Call of Aebradore


What the Morning Brings


Ivory Black


yes slay I love it 10/10


nicee I like the concept of it and it sound mysterious 8/10


I relate hahah and I actually really like it 9/10


uhh idk cos it sounds too common to mee maybe try something like a warriors darkness or something like that 5/10


yesss I like it it’s not really that special but still interesting 7/10


I love it simple and short 9/10


don’t really know what it means but it looks interesting hahha 7/10


kind of a long title but still interesting and would probably read it 8/10


I like it because it’s short and you don’t know what to expect 8/10


The Prophecy of Weakness


I can live with a 5/10 lol i cant change the title tho its already in the story XD


uhh I like it it’s just a bit too long 7/10


why can’t you change it hahah you can always change it or not??


I mean my mc has already called himself like that so idk XD and i like the title so ill keep it i guess XD


The Untamed Series
book 1: Wild
book 2: Wilder
book 3: Wildest


well thanks


Escaping From Them