Get your Teen Fiction summary rated!


9/10. It is typically Bad boy meets Good Girl. You might want to add how they meet and some conflict in the summary.

Riverdale meets the X-men! Join Amanda and Six as they uncover a deadly conspiracy.

United States in 2029 is a technological wonderland under the control of the government and powerful mega-corporations. However, the balance of power is starting to shift and the nation along with it.

Fifteen-year-old Amanda Wu lives in her small hometown away from the problems of the big city with loving family, loyal best friends, and somewhat boyfriends. Until the night, she stumbles on a mysterious boy named Six. While Six looks like a normal teenage boy, he actually has extraordinary abilities, no memories, and a target on his back. Now caught in an epic game of cat and mouse, Amanda and Six must work together to uncover the truth about him and protect their community from dangerous forces threatening them all.

With violence and dark secret surfacing, can they truly trust each other?


Life, Love, and all of the above
Olivia has been through it all. Her father died in a boating accident, and first love moved away, and everyone else seems to be moving on with their life except for her. Deciding to change her life around, Liv takes her life into her own hands determined to have the best year yet. What will happen? Who knows what life, love, and all of the above can throw at you. One thing is for sure, its gonna be a hell of a year.



I really like how you set up the time period and made sure to lure the readers in! Maybe explain a little more on the cat and mouse, not sure how Amanda and Six got into that position, but maybe I just need to read it! Overall well done :slight_smile:


I’ve read your summary over a couple of times and cannot help but feel that it’s a little vague. I think it’s because I’m struggling to find the conflict. You state that your MC is trying to change her life around, but why? Did she left herself go ahead her father died? Did she lock herself in her room for months after her crush moved away? And my second question would be, how will she be turning her life around. Will she be going to college, will she be giving herself a makeover, will she branch out and join a new committee? I feel like you need to add a couple more details to really make your story stand out and hold it’s own.

I understand not wanting to give too much away, but a few more details will not spoil the story itself. The way your summary is now I’d give it a 5/10.



When her parents break another one of their no-good promises, Elizabeth Blackwell decides to run away from the five-star resort she’s staying at for the summer. A spontaneous road trip with an unconventional waiter is set into motion and Elizabeth is faced with things she’s never had to experience before. What started out as a ride home turns into the adventure of a lifetime - one where Elizabeth comes to realize how much of an eleutheromaniac she really is.


Thanks! I totally get that, I’ll make sure to add more details ASAP! I definitely thought something was missing and that was just it :+1:


It’s a little better. I do think you should give the reader more. Also you repeat the loss of happiness theme over and over. I tweaked what you had to make the flow a little easier to understand. See below:

“Scarlet Florentino’s life fell apart after one terrifying night. She struggles everyday to banish her inner demons and hold on to the small bits of hope that continue to leave her. Since then all those she loved have faded from her life. Scarlet is lost. What was once a bright and promising future now leaves her with two options-- fight to stay alive and overcome, or let her demons take her soul.”


I’m interested by your blurb, but I’m wondering what makes it different from other demon stories? I think I’m looking for some kicker detail that will really pull me in and sets your story apart. Try to hook me with something “punchy.”

"In a distant future, the roles between man and machine have reversed. Androids now dominate the ruling class and humans have been demoted to below indentured servants, traded and sold with as much regard as livestock.

One of those indentured servants is seventeen-year old Mar, who spends her days fixing up cars for Hatsuimoto, her cranky owner with a gambling problem, and repairing small electronics on the side. But after the devastating imprisonment of her best friend and the loss of her mother figure, Mar finds herself as one of the next contestants in the most perilous race of the year. The Dead World Prix is a two-week spectacle of humans driving a circuit full of obstacles and challenges in pursuit of a massive prize, including the distinct benefit of becoming a free citizen, just like the androids. There’s only one catch: no one has won the race in its 25 years of existence.

That’s where she meets Kit -an android disguising himself as a human- who she just can’t seem to stay away from. As their paths intertwine, the two find themselves falling in love with each other; but with death and danger littering every mile of the circuit, the realities of the race become mortally apparent. Just as Mar is ready to give up and accept the race as a death sentence, she uncovers powers hidden within her and sets out on a path of vengeance, not just to finish the race but to reset the balance between humans and androids."


This is much better than the first one I read. Good job


8/10 Okay if I’m being honest, it’s really good, overall. This makes me want to check it out, and I hope it’s been posted because I’m actually interested. I just have a few comments/questions that maybe could be clarified. 1 - why would kit disguise himself as a human if being a human would make him get treated badly? Wouldn’t he want to be his normal, android self so that he can enjoy being a free citizen? 2 - what makes the androids and humans different from each other? What are the androids? Are they machines that look like scrap metal or do they have a human-like appearance? If they look like humans, how do people know if they’re an android or a human? Consider possibly answering some of these questions to make it a little more clear, but also make sure not to give away too much because it’s good to leave readers asking questions. Also check the genre. This sounds more like science fiction than teen fiction. Overall it did catch my attention as a reader, and science fiction isn’t even a genre that I like, so well done.

Here’s mine:

Yours Truly, Ramona

Life doesn’t abide by the rules of a child. Sixteen-year-old Ramona knows this. She’s seen it throughout her entire life, from the way she was treated by her parents to the way she was thrown around the foster system with nothing but her little brother, Mason, to hold onto. It’s always been just Ramona and Mason, no parents to depend on, and no place to truly call home.

That is, until Ramona gets news one day that may just uproot everything she’s ever believed about her and Mason’s situation. A man named Owen Parker has stepped into the picture, and he wants to take the only thing that Ramona has ever truly loved. He wants to adopt her brother, and there is nothing she can do to stop him.

Though after sixteen years of running, and sixteen years of pain, it may just be the very thing that little Mason needs. It’s a breath of fresh air for him, a family filled with love, and everything that Mason has never had.

But then, what about Ramona?

She’s brotherless, parentless, and alone in a city that has never cared about her. She has to find a way to cope, and she has to find a way to forgive the man who took her little boy from her. But she can’t cope, she can’t forgive, and she can only bend so many times before she breaks.


Wow. Love it. It’s definitely not a cliche and I loved the way you wrote your summary, congrats. Perhaps, aren’t you telling too much of your story? 8/10

The Heartbreaker

“She belonged to no boy,
only to herself.”

Losing your parents at sixteen is a baggage no teenager should ever have to carry but Amber White still did.

She had to grow up earlier than her classmates. One year later and she is already working on a part-time job, handling school and finding a way to sustain herself along the way.

But when her best friend’s heart is shattered, she decides to break the boy who did that to her.

Rumors spread fast and suddenly, Amber sees a way of gaining money for her university fund. Girls, from many schools, would actually pay her to avenge their broken hearts.

Everything is perfect until the bitchy queen bee from her school, Megan Waldorf, asks her to absolutely smash the golden’s boy heart.

The money is good but there’s only one problem.

Kyle Gray turns out to be the hardest boy she had ever needed to take down.


Your summary gives us at hints of a lot of different directions the story will go, but as a potential reader I am confused about what the main thrust of the plot will be. Is it important that her parents died? How does this tie in with avenging broken hearts for money? It seems like avenging is the key to your story… maybe focus the summary a little tighter on that?

Delusions of Grace

How can you tell if you are in love with someone? (Asking for a friend.)

Pasithea “Tea” Johnson is 98% sure that she is not in love with her best friend Sean. She isn’t even jealous of Sophie, his gorgeous out-of-town girlfriend. But once Tea and Sophie meet by chance, Tea wonders if she might unknowingly be part of a love triangle.

It’s spring semester of her junior year… entering the home stretch. Tea just hopes that she can spend a lot of time with Sean, that her friend Richard will manage not to get expelled, and that whoever is leaving creepy notes in her locker will just stop.

What do you do if you think you are being stalked? (Asking for a friend.)


7/10 I liked your summary a lot. Loved your fist line and how you also made it your last line. The part about Richard felt out of place. How important is Richard to the story that he needs to be mentioned this summary?

Understanding Teenagers

Liam just graduated from college and isn’t much of a writer. Mid Mills Publishing is desperately struggling and hires Liam to write the next great YA Novel. What could possibly go wrong? With his new fiancé at his side, they embark on a new journey to Pacific City to live with Liam’s Old Friend Jaxon. Jaxon happens to have a teenage sister who’s getting ready to graduate living with him. She’ll be a good help.

Giselle is an eighteen-year-old girl with a big dream to get to Stanford in the fall. She loves children and her loved ones. All she wants is to be loved and love others. Will she able to accomplish her dreams?

Ava is Giselle’s BFF. She has no idea who she is or what she wants. She’s not even prepared to graduate. Crap, what is she going to do? Is she ever going to make it in life?


7/10. There’s a lot going on in your description, and I’m a little confused. But good concept.

The Playwright’s Prince

15-year-old Sam Tucker is the perfect actor-except he has stage fright. And he can’t get rid of it, no matter what he tries. When a late arrival to history class lands Sam in detention, he crosses paths with a classmate and aspiring playwright, Luke Emerson. Luke’s been searching for the perfect muse for his play, and Sam’s exactly what he’s looking for. So the two make a deal: If Sam agrees to be Luke’s muse, he’ll help fix Sam’s stage fright.


It’s nice but too predictable. I don’t believe that you have enough of a plot to write a story based on what I just read. 5/10


No one ever thinks about the queen bee’s minion. The girl that constantly keeps up with bitchy acts, shallow people and dirty, very dirty secrets.

Aileen Quinn wanted nothing but to quit her spot on Emerald High. She was tired of doing bad things to people that didn’t deserve it, being manipulated by her supposed best friend and having to doubt everyone’s actions due to a hard and heartbreaking situation with the school’s jock.

All it takes for her to completely lose it and become careless is a traumatic event caused by the one and only, queen bee. Now, Aileen wants revenge even if it means falling along with her now enemy.

She decides to end the reign that has caused a trail of pain and the mean girl that rules it.

For once and for all.


I’m not sure where your blurb is taking me. The 3rd paragraph makes zero sense to me. And I don’t think you even need the second paragraph. It pretty much is a repeat of the first. I’d also capitalize Queen Bee to give it more impact.


6/10 I mean, i get the idea but it is still confusing. I think it is a good plot but I would phrase it differently. I would also add questions in the first paragraph to interact a bit more with the audience.

See You Under the Tree - 1 Girl, 1 Guy, 1 Secret. I In progress

“I’m dangerous, just get the fuck away from me!” He snapped back at me.

“I have my things too, Andy. Just open up!” At this point I was basically pleading. I could feel the tears starting to fill my eyes, almost in the verge of giving up. Frustration. How could this guy be so nice and such a jerk at the same time? One minute we could be having a normal conversation, and the second he’d get to my nerves.

But something was off. I didn’t know what but I knew he wasn’t just another regular outcast. For some reason I felt attracted to him. Ever since that first fight. I was in a constant battle of letting him go and keep pushing. Never in my life had I ever felt something so right and so wrong at the same time.

“You think you know me, right? Well guess what, you know shit about me Ella. But fine. Wanna know what’s going on? I’ll see you tonight. Midnight. Under the tree. Don’t leave me hanging.”
1 girl. Ella, a regular redheaded girl. Just moved houses to find herself neighbor with the school’s outcast.

1 guy. Andy, the mysterious outcast nobody knew except for his earphones, composition book, tattoos and signature leather jacket.

1 secret that none of them knew would change them forever.


Not saying you’re wrong, but how is my summary predictable?


I understand your concern for the sensitive topic and how I should make it aware to other readers. But, I labeled my content as mature, as there are a lot of issues I will be covering in my story. Also, I included Scarlet’s raped scene in the begining to draw readers in…because yes, it plays a role in my story, but it is not the climax point. Her journey through depression, with everything crumbling around her, is what the book is about. Trust me, theres more drama in the story. But thank you for the advice!


6/10 Your story seems interesting. The summary feels a little long. You shouldn’t include anything from the actual story.

Understanding Teenagers

Newly college grad Liam was just hired to write the next great YA Novel for the struggling company Mid Mills Publishing. The problem? He’s hasn’t written much in his life nor does he know a lot about teenagers. Shouldn’t he already know a little something about teenagers? Perhaps if he was experienced in actually writing YA or anything else at all. With this new job, he and his fiancee move to Pacific City and live with his old friend Jaxon and Jaxon’s Sister Giselle. Giselle is getting ready to graduate high school. Through Giselle, he just might understand teenagers.