yess kinda like it acc 8/10


A Darkening Honor


I really don’t know whether I would read it it has something mysterious about it but it’s also not that special 7/10


The Smiling Fate


slay I like it it’s interesting 8/10




okayy that’s very special! I love it even tho I don’t know what it means 9/10


my story title is simply soft.

i’m thinking about changing it (i realized that it was a fairly popular title here on Wattpad), but it reflects my character pretty well i think. she is amused by things that she can sense - the soft noises that blend into the Alabama night, the soft feel of the cotton as it brushes across her scarred legs…

maybe once i add a few more chapters i’ll be able to think of a different title, but as of right now i’m stuck :thinking: