and too little in the middle. to me there wasn’t a real flow to it … I’d write something along the lines : When the twins (or siblings) Izra and Sephone are swept up in a prophecy where light vanquishes darkness, Sephone embraces her newfound power of light - her brother Izra fights it. Years later, Sephone has conquered the land despite the protest of her people, forcing Izra to face the waging war inside himself. Maybe his darkness is truly the only thing that can defeat his power-hungry sister. But amongst other things, there is one great fear standing in his way - according to the prophecy, he is the one fated to die.


Catherine Black learns the hard way that sometimes things are meant to fall apart. Some rules, including ones that are centuries old, are meant to be broken.
Once the little community of Everett Valley slowly starts to deteriorate, Catherine knows she needs to decide quickly whether to stay or leave behind everything she once knew. Knowing that there is an unknown danger lurking in the shadows makes leaving an even harder feat. But what if the murderers follow Catherine on her quest to find answers? What if that was the plan all along?

Apparently, everything is connected to them.
The Ancients.
Whoever they are…


8/10 I like the mystery. What is happening? Who are the ancients? I would probably read it. :slight_smile:

The Golden Awakening

History is bound to repeat itself if nobody recognises what occurred in the past, a buried past, as power can blind people and societies of their own actions.

Sarah Wilson is abruptly catapulted into a world she never knew existed.

However, this is a story which is seen through the eyes of not only Sarah, but the people around her, as they go through loss, happiness, love, truth and deceit.


7/10. I like the shortness of it, but I would probably give just a bit more information in order for people to know what your book is about. I like your style though!

Fate and Luck
Eda Collins knows there’s more to the world than humans think. Raised by her three aunts who weave the fates of all creatures, including the gods, Eda has grown up with one foot in the mundane world and one foot in the Other.

Despite the fact that she shows no signs of power herself, she’s always been safe as long as she’s followed her aunts’ one rule: stay away from the gods. Especially the god of mischief, who deals in luck and deceit.

Yet when the very thing they warned her about becomes impossible to avoid, and a strange ability is awakened in her, Eda will have to immerse herself into the Other in order to survive. Because the gods are now after her, and the only ally she seems to have is Loki himself.

But fate and luck cannot go together, and the more Eda becomes involved with the trickster god, the more she begins to realize that things aren’t as they seem.

And maybe she’s not what she seems.


8/10 love the story overall, but would be better, since you mention Loki, to also mention which mythology you’re following, or if it is a mix (I know Loki belongs to Norse pantheon but you might also be doing a mix of many pantheons so) :slight_smile: It would make the story all the more exciting to read, imo at least :wink: Also, if you specified if Eda Collins lives in current-style dimension (like 21st century technology) or more towards Middle Ages, because readers would know what they’re taking :slight_smile: There are people who prefer Middle Ages stuff and people who instead love 21st century style or even futuristic one.

Other than that, I’d love to try out that story <3

The Guardian Demon (The Guardians of Nine Heavens, #3)
Johanne Green is a 15 years old girl who lives in Golden City, the capital of West Land, the place where everyone has a guardian angel to protect them and guide them towards purification.

Johanne’s mother is the mayoress of Golden City, Linda Black, who is bonded with the mightiest of all angels, the Archangel of Creation, Michael. Johanne’s father, Alex Green, is the headmaster of Angel Host Academy, the greatest institution for Angel Hosts to strengthen themselves and their guardian angels. Also, he is one of the mightiest Angel Hosts, being bonded with the second strongest celestial archangel, Gabriel.

However, Johanne, no matter such powerful parents, has no guardian angel and thus is deemed dangerous and ominous to fellow people in Golden City. This makes the young girl truly sad, as she has no real friends… But she hesitates to tell about her problems to her parents who are always so busy.

However, on her 15th birthday, the situation drastically changes - the mysterious black bracelet with skulls that Johanne was obliged to wear, gives out a signal (the skulls’ eyes turn red) and she is immediately sent by her parents to the East Land, to practice hidden arts of Spirit Bonding with two of her mysterious aunts (her mother’s younger sister and cousin), and get to the bottom of her long-forgotten past which is deeply connected with the Demon History…


I give it a 5/10. As a rule of thumb, try to limit proper nouns in blurbs to 2 or 3 at the most, too many names makes it easy for the reader to get lost. There are also a lot of grammar errors (“15 years old girl”, “no matter such powerful parents” “tell about her problems”) that make me think you might not be a native English speaker. If so, I would get somebody who is to proofread for you. Lastly, it reads more like an infodump than a blurb. A blurb is supposed to show off your writing skills and sum up your story in a way that makes it sound like something somebody would want to read. This sounds more like you’re summing it up for a book report.

The story premise is interesting, but the writing itself needs a lot of polishing.



Aster of Phrygia is a Siren. But unlike her sisterkind, her voice does not turn men to stone or lure them to a watery grave. Instead, should the slightest whisper of her words but brush against a man’s ear, he is instantly turned to gold.

Kept deep in the dungeons of the palace, she is used as an executioner, singing sentenced criminals to their death and filling the king’s coffers with melted corpses. It is a fate she has long resigned herself to- until a young prince wanders too close and hears her song. Charged with treason, Aster makes a desperate bid: in exchange for her life, she will journey across the sea to find the legendary sorceress Circe and learn the cure for her curse.

To win her freedom, Aster will battle pirates, heroes, gods, monsters, and worse; her own dark cravings for a power to make the world tremble.


9/10. This is really good.

Mine is for a work in progress. I like to summarize my novel before attempting to write it.

After taking on a new identity, Tristan accidentally becomes a servant to a distant relative. His new job means he can finally see his family again but a dragon attack nearly costs him his life.

A short trip to the dungeons after he exposes his powers, leaves him waiting for the chopping block. A rescue mission from the Prince saves Tristan and gives him one last chance to fix his failures.

Hiding from the guards, battling cultists and killing dragons is their only way out. The cultists are after the dragon in Tristan and its not far from breaking free


5/10. The action is very confused, and some of the descriptions don’t really seem to flow from the preceding sentence in a way that makes sense. The passive voice in the last sentence of the first paragraph is confusing: is this a mission to save the prince, or did the prince assign Tristan this mission? What are these failures he needs to fix? When you say “… is their only way out,” who is they? So far you’ve only mentioned Tristan and the Prince, and it’s not at all clear that they’re companions.

I also think you need some sort of thesis statement to kick the whole thing off. What are these powers Tristan is trying to hide? The last sentence implies he’s secretly a dragon – which, wow, I love it! But if that’s the case, maybe that’s how you lead off: “Tristan never wanted to be a dragon.” That could be fun.

Now for mine:


Sequel to the Watty-winning THE CURSEWRIGHT’S VOW.

Ammas Mourthia is no longer a criminal. With his apprentices – his lover Carala Deyn and the orphan Casimir – he has become one of the greatest assets to the city of Munazyr. A killer stalks the streets of that city, something vile and blasphemous that Ammas does not comprehend. But an even greater danger waits: the Most Holy and Eternal Sultan, immortal ruler of the lands beyond the Straits of Twilight, demands Ammas and his apprentices attend him at his court in Q’Sivaris.

Crippled by illness, Ammas must send Carala and Casimir to navigate the Sultan’s court alone. While Ammas hunts a murderous spectre, his apprentices find themselves caught in a web of danger and intrigue beyond anything they have known. There are ancient mysteries buried in the sands of Q’Sivaris, and their revelation will shake the world to its foundations.


I always think writing sequel Summaries are difficult, but yours is VERY easy to follow. As someone who hadn’t read the first book, I got a nice feel for what it could be about and didn’t think anything was spoiled. It made me want to go read the both books because I was interested in the different characters’ stories and it clearly sets the tone for the story.

My Summary:

Sparks Collide

Jenta’s life has been pretty boring. Everyday she wakes up, attends the war council meetings, deals with family disappointment, and goes on another date planned by her father and adviser. Sometimes she even mixes things up with lessons on how to properly wear a crown. Then again Jenta doubts she’ll ever move on from the status of princess to queen. At least, not until the Great War between those of water power and others of fire power ends.

All of that changes one day when she comes across the body of a crashed fire pilot who claims he knows how to win the war. Jenta gladly follows the mysterious pilot into an adventure that will change their lives and those of the rest of the universe.


8/10. If not for that end piece i would’ve given it a lower score. One could assume that the romance would take over the whole story because that’s wattpad. Especially because the first paragraph is a bit generic but I’ve decided to give u the benefit of the doubt. It seems like one side uses water to power things while the other uses fire. I dig that. Im curious what this universal threat is and that’s why i gave u that score.

Knights of Lore: The Assualt (book two)

Kariah-Belle has been a knight for twelve months. Barely a year on her planet and she has faced Dracula - and survived. Now another threat lies before her.

In the wake of the deadly Darkness invasion, humanity is forced underground. Cities and kingdoms everywhere have fallen, converted into the invaders’ strongholds, and all hope seems lost.

However, Kariah-Belle and her comrades are not going to stand idly by. Having learnt of an ancient relic that could fend off the invaders, she and Aya are tasked with recovering it and liberate the human race. At the same time, Kaden and Rygilya find themselves stranded in the icy lands of T’nariah after having narrowly won back their freedom. Can Kaden convince his former best friend to put their differences aside? Or will Rygilya decide to claim Kaden’s head and the dark god that dwells within him?

Iris has decided to lead the hunt for the mole who has deceived the four nations while forming unlikely alliances. Someone had sold out Kariah-Belle to the vympiri lord and Iris is determined to find out who.

Akiio is placed in a platoon under Holy Knights to find out why an indigenous kingdom lost all communications. What she finds in the snowy land of T’nariah will destroy her.

The thrilling second book in the Knights of Lore series!

With the Darkness in control of Lore, humankind and Vympiri alike face their darkest days.


6/10 it’s hard to rate this purely because it’s a second book, so most reading it will already know the characters and therefore you can get away with a more matter-of-fact blurb. However it is still a piece of advertising at heart. You should be reminding existing readers why they care about these characters and convincing any new ones to go back and read the first book. You’ve given no information about the characters and no real context to the danger. Also just as a matter of taste: i hate rhetorical questions in summaries, you should be making us ask the questions!

From Redfern, an LGBTQ, urban-fantasy, coming of age story

Arran Redfern is happy being a comparative disappointment. His first love is next in line to become the strongest werewolf in Europe. His mother is widely considered to be both the greatest mind of the 19th century and the most feared woman of the 21st. With his eighteenth birthday nearing and only one more year of school to suffer through, Arran is very much ready to settle into his promising life as a house-husband. Even if he does have to endure the hatred from the supernatural community for daring to be born a vampire.

But when Cree dumps him, he finds he’s lost even that lack-lustre future. Shunned by a supernatural community that doesn’t want his kind, he has no choice but to throw himself into the human world that he hardly dares to join.

The lines between worlds are blurring and political power systems are shifting, disrupting the uneasy peace of the past few centuries. As Arran finally starts to find a place for himself it’s just as soon threatened by vampire attacks, prejudice and corruption.


7/10 That’s a lot of great information for a summary. Description is good. If I’m honest, it’ll not be the first book I’ll pick up to read. But that doesn’t mean I won’t ever pick it up. Keep up the good work.


A space pirate name Stardust crashes on a planet name Eroav. Who would have thought she would be in the land of a powerful race - the Elves. When she is seized by their kind, she is taken to their playground for discarded slaves. But Stardust proves to be a little extraordinary, capturing the interest of a prince.

Escaping is the easiest task. However, it may be interfered when a race of Dragons storm a war with the Elves. Conflicts between the two races gives Stardust the opportunity to steal goods. She doesn’t mind enjoying an extended vacation on Eroav. After all, she is an alien fugitive.


It’s clear to understand what’s going on, but if I was skimming then it doesn’t really pull me in since it feels like a generic formula that could be pasted into with new names and technically still work. Like say, why should I care about Stardust or dragons feuding with elves? The last two lines are a little quirky (in a good way) but they feel misplaced. 6/10

A Silent Storm

Arcturus has forgotten the horrors of the Mad Gods and their crusades since the great war, and as ignorance blunts the memory of mortal kingdoms, the Fateseers like Alysia sees only darkness in the future. Yet hunted down by those seeking to silence their extraordinary precognition, Alysia finds herself caught in middle of a war and cradling a vision that could shape it’s outcome.



What I liked: I get a basic gist of the set-up and I like the idea of a war with Mad Gods and people forgetting the consequences.

What I didn’t like: The first sentence is a run-on and it obfuscates who your MC is–Arcturus or Alysia. It also has grammar issues. The rest is equally confusing. Who is hunting Alysia? What war is she is the middle of? What is her (their?) precognition? If you expand on these, your story will stand out more.

A Subtle Magic

Instead of bonding with a gryphon or a pegasus like the other first year magical students, Rayen bonds with a goldfish. And instead of learning fire and ice spells, all he can do well is heal.

Rayen may be weak, but he isn’t going to give up on his studies, and definitely isn’t going to just ignore the power his fish lends him. His fellow first years make fun of him, but Rayen knows his healing magic, even if it is weak, is important. And the true strength of his subtle abilities is made clear when a professor named Kandel asks Rayen to work for him. Rayen wants to learn all he can about his magic, and all about the magical creatures that exist.

He just hopes he can trust the mysterious Kandel.



overall, your wording is pretty good, and the first sentence gave me a chuckle. however, i don’t see much of a plot here. it’s kind of open ended :confused: what’s your character’s goal? what’s keeping him from reaching that goal? i think this has a lot of potential, but i personally wouldn’t know why i would read this, aside from the goldfish bit lol.


(i know it’s not the best, gimme feedback it’s what i want)

The only thing that ever made sense to Griffin Reisl was survival. He’s never known anything other than the importance of staying alive, and he’s done just that. But the same could not be said of his older brother, Garrett. Devastated by the recent murder of his only remaining family, an angered Griffin sets out to find whoever did this and get his revenge. But as he digs deeper into the case, the hidden past that he’s never known comes to light.

Without a warning, Griffin discovers that nothing is as it seems. The world is less mundane than he’d believed, and he’s not as human as he thought. A rift has created an entrance to a world riddled with dark magic and war, and half-breed Griffin is the most coveted weapon for the powers he never knew he possessed.

Now, Griffin is forced to save the human world, which is more than he’d signed up for. He won’t be doing it alone, though. With the company of a skilled detective, a deceptively intelligent quarterback, and their unlikely ensemble, Griffin must fight a war that centers around him more than he’d realized. But is doing the right thing really worth it?


9/10 I actually really love how this story sounds!!! Buttt - the mentioning of Garrett isn’t really necessary for the whole summary since the story is about Griffin finding out who he is and all the things he didn’t know. One other thing I noticed is that you repeat quite often ‘than he’d believed, as human as he thought, never knew, more than he’d realized.’ It’s all the same kind of structure which I felt was a bit repetitive. You changed it but you’re still saying the same thing over and over again. Other than that I reaaaally like it! Great plot!

Catherine Black learns the hard way that some things are meant to fall apart. Some rules, including ones that are centuries old, aren’t supposed to last.
Once the little community of Everett Valley slowly starts to deteriorate, Catherine knows she needs to decide quickly whether to stay or leave behind everything she once knew. Knowing that there is an unknown danger lurking in the shadows makes leaving an even harder feat. But what if the murderers follow Catherine on her quest to find answers? What if that was the plan all along?

Apparently, everything is connected to them.
The Ancients.
Whoever they are…


Very concise and focuses well on the most important person in the story. It’s descriptive without going overboard and it asks questions that the average reader can relate to.

The mention of the murderers feels a bit out of nowhere. Because the beginning of the summary makes me think disease, poverty, or something more innocent is the reason for the community breaking down. But if a murder is ultimately what drives Catherine to leave for parts unknown then you need to mention that before murderers.


I’ll post my summary later as I’m low on time.



You went from saying “there is an unknown danger lurking in the shadows” to “But what f the murderers follow Catherine” if she knows these murderers are what are the dangers ‘lurking in the shadows’ then they aren’t an unknown danger.

Then you say “Apparently, everything is connected to them. The Ancients.” This bit confuses me. Where are these Ancients coming from? Does everyone know who they are? Why are they just now being mentioned, is there any common knowledge for the characters on who the Ancients are that you can give that wouldn’t be spoilers?

Here is mine for Sparrow which is in the same universe as my Legend Series.

She lived in the forests, she lived in the trees. She was the songbird you heard in the morning, the owl you heard in the night.

Not many knew her name, nor what she was.

Her name was Sparrow…and she was an Original.

What happened to her, to the beautiful brown sparrow that flitted around? Where did she go?

Well…she went to do what she was made for: she went to rule.

In the vast forests in the south, forces grow, dark ones. Word of an Original they called Nightmare were stirring. She knew who he really was, and she knew, she had to stop the one who twisted him, and his name.

This feeds off of a backstory given in the fourth part of the Legend Series and the only spoiler in the story will be Nightmare’s real name, Aleksander (in the Legend Series, so much time has passed he’s forgotten his name, who he really is, but still holds on to those old memories, just very detached from the world, oh, and stuck sharing the body of my MC, neither dead nor alive)