Shattered Crests Book #I Lines Broken


The Perfect Melody


Hmmm… 7/10

Circle Of Heroes


Alien Detective

i’ve been having a really hard time trying to come up w/ a title so decimate it please


yay oxymorons


7/10 It’s fine, but a bit common

Four Deceits, One Truth


7/10 It’s good, but I might change it to something like Four Deceits, One Murder, or Four Deciets, One Betrayal, or something. It goes without saying that there’s one truth, the spicy part is what that truth entails. Just my opinion…

Eden’s Temper

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I don’t know whether mine’s relevant to the story.



Sounds rather interesting in that I would guess it relates to either some kind of nature or birth’s wrath or it could be linked to some kind of religious aspects, maybe a angelic wrath. Both concepts sound pretty ominous and very foreboding for the human race. 9/10

Let’s try this again since I believe I did it right this time. Sorry for not doing it before heh.

Shattered Crests Book #I Lines Broken


Mageia Era


9/10 - I would read it! It’s unique & interesting. I would guess it is a Fantasy book perhaps?



Oml I just realized I never gave my input! The title is a bit too long for my liking, but depending on how it’s put on the cover, i might like it better. I’d give your story a try since it sounds like a good adventure/action book. :slight_smile:

@hestia-of-the-fire thank you!! ^^ I’m very proud of my title as well! You guessed it right that it’s a fantasy~I can’t wait to get it out there :smiley:

**Whoever is next, please rate and reply to hestia-of-the-fire i just accidentally skipped the person above my first ppst. D: **

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I like the simplicity of it. If I were to come across it in a bookstore I would probably check out the blurb and go from there. I’m going to assume Edel is the name of the protagonist, if so, it doesn’t really explain much about the narrative itself, which is basically my only issue with it. 8/10.

White Lung, Black Lung

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It’s a very intriguing title. I would check out this book. 9/10

Give Me Wings


Oh!! 9/10 It sounds really mystic in a way that I love it! I would definitely check it out if the blurb interested me as well. :smiley:

Beyond the Clouds

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9/10 ooh intriguing! The title doesn’t tell me much about the book but I like the fantasy vibe it gives off (it could really be any genre but for me that’s what I get).

The Command Series: Citizen


7 Days With You


There is a strong military/war atmosphere in your title. Not a genre I would read, but I love the Citizen. It suggests the story will involve a normal person dragged into big conflict and that is a nice hook.

Rating 9/10

I’m sure you should rate the person before you, but here you go :wink:
I’m not a fan of simple digits, but in the title, it can work (it all depends on the font and placement). For you, I guess this is romance/TF (other genres I don’t read unless asked), but it has a spark of uniqueness. Why only seven days? Is it due to a terminal illness? Some family breakdown? Is that a bet?
It makes me interested, so I give it 9/10 too :slight_smile:

Here is mine:

NinRai: MissAdventures For Two


I like this title. It kind of gives a little mystery as to wondering what the adventure could be!

Here is mine:
Goodbye, Maggie Ford

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9/10 This title has me curious as to who Maggie Ford is. I love that you included Maggie’s Last Name. I get the sense that this story might involve death.

Understanding Teenagers