well idk it’s not really that interesting but still has mystery to it 7/10

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not something I would click on but the title is interesting 7/10




And Then There Was One


slay interesting and short 8/10


for me too long and probably wouldn’t read it 7/10

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A Valentino Date


slayin 9/10

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here’s mine
the seven days of war


uff okay I think it’s nice but it doesn’t really stand out for me 7/10


The Disease Called Men


Children Of The Forest

And one for a fanfic I’m hoping to write at some point

Raven’s Nest


Meh, just casually dropping book title here-
Alone With Myself and My Mind


‘Find Me a Cure’


7/10 It’s interesting, sounding like poetry or a thriller.

Wolves at the Door


8/10 Seems like it would be supernatural which isn’t my style but I do think the title is creative.

Ivory Black


Trying to be objective, but I know what your book is about ( I seen your one sentence summary in another game). Without a cover I’d have absolutely no idea what your story is about. Based only on your title (and if I didn’t already know why), I would be curious what your book is about as you chose “Ivory” and Black over “White” and Black. Just something about it.

Beyond the Gate


Very intriguing, gives me a big mystery vibes, I’ll give it 8.5/10.

The Guardian Devil


9/10 I absolutely love that title! Instead of The Guardian Angel, you did The Guardian Devil, which is beyond interesting for me personally (I love myself a good bad girl story)!

The Alphas’ Executive