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Have you ever read Less Than Zero?

“Clay comes home for Christmas vacation from his Eastern college and re-enters a landscape of limitless privilege and absolute moral entropy, where everyone drives Porches, dines at Spago, and snorts mountains of cocaine. He tries to renew feelings for his girlfriend, Blair, and for his best friend from high school, Julian, who is careering into hustling and heroin. Clay’s holiday turns into a dizzying spiral of desperation that takes him through the relentless parties in glitzy mansions, seedy bars, and underground rock clubs and also into the seamy world of L.A. after dark.”

Because I get a similar vibe from your story. It might be worth you checking it out as a comp.

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Read it many years ago. Loved it! As I do all of Brett Easton Ellis work. Although both stories share similar themes–and a cynical worldview–our writing styles are very different.My writing-style has been more influenced by Charles Willeford and Jim Thompson. Both wonderful–if, slightly dark–writers, well worth checking out if you get the chance.

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Heard of them, never read them.

Ellis is not really to my personal taste - too dry, removed, distant. I like clean, sparse prose but his feels cold and superficial to me, which I guess is the point. But I want to care about characters when I read and I don’t really care about his.

I can appreciate if you infuse more of that hard-boiled feel into your story, because at least there’s a gritty passion in that.

Good luck with it :blush:

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Since there was no summary to be rated above mine, I will rate the one before the current post.
I would give it a 9.5/10. The pitch is amazing and it really draws the reader to know more. Besides, what else can make a fujoshi happier than finding BL?

Here’s mine. If you guessed it, it is loaded with BL:

Love. Lust. Betrayal.

These three words define the life of Mark, an ordinary student in a Chinese university. His life takes a 360 degree turn when he meets Akio, A Japanese transfer student. As time passes by, unusual things begin to happen. First, a criminal racket targets him and after that, his sole best friend dies without any reason. All this was enough to scar him for the rest of his life.

However, These events are the beginning of something catastrophic, like the calm before a storm.

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You should actually review @DavidEAnderson100 because I didn’t technicallynreview it, just brought up a similar story.



When I first read Less than zero I had the same issues as you did with Ellis. It wasn´t until I read Glamorama that I started to appreciate his style.

But I agree, I´ve read all his books and loved them, yet I could not name one of his characters I actually liked or empathised with. I am a fan of satire and Ellis is one of the best satirists. He holds a mirror up to the ugly side of society, and his characters tend to be vacuous and moral vaccums, which doesn´t make for an enjoyable read but kind of necessary.

Thanks for taking time to reply. Wishing you all the best.

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I don’t mean “care” as in like or empathize with. I can care about an evil or vapid character. It’s just the ennui in the book really extended to my feeling as a reader. He’s good in that sense - making his tone jump off the page. Unfortunately in my case, it made me put the book down several times for months at a clip before finally finishing out of sheer stubbornness :joy:

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Ha, ha. Reminds me of when I tried to read the Marquis de Sade 120 days in Sodom. Still haven´t managed it, even though I swore I would–simply because I´d started. But there is a limit to the litany of vileness one can stomach.:joy:

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I did review @DavidEAnderson100 because that was the summary posted before mine…

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Thanks so much! It was very helpful, if you do check my story out, hope you like it :wink:

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Since I’m not quite sure what summary to rate, I will rate none.


The queen bee always expected to keep her reputation, her crown, and her beloved boyfriend until graduation or even farther. Too bad a terrible mistake happened and as always things never go as we expect them to.

Alison Lawrence didn’t know what having a tough life meant and never had to work hard for anything in her life. She had everything handed in a silver plate. The football captain was her perfect and caring boyfriend, someone she never wanted to lose.

After such a long time in power, she wasn’t expecting that one terrible mistake would destroy everything she thought she had under control.

She ended up completely shattered.

However, maybe destiny or fate decided to give her a second chance. She moves away for one whole year before coming back to the place she once called home.

Alison is determined to fight for everything she once had but at the end, will that be what she truly wants?


I think that the “terrible mistake” should be a little less ambiguous. I get that you may be trying to keep it from us for a while, but being more specific may attract more interest!

First Sight

He feels invisible. They are invisible.

Seventeen-year-old Drish is absolutely done with life. Every day is the same: ride the bus to school, be in school (learning optional), ride the bus home. His life is boring, his grandmother is deathly ill, and he somehow managed to lose his cane. Plus, he doesn’t have a string that links him to his soulmate, so there’s that. Could things be any worse?

Seventeen-year-old Aparoksa Amin is also done with life, but for an entirely different reason. They’ve just found out that they’re nonbinary, not that they have anyone to tell. They haven’t had a real conversation in a decade, not after they woke up one morning unable to see themselves in the mirror. Plus, they don’t have a string that links them to their soulmate, so there’s that. Could things be any worse?

There’s no possible way the two of them could’ve met one afternoon in dreary Pittsburgh. They do anyway, and their worlds will never be the same.


7/10 I like it, it sets up the story nicely. However, I don’t like how you ended the first two paragraphs the same way. It makes the writing repetitive and not intresting to read. Though, it raises alot of questions which is good.


Life is damn hard, and Harriet knows it. However, when she is reunited with a person from her pass, only then, she learns how it feels to go to hell and back.
Remember the name Dan Brown.
That man is the devil.


Now I really like these two sentences it sets up the story nicely ,however I don’t like how you introduced the love interest I suppose. It doesn’t really do anything it seems like an after thought almost . 7/10

Title: Letters To Mars
Marsy Clementine more commonly referred to as Mars is known as the girl with a plan. In her world, everything has a time and a place and that’s how she likes it. But all that comes to an end when her plans start to bust at the seams and her world is turned upside down. Life starts to shine a little brighter when she begins to receive mysterious romantic letters that are signed with the initials C.W. Who is the mystery man? Will Mars solve the mystery and finally learn to live spontaneously? Find out in… Letters to Mars


while i like the kind of rom-com trailer type of writing the summary has, i feel like it’s a little too on the nose. like, “will mars finally learn to live spontaneously” really bothers me, because i’d rather find that out while reading instead of having the author tell me what to pick out. other than that, it’s pretty cute!! 5/10

Title: Girls Online

They were known as memes and aesthetic, irony and art socks, @cloutfroggles and @stainedbyichor. However, together, they could be just Sig and Laurel.

(or, alternatively, how two girls met on Instagram)

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8/10. It’s short and it sets up the story nicely. I love the way you described them using their instagram aesthetics. It’s new and refreshing.
The last sentence really makes it seem much deeper.

Lizzy & Darcy / ongoing

When Lizzy Bennet left New York and moved to Hertford, a small town in Washington, she knew that everything was going to be different. What she didn’t know was that she would meet someone who would change her life forever.
Darcy Williams is the reigning queen of Hertford Academy, and when Lizzy and Darcy clash, sparks of fury, and something more, fly. It confuses them both and Lizzy starts to discover her true self.

Lizzy must navigate through new emotions, friendships and hardships, all while dealing with her four sisters, an eccentric father, and a mother who, despite being in the West for years, is still trying to find a balance between her Indian heritage and her mixed family.

Junior year for Lizzy Bennet is going to be quite eventful.

Inspired by Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice.

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I actually really like this one. I’d like to see a bit more of their personality, but you follow a good formula and give the audience with just enough to leave them wanting more.


I’ll see your Bennet and raise you another!

Life, Love And A Little Coffee

Ada Sinclair is more than ready to graduate high school and head off to her dream college. After working hard for the grades and even harder at her godmother’s coffee shop to pay for it, the next step of her life is only a few months away.

But a month before graduation, Ada’s mother comes home to reveal a diagnosis she’s kept a secret for the last several years, one she can no longer hide. All of their lives will change forever and Ada knows she must put her dreams aside for the sake of family. Feeling like the world’s on her shoulders, Ada turns to the man who’s mentored and been there for her throughout high school.

Tom Bennet met Ada when she was an overweight self-loathing freshman. Now she’s in her final days of high school and he’s considered it an honor to watch her blossom into the beautiful and headstrong woman she’s become.

Ada’s always come to him in time of crisis, but when she comes to him with an unsolvable issue, Tom knows Ada needs him now more than ever and he’s willing to lose his job and ruin his reputation to make that happen.

As their friendship grows stronger, they find strength in one another and a connection they can only ignore for so long.

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I like your summary, but I find your second and fourth paragraph repetitive. Let me explain, you already said Tom has been there for her for help in the second paragraph.

Then you practically say it again in the fourth.

However, in the fourth paragraph, you had this one little bit of information that you could actually put in the third paragraph. Other than that this summary is pretty good. 7.5/10

Commit, Forgive, Forget

Life is damn hard, and Harriet knows it. She has been through it all, abuse, gangs, and even prison. However, when a person from her past comes into the picture, only then will she know how it feels to go to hell and back. Letting him go is the problem, but is cutting him out and forgetting him a solution?


Really good summary! Your story seems to be really interesting and I like how short and sweet you made the summary. 9/10.

Till Tomorrow Comes

Everyone in the small town of Marion has heard about the incident involving Vincent Grey. Fazed words float around that name, bringing up unwanted memories from the past. The Grey family. Once so perfect and happy, now a total and utter disaster.

Adding onto this miserable chain of self-assumptions is Mavis Grey, seen by the world as the poor girl stuck in her brother’s dark shadow. She’s sarcastic, cautious, and just an ordinary girl trying to get through her last year of high school without any problems.

Note: trying.

One not so good phone call leads to the teenage girl running into a tall, broad-shouldered boy from the bad part of town, ink plastered across his skin like a canvas. He’s Aspen Myers, the towns delinquent. Girls swoon over him while trying to keep their distance, you can always hear his name floating around the ghostly halls of Oakmont High.

Uneventful days pass and soon enough the two begin to get closer, falling away from their old lives for just a second. But one thing leads to another and soon enough the secrets that were meant to be kept hidden fall into the wrong hands. Mavis realizes that the stories she was told years ago were never true and that the person she loved was constantly hiding behind an innocent mask made by the people she was closest to.

The same thing happens every day in the same old town of Marion. Long days continue to stretch across the horizon as Mavis wonders if tomorrow will ever come.


Please be brutal! I want to know what I should fix in order to make my summary stand out!

Here it is:

“Suffocation is no longer a nightmare. It’s the gateway to my freedom”

Scarlet Florentino was filled with happiness. That’s until one man hungry for a taste of innocence, caused her world to come crashing down. What use to be a bright future is slowly fading into the darkness. Inner demons are hunger for her soul, and with hope diminishing, Scarlet fights to stay alive.

If you lost everything, would you be able to survive?