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Hi I like your summary, it’s the complete set, it has the irony in a story, the sarcasm, drama and love. Which many can relate to in a story like yours. It has sustenance, and it sounds fun. I give you a 9.6/10 :black_heart::shushing_face:



“It was the age of the apocalypse and the beginning of the end. Long ago there lived a boy who came to possess 5 powers. Afraid of what he had become, unknown to the mysteries of the world around him. He didn’t know what awaited him at the dawn of that time, whether he would become a devil or perhaps a God. But, sometimes there are mysteries that can’t wait for no one, and only in the shadows can he be sure to find the answers he was always searching for.”

“Much time has passed, perhaps centuries, years and lifetimes. Not much was known about that time in history, except what lay in the darkness, where no light was ever found piercing the world. True peril laid awake in the night, in the dreams and hearts of many.”

“Now Ray a young boy in search for his place in the world, as lost as the past, looking at every turn and only to come on empty. Being only 16 and soon to turn 17, he never thought that he would leave the home he knew, and only to be taken from the new home he barely knew. Taken by strangers and driven afraid, alone, in the night, in the dark. What hope could he find in the hands of others, in the darkness, in fear and perhaps even despair.”

I rewrote my summary from the one before, let’s hope this one is better than the last one I wrote. :kissing:



I think your summary is intriguing and very mysterious. Anything that mentions humans with powers gets my attention tbh. However, I personally think the second paragraph is unnecessary and the third paragraph could be shortened because the key part is when you mention Ray was taken by strangers. But overall, I like it.

Break My Heart

When Freya Liu-Hampton moved to America to stay with her Aunt (her parents decided her education was a priority so went globetrotting without her), she didn’t expect to become best friends with Dale Sampson, otherwise known as the school’s uber intelligent popular boy who, for some reason, can’t seem to find The One. Now two years down the track and after several failed romantic relationships, Dale asks Freya for an impossible favour: to help him find his soulmate.

Problem is, she doesn’t believe in them and really isn’t up for the task.

Well, that is until 1) she figures out that his older brother has a crush on her which she wants eliminated immediately and 2) she crosses paths with someone who kind of changes her mind about this whole soulmate thing.



Your summary was good and hooked me, which is what you want from a summary. The part in brackets is unnecessary, it added to much background story to the summary. Also, I believe the first paragraph is just one big run-on. Lastly, the points could be listed as an actual list to make it more visually pleasing. Ex:

Well, that is until:

  1. She figures out that…
  2. She crosses path with…


Make Your Move

Zandria Racheal wants to be just like every other teenager, but sadly she isn’t. She is top of her class and still somehow manages to stay popular. Maybe it’s because of her currently trending YouTube channel with two million subscribers.

Everybody knows this side of Zandria: the bubbly, entertaining teenager.

But, the darkness is unknown.

Day after day Zandria and her brother Keith are abused by their unforgiving mother. With a Father constantly away on business, Zandria has made it her duty to look after her little brother who is also dealing with anxiety. She wishes that one day someone will ask, “how are you?” and her reply will not be a lie.

Then, there is Dennis Ridge, the nerd. Dennis enjoys lunch by himself in a corner and finds pleasure in writing under a tree in the schoolyard. No one really talks to him and for years he has been trying to figure out why. His parents aren’t the worst and actually, care about their child. Little do they know that Dennis is finding life hard to deal with. He hopes one day he can find the definition of happy.

It has been written in Wattpad cliché-ness that these paths will cross. But, I promise you their journey together will not be cliché.

Join Zandria and Dennis through the ups and downs of a complicated teenage life.


Thank you for your pointers! I’ll be taking them on board :slight_smile:


9/10 Your 1st paragraph caught my attention. I’m curious to know more about Zandria. And I haven’t come across much stories about YouTube. I just felt you didn’t need to mention anything about cliches.

The Element of Life

I was hoping seventeen would be the perfect age. Buying a new jeep on my birthday was an amazing experience that any girl could hope for, but that was nothing compared to dealing with an ex-boyfriend trying to make my life miserable, facing an eating disorder, and trying to overcome the fact that my father left us when I was younger. I suppose it’s good to have friends by your side even if it’s just one.

Life changed that fateful day when I noticed a strange light in the park. My poor judgement told me to visit the park and I did. Little did I know that touching that light would give me a power. An element if you will. I had the power to bring things back to life. My powers could grow a tree within seconds. This new power completely changed my life. Who could I trust with this new power? Could I even trust myself?


I like the concept of it but I believe the blurb is poorly written. It doesn’t seems like a summary and ending your summary with a question is never a good idea. Try changing it by getting ideas from the internet and from other books. 6/10

The Heartbreaker

“She belonged to no boy,
only to herself.”

Losing parents at sixteen is a baggage no teenager should ever have to carry but Amber White still did.

She had to grow up earlier than her classmates. One year later and she is already working on a part-time job, handling school and finding a way to sustain herself along the way.

But when her best friend’s heart is shattered, she decides to break the boy who did that to her.

Rumors spread fast and suddenly, Amber sees a way of gaining money for her university fund. Girls, from many schools, would actually pay her to avenge their broken hearts.

Everything is perfect until the bitchy queen bee from her school, Megan Waldorf, asks her to absolutely smash the golden’s boy heart.

The money is good but there’s only one problem.

Kyle Gray turns out to be the hardest boy she had ever needed to take down.