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I was curious about Abigail’s powers as it says she meets someone with similar abilities but I don’t know what those abilities are. Maybe say Blake’s name earlier, “cornered like a rat, a boy, Blake, with piercing…”
Who is she running from in the beginning? Her family, an accident she caused, a vampire?
Who is main antagonist? Is it the Blake and Victor or is it the demons.

Maybe flesh out these and bring more information as to why, who and what is the goal.


There ah… is no main antagonist. YET! Thos story was never fleshed out as it wasn’t supposed to be serious. The main antagonist is Blake, I guess. It’s about dynamics n stuff now.

And you’re supposed to be curious about the powers, as curiosity might make you read :wink: :wink:


7/10 this definitely sounds like an interesting book, but it’s a little cliche with the destiny thing.

Crystal Queer

Mason Hill is your average high schooler. He’s sarcastic, smart, and definitely straight. Asher Hayes is a total sweetheart. And definitely gay. He’s the new transfer student, and surprisingly popular.

Originally, Mason wanted absolutely nothing to do with him. Asher was a popular kid, and Mason generally stayed away from them. But fate put them in situations where they were always together. Mason still tried his hardest to avoid him completely, but that changed one late Wednesday night.

After that night, Mason realized something: He’s gay. But how will his friends and family react?


8/10 I know that’s a concept that’s used quite a lot, but for some reason you’ve written it in a way that really catches my attention. I have to say though, the question at the very end kind of broke it a bit… XD

(Omg, I also just realised our male leads have the same name. What a weird coincidence lol xD! My male lead is also called Mason, but he’s more of a nerd… XD)

The Low-Class Prince Charming

Sky Simmons may be tall, but she is far from delicate. Much like her name, she’s as unpredictable and dangerous as the sky can be. Growing up with access to anything she wants, except for the love of her parents, is what led her down this undesirable path.

Upon the request of a family friend, Mason Evans appears on the scene, and you can see this side of hers begins to get much worse. With Mason’s parents initially asking Sky’s parents to take the boy in to finish his studies in England with the intent of paying all the expenses, her parents decline. Instead, they ask that he try and straighten out their daughter.

Grateful to have the chance to get it all for free, Mason agrees, but being a head shorter than Sky kind of leaves doubt as to whether he can have any authority over her. Will it turn out to be more than he signed up for?


9.5/10, you have me intrigued about this story but I just don’t really see a correlation with the title, although it will probably be revealed if I read the story.

The Girl Next Door

Daniela Caden had a tough childhood, but luckily she had her best friend, Regan Greeley, and music by her side. There was one fear that everyone wanted desperately: to fall in love despite her past. It makes sense when her parents who were seemingly happy are now divorced, and what her father has done plagued her with mistrust.

Damon Forbes lost himself the summer before his senior year: parties and a girlfriend buried six feet under being the cause. When his parents tell him about the move, Damon was upset but after the bridge and the car, he is more than happy to forget his past.

When the Forbes’ family moves into the house next door, Daniela tries her best to avoid the boy at all costs yet Damon wants to get to know the mysterious girl next door. Damon finally can get to know Daniela, but with the cost of Daniela not letting him fully in and their pasts catching up to him.


Well that escalated quickly with Damon. I’m interested in this story and how their pasts will be shown and how they’ll react to each other. I give this summary a 8/10!!! I was a little confused at this line: There was one fear that everyone wanted desperately: to fall in love despite her past is this a spelling mistake? Who is the everyone? is it supposed to be just Daniela or D and R together?


Alec wanted to be invisible but they were born to be Gods.

Alec Collingwood liked his life on the bottom. He and DJ, his brother, lived life on the outer fringes of the world. Bash never reached further than he could see, he planned out every moment of his life and pretended not to see the glittery invisible world around him. He was perfectly fine with laying on the bathroom floor and accepting his fate.

But the Fates are real and crueler than he believed. The world is crashing down around him and his family -and the new girl Nine doesn’t help cushion his fall from grace.

There’s a perfect storm coming and anyone can be your enemy.


The they in this line confused me as the line only mentioned Alec no one else. I love the name though, it’s unique.

The summary is overall really good, 8/10.

Loving The Famous

When the internationally famous singer\songwriter Martin Dawson arrives home from tour he knows things have changed.

That the girl who has been on his mind all tour long had changed but what he didn’t know was how much she did change.

Anna Bishop, a smart mouthed, overthinking teenaged girl was planning to runaway from the world of the famous. Without him. So, for Martin to not lose his chance with the girl he is in love with, he blackmails her.

I was playing with fire, and I knew about the consequences. But, the more she consumed me with her flames, her passion, the more I loved it.

They said she’d be the death of me,
So let her be…


I like it. It’s a bit confusing at the beginning but the last paragraph got me intrigued. Also, the “conversation” part where he talks is really good. 8.5/10


No one ever thinks about the queen bee’s minion. The girl that constantly keeps up with bitchy acts, shallow people and dirty, very dirty secrets.

Alexa Wright wanted nothing but to quit her spot on Emerald High. She was tired of doing bad things to people that didn’t deserve it, being manipulated by her supposed to be best friend and having to doubt everyone’s actions due to a hard and heartbreaking situation with the school’s jock.

All it takes for her to completely lose it and become careless is a traumatic event caused by the one and only, queen bee. Now, Alexa wants revenge even if it means falling along with her now enemy.

She is decided to end the reign that has caused a trail of pain and the mean girl that rules it.

For once and for all.


9.5/10. When I first read the title, I totally thought it was going to be fantasy, but then it went to the sidekick’s POV of the Queen Bee and I am definitely intrigued. There are some minor grammar mistakes, but not much that I can’t understand them.

Golden Days

Parker Zelaya is cold. Parker Zelaya is isolated. Parker Zelaya is slowly dying.

Parker Zelaya puts on a fake smile everyday when he looks into the mirror, masking the thoughts inside his head. Everyone at school sees him as the Golden Boy - the boy who has the perfect grades, the perfect friends, and the perfect life.

What everyone doesn’t see is that it is all a facade.

When the bubbly and spunky new girl arrives at the school out of the blue, she can see right through his troubled facade. She can see the loneliness, the hazy nights where everything becomes a blur. She can see everything that hurts him and tears him down to his knees each time, because it hurt her once.

The new girl, Scarlett Varga wants to help Parker, except Parker doesn’t take Scarlett’s help as kindness. Instead, Scarlett and Parker make a promise to each other. Scarlett will be the attached-to-the-hip friend to Parker, while Parker is the shoulder to cry on for Scarlett.


10/10. I really love this I felt sucked in and I was only reading the summary, great job.

You Promise?

At first glance Ela and Harvey are complete opposites, no one would ever expect them to have anything but the fact that Ela is best friends with Harvey’s twin sister in command, but as they get to know each other a little more Ela starts to see past Harvey’s cold and distant exterior, and he sees glimpses of the scared and broken girl hidden behind the bright smile and happy attitude that Ela always seems to have.

Eleanor White was always seen as the perfect girl she’s breathtakingly pretty, unbelievably smart and talented. Most students had been only too keen to accept her into their school when she had arrived but what they didn’t know was that there was more to Ela then what she let them see.

Harvey King was not someone whos bad side you wanted to be on. He was that guy, the one all the girls love the one that seems to be so far above everyone else, untouchable, he was that kid that your parents would warn you to stay away from he was bad news he was the bad boy.


What minor grammar mistakes may I ask?


Unapologetic Assholes

“You called me a dog all throughout primary school,” she says flatly, her expression unreadable. “Had your mates bark at me.”
“You still remember that?” I ask incredulously, and then to the boys, “She’s like a fucking elephant. Doesn’t forget a thing does she?”

The summer after lower sixth form approaches and the boys, as always, are up to no good. But with the changing season, new revelations, and old faces, perhaps comes a change of heart. Time will tell.

Sawyer’s facing expulsion and forbidden fruit whilst Finn starts a new rivalry with an old acquaintance. Elia is trying to navigate his home and social life whilst facing taboos of his own, and Auden, well he’s just trying to figure out what will happen to them all once upper sixth is done.


6/10. You have a few grammatical errors that really made it difficult for me to focus on what was being said. Also I feel you over explain the characters personalities here, it became redundant.


9/10 usually I don’t really like when quotes from the book are put into the blurb, especially from characters, but the way you integrated it into there was nicely done and it showed what kind of attitude/tone this book sets, nice work!

Myself Within You

Jason Lau just wants to be a regular teenager, or as regular as an eighteen-year-old sharing his body with a demon can get.

Milo’s not the average demon either; he doesn’t feast on human souls or cause torment on the innocent; instead, he’s just a young supernatural being that talks too much and doesn’t mind getting high from time to time.

In that case, Jason would say he’s pretty lucky, but in others not so much. Things get tricky once he suddenly develops feelings, and sure, having a crush is difficult, but developing one with a boy inside of your head is clearly unconventional. Unfortunately for Jason, Milo loves making things complicated.


thanks for the feeback!


10/10 this summary literally went from 0-100 real quick, but I like it😂

Doves in the Wind

Mostly trapped away in her thoughts and schedules, Danielle, exists in a world of glamour, fame, drugs, and rich old creepy men. She’s had the dream of becoming a singer since before she could even talk and now that she’s fulfilled them her life is seemingly moving at lightning speed.

Her parents want her to cut her singing career short, says it’s not stable enough. They want her to go to Yale after high school and be a lawyer like them. Her friends want her to be more happier and cheery, says she too uptight.

Management wants her to be an angel, but how on Earth can she maintain the image of such a gentle, perfect, and pristine human being when the people around her snorts coke off $20 bills every second they get?


I really like the idea of it, it’s really original. But I’m not too sure about what the story is about. LIke is there a big problem or something going on or is it just a day to day life thing. Also love the first and last sentence. The first made me want to rest of the blurb and the last made me want to read your story. Overall pretty good.


My blurb:
Story- Sweet Poison
Lily Fernandez loved secrets to a point where she would do anything to get them in her possession. Now don’t get the wrong impression, it isn’t for her personal gain. Running the biggest gossip blog of the school required multitudes of things and new up to date information is one of them.

But when The daily Peaches, her blog, get’s hacked Lily must use every resource she has to get it back. Lily doesn’t know who she is without it. But the hacker isn’t here to play. Every week he’s set out to reveal secrets high on the market that have never been said before as well as give out clues that will add up to reveal the secret identity of Peaches. Even worse, the boy who is finally noticing her after years of pinning is offering his help, and Lily isn’t sure how far into this mystery she can go without him finding out how involved in the hacking she is. Not only that, but now, seeing exactly how destructive her blog is, can she really take it back and pretend she isn’t aware of the impact it has.

Joi Lily on this journey of self discovery and realization, and wish her the best of luck because not everyone is who they seem to be.


The mistakes are very minor, btw.

“being manipulated by her supposed to be best friend” = I think it would sound better when it’s “supposed best friend”

Then “She is decided to end” = it sounds better as “has decided” or “decides”