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6/10 This story sounds really cool especially the perspective it is written in. There just a few things I would change which are don’t abbreviate Young Adult to YA because some people might not understand what it is and leave spaces between some sentences as I feel like that makes stories seem more dramatic and kind of tempts the audience for more but that is just my opinion and what works for me which might not be the same for you. Your story sounds really interesting.

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Emerson Davis is smart, comes from a good family and has amazing friends. She looks like she has everything, or so it seems. What people don’t know is that her parents are always busy leaving her to raise her younger brother and her older sister who’s “always traveling” got kicked out and is probably sleeping on a strangers couch.

Owen Johnson is your ordinary 17 year old boy who runs into Emerson on a cruise by chance. Together they had the time of their lives spilling secrets and showing sides of themselves to each other they have never shown anyone else afterward was only for 10 days and they would both walk away afterwards on their separate paths.

Or so they thought.

But what happens when Owen gets transferred to Emerson’s school and their paths are intertwined again?

For better or for worse Owen helps Emerson let go of her fears and truly overcome the challenges life has thrown at her and who knows maybe they share a kiss or two.

What do you mean by spaces?

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Like leaving a line between instead of one big paragraph…if that made any sense. I’m so sorry I probably should have cleared that up.

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Oh OK, that makes sense. Thank you!

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Call It Something New

A girl who craves freedom. A girl who craves acceptance. A girl who craves love.

High school became a more complicated journey than Lydia, Jordan, and Fiona would’ve liked. Walking into North Mount High, they soon realized that SATs and GPAs wouldn’t be the only things occupying their minds. From untold secrets to unexpected kisses, Junior year came packed with a lot more than just textbooks and pop quizzes.

Relationships may fall and hearts may get broken, but at least the girls’ friendship will last for the ride.


My name is Byong Ki-soo, I was born in Seoul, South Korea as a twin with my brother Ji-soo, to my parents, Ye-ri & Sun-Ji.
Right now i’m 23, fresh out of college, and with my life ahead of me, to get started I applied for an internship at an entertainment company Eun CO, for the writers department. Sadly, because of a slight mistake, I ended up applying for an apprenticeship in the CEO department, I didn’t know I would become his secratary…

I think that your summary is good for the right kind of reader. It’s short and sweet and gives a good snapshot of the premise. It doesn’t have the traditional structure of a fiction blurb, which could turn off some readers, but it feels pretty engineered to those who are just skimming on the internet.

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Just This Once

Mercy Lucas was a good girl, but fear and desperation change a person, and now she’s run away from home and dealing drugs to support herself. She’s approached by the school’s previous drug king, Jasper Cassidy, after he returns from a year-long suspension that began as his empire fell. His offer is easy: help him take down the person who stabbed him in the back, and Jasper will teach her to deal like a pro.

Except it’s not easy. The target is Mr. Popular, Gabriel Rothton, who takes Mercy’s bait in the wrong way. Now she’s accidentally dating him, thrust into the limelight, while trying to keep her business and budding romance with Jasper a secret.

It’s only a matter of time until all the secrets begin to unravel. Mercy learns horrible truths and no longer knows who she can trust - all she knows for sure is that it’s not about if everything will crumble, but when.

I should have put the real one! It had more from the story this is only part of the story

Makes sense! I think with some polishing (the sentences do run on a bit) it would be excellent for the story description that displays on the title page of the book, for a quick hit of what the story will be about and draws the reader in to read the full summary inside.

I’m terribly at writing summaries, and chose to make it more an invitation to read. I could use some help. I don’t know if its successful or just dumb:

Do you ever feel as if your life has yet to begin? I’ve been on this lifeboat we call Earth for sixteen almost seventeen years now and absolutely nothing has ever happened to me. Not until I met a girl who kick-started my life. She introduced me to love, sex, scandal, excitement, and heartbreak. For some inexplicable reason, this girl invited a forgettable girl like me to tag along on her adventure. And now, I’m officially extending her invite to you.

10/10, I honestly saw no major critiques or mistakes about it. In fact, I’m hooked already.


Aurora Evans’s life has been spiraling downward ever since she was twelve when she witnessed her mother’s murder and her father was then arrested for a crime he regrets. All in two weeks. After those two weeks, her life becomes a blur of courtrooms, social workers, foster families, and group homes.

After five years of being in the foster system, she is sent to another foster family who can only be good or worst for her. For weeks or months on end, Aurora barely survives from the bruises, hits, nightmares, and grueling hours of work, only collapsing from exhaustion.

On the anniversary of her mother’s murder, Aurora has had enough. One more bruise, one more hit, and she packs up a bag and escapes through her bedroom window.

She walks the city of Seattle for hours, only one person in mind.

Easton Hughes never expected to see his former best friend from a group home outside his apartment window, bruises on her skin and a plan to run away forming at the back of her mind. All Easton wants to do is comfort Aurora and change her mind, but she’s adamant about her plan.

With a few spare belongings and a barely-functioning car, the two embark on a trip that would include cheap motels, creepy gas stations, and late night talks.

8/10 The summery is well written and enraging, although I feel that it is very long for a Wattpad book. People reading on their phones may find it overwhelming. Although it does make you book look interesting and I may just have to read,

In Deep

A trip to Hawaii, that’s all it was supposed to be. 2 weeks of relaxation in paradise. That was until he came. He brought love, adventure, and chaos into Sara’s dream vacation.

“OMG,” I said screaming, frantically waving a small rectangular piece of paper in my hand, running towards my group of friends who were looking at me like I was crazy.
“Guess what my dad gave to me for my birthday last night?” I yelled. They all just looked at me “I’m going to Hawaii!”

You should give more information, like what happens when she meets “him” and what their names are. we need to be interested in who we’re reading about. where is she from? why the trip to hawaii? things like that.


Eastdell, South Carolina is a small, quiet town until one January day when the kid everyone teased takes a gun into the high school. Told from the perspectives of five people closest to the shooter, Unseen Signs takes a different path of the school shooting genre.

Jack Derrick suffers from paranoid schizophrenia, a genetic mental illness. His parents are against modern medicine and believe they can cure him with love and faith. This story delves deeper into the mental illness side of school shooters and asks the tough questions we’re all afraid of knowing the answers to.

What do we do when the one we love most does the unthinkable? What could we have done to help them and prevent tragedy?

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Wow. Not a book I would read but it sounds amazing. 9/10

Becoming Bad - published

How bad can a good girl get?

With her entire future planned out in excruciating detail, all Adelina Baker wants is to protect her little brother and maybe do things that she never thought she would along the way. And who better to teach her some bad things than the school’s bad boy himself?

Damien Stone is every bit his bad boy persona. From a smirk that could make any girl fall over heels for him to his cocky and dangerous personality, he’s definitely not a person to mess with. He had his heart ripped away from him too soon and no one will be able to find it again. Damien is a dead person walking.

They make a dangerous deal that can change both of their lives forever. All he asks is for one kiss to give her what she wants. With that, Damien will do everything in his power to teach Adelina, turning the two-goody-shoes into a bad person just like him. It’s a part of their deal after all.

Can they find beauty in darkness? Or has the bad boy created someone worst than himself?

I really like this summary mostly because it’s a book that i would pick up to read most definitely, so i guess that means its doing its joke. 9/10

Number One

After being accepted into St. Elizabeth’s School of Excellence’s new elite program for scholars, Xaria Arden is more then exhilarated to attend one of the most prestigious schools in the country. With this amazing opportunity and her continuous strive for success, Xaria and her family move across the country so she can attend the prodigy school.

As one of the few new students in the program, speculation leads the entire student population to believe she may be the new scholar of the school. Something which catches the attention of Daniel Sinclair, an overachiever like herself and the school’s golden boy.

Being the school’s number one student, Daniel Sinclair seems perfect and flawless, two things that Xaria knows doesn’t exist even though she, herself, finds that it hard to fight against his charms. Although the two are fighting for the number one position in the program, a series of unexpected events and emotions develop. Two things that have no room in both of their lives.

You have the beginnings of a strong summary. There are a few sentences that are a little wordy and hard to get through due to length. However, I think you outlined the conflict quite well. I was just hoping for more of an impactful concluding sentence. 8/10.

Take Me Home

Elizabeth Blackwell is the definition of someone born with a silver spoon in her mouth. Heiress to the largest hotel chain in North America, Elizabeth was promised the next CEO position before she could even walk. However, everything is taken out from under her when her parents decide to merge companies. Now stranded in California, with all funds wiped from her bank account, Elizabeth runs away from the five-star hotel she’s living at for the summer. A spontaneous road trip, with an unconventional waiter, is set into motion. What started out as a ride home turns into the adventure of a lifetime – one where Elizabeth comes to realize that home is not a place, it’s a feeling.

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8/10. I would definitely consider reading this. The second to last sentence is a little confusing though. Otherwise, fantastic job.

The Playwright’s Prince

15-year-old Sam Tucker has a steady life—he gets decent grades, has a great friend group, and is one of the best actors in school. 16-year-old Luke Emerson is all alone in the world—all he has is his sister and his best friend. He lacks comfort and stability in his daily life. When a late arrival to History class lands Sam in detention, their paths cross. As the two grow closer together, both of their lives change for the better—or for worse.

6/10. It’s good but generic try to use phrases like he thinks or he believes to bring more of the character into the description rather than simply state facts about him. i feel like i’m doing a rubbish jo in describing what i mean but it’s the best i can do.

Divine Venom

When she saw that we were forced to the front of the crowd, given the best seats to her show, she smiled and took the step forward. She killed herself and left us, as usual, to wash her mess off of us.

Sydney Meyers is beautiful.

Sydney Meyers is fun.

Sydney Meyers is amazing.

Sydney Meyers is everything.

Sydney Meyers is crazy.

Sydney Meyers is manipulative.

Sydney Meyers is selfish.

Sydney Meyers ruins everything.

Her friends always thought Sydney Meyers was larger than life and she turned out to be, because even in her grave she still pulls the strings. When Sydney Meyers kills herself her friends hoping it’s over but everyone knows it’s never that easy. As a final gift to her friends Sydney tasks then to write their story.

How they met her.

How they loved her.

And how they failed her.