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The repetition is very unique and I think you use it very well. I’d definitely give it a read if I were scrolling. However, I don’t like the title very much. It’s just very bland in my opinion and doesn’t really stand out or flow very well. I’ll still check out your story, though, as the description really did catch my attention.


Yours Truly, Ramona

Maybe some people would call me suicidal.

That word confuses me, though.

When people think about being suicidal, they envision someone in pain-someone who’s sad.

But that’s what I don’t understand.

There is no sadness, and there is no pain. There is simply an absence of emotion altogether.

Of course, I know I’m sad and I know I’m in pain. But there’s a difference between knowing sadness and feeling sadness. I’ve come to a point where I can’t feel it anymore.

And I’m drowning in the numbness, slowly but surely.


I like how, albeit a little vague— which interests the reader, it tells us about the character; even that little bit of familiarity with the character is what makes it intriguing.

• ~ •

Certa Blue, President of the Student Newspaper Club (she, obviously, isn’t good with names, but is anyone in this school?), is ready to go for desperate measures if it means saving her dying club- even if it means asking her rival, her nemesis, the bane of her existence; Kise Hanyu, President of the Broadcasting Club, for help. What could go wrong?

[in which Certa finds herself falling in love, colluding with her best friends to seek blackmail material- anyone who provides her with information as such is promised her first born, and unneeded drama]


8/10. I would give it a a go. I like that you don’t give too much into the summary. I don’t know if you added the part in brackets into the summary but I would only use the text before that.


Eva’s Senior Year of high school started with her boyfriend, Alex, cheating on her. It resulted in the loss of those she thought were her friends. Among her social problems, there are also many decisions and changes to make about the near future she’s not ready to face yet.

Eva’s journey through being seventeen won’t be easy, but it will help show her the true meaning of friendship, love and growing up.



You’ve got the general premise, but it doesn’t flow smoothly off the tongue. Restructuring some of the sentences to shuffle around some words will help with this.

Injured. Alone. Confused, that was her new reality.

Hannus awakened to find herself in a world torn asunder. Plagued by a vision of her missing friend, Hannus sets out to uncover the cause of his mysterious disappearance, and how it is connected to the mark that appeared on her hand. In a world now ravaged by demons, she will have to cope with all manner of nightmares, and learn the truth of their sudden intrusion upon the world.

She’ll need magic, a will of iron, and a bit of luck in order to survive the new world, but it will take more than a few demons to stop her. So, with her head held stubbornly high, she’ll march forwards to the truth that must be found.


9.5/10, it’s an excellent premise and does a great job drawing the reader in. Docking a half point only because I think the writing could be tightened up in a couple spots. (Some sentences go on a bit long, some would be better split into 2, etc.)

When The Monster Comes

Nearly a year after his father’s death, life is almost back to normal for Timmy Manson and his mother. Timmy has almost no problem sleeping anymore. His new imaginary friend, Mr. Easybreeze, is always around to go on adventures with him. And on top of all of that, he’ll be starting first grade soon.

His mother isn’t all the way back, though, as the pressure and loneliness of single motherhood weigh on her heavily. So one day, when she’s not paying attention, Timmy wanders too far off into the forest. When he comes out, he finds that night is falling… and his mother is gone.

Now, Timmy has to find his way home, armed with little more than his flashlight, the bucket he wears as a helmet, and the blanket he wears as a cape. Mr. Easybreeze is scared, though. For The Monster is coming for Timmy, and it won’t stop until he finds his way home.


10/10! Great blurb, it explains the plot yet leaves the reader wanting more! Well done!!

She’s the One
George Scott, a prince of Eastwood high-school along with the rest of the football team ruled the school corridors. Alongside their princesses, the cheerleaders.

But to George, there was someone higher than them all, because to him; a queen sat on the throne.

Lydia Jackson, a normal teenaged girl with an overthinking mind and a passion for dancing. Though her overthinking mind may come in handy when figuring out George Scott’s intentions.

Because, what does a prince want with a nobody?




7/10. Good summary, though the “normal” part can be changed.

Here’s mine (for an upcoming story)

Fuzzy Slippers

For Eleanora “Nora” Barnes, filling in the role of Cinderella at her school play isn’t the exact fairytale she wanted to lead to begin with. Especially when the prince is played by some dude she’s barely knows.

Awkwardly enough, things take a turn for the worse when her childhood neighbour, Rigby Mares, comes back to the states after going back to England for a while.

It isn’t until after a drunk incident and some left behind fuzzy slippers from an ex, things just might not be the same as it was before.


5/10. It wasn’t hooking enough for me. I don’t have an idea of what’s to happen. I didn’t get any background info on the character(s), a problem to contend with, and the first paragraph: the one about her playing a Cinderella’s role… I don’t get how it relates to the paragraphs that followed.


• synonymous with: luxuries, and status.

• attended by: royals, elites, and kids of the most powerful personalities and foreign dignitaries.

• and antonymous with: the impoverished, the unprivileged, and the destitute.

The Gems Empire-an aristocratic system of ruling in RGHS’ Hierarchy and is not everything the media portrayed the place to be;

A system of control, manipulation, and oppression by the high ranking jewels;

A systems filled with nothing but bunches of bastards and bitches with cold, heartless souls soaked in vileness and venom they poison the lesser ranking students with;

A system… that has no place for the commoner, the weak, feeling, unguarded…

Ademisola Ilori lives in the slums of Lagos with her step family and a terminally ill sister she visits every once in a while.

Manacled to a life of an uneventful past, a doomy present, and a bleakly future; she clings to the scintillas of learning about science and dreaming with her heart, while hoping for the slightest chance to open to escape.

An opportunity came for that to happen when she got a rare scholarship to study at Ruthanne Georgeson High School, and she heartily accepts it, not sparing a second thought.

But little is she aware of the surprises and pits awaiting her-events that are bound to kicking her out of Ruthanne and back to her dirt life.


I don’t get the first bit with the ‘synonymous with:’ etc, it’s kinda cool though once you’ve read it a few times. I really like the repetition of “A system …”

You introduce the characters and backstory well, with really cool language - I love the bit about learning science and ‘dreaming with her heart’. There’s a lot of good information there but without dumping it all on the reader. 8/10 :slight_smile:


Backseat Drivers:

In a summer limbo, Sean Kiersey calls on four friends, all strangers to each other, to embark on a youth-fuelled jaunt with him across the country, following their instincts to a destination. A flower-power playlist, and the prospect of freedom gets the road-trip underway, though as the journey progresses, the five of them become familiar in a far more unprecedented way than they could have expected. Hyper-kinetic minds and the exploration of psychedelia begins to turn the trip into something a little more than the spontaneous excursion they were expecting.


9/10 It sounds like some weird new generation Disney show, but I don’t mean it in a bad way. I wouldn’t mind reading it, it looks very interesting. :+1:t4:

Doves in the Wind

Mostly trapped away in her thoughts and schedules, Danielle, “Dani” for short, exists in a world of glamour, fame, drugs, and rich old creepy men. She’s had the dream of becoming a singer since before she could even talk and now that she’s fulfilled them her life is seemingly moving at lightning speed.
With the help of her best friend, Chanel, and her multiple love interests, she learns that the grass is never greener on the other side. She feels like she is almost running out of time and pleasing everyone to make herself feel wholesome.
Her parents want her to cut her singing career short, says it’s not stable enough. They want her to go to Yale after high school and be a lawyer like them. Her friends want her to be more happier and cheery, like them. Management wants her to be an angel, but how on Earth can she maintain that image when the people around her snorts coke off $20 bills every second they get?
How could anyone maintain their image that way?
Their sanity?
Their happiness?
Dani doesn’t know, she’s only 18 for Christ’s sake she doesn’t know anything, but she soon finds out.



I’m not getting a great sense of Dani’s personality except for the fact that she’s a singer, dealing with the difficulties of fame. I think I’d include the fact that she’s a singer in the first line. It sounds like she has a lot to juggle, but I’m not getting a sense of her internal conflict. I see that she has conflict with those around her, but what does she want? Or is part of the problem that she doesn’t know what she wants? I’m not sure if this is right for a summary, but I like the query format of “what does MC want? What is the terrible consequence if they get it? What’s the other option? And what’s the bad consequence if that happens?”

Anyway, it’s good, just maybe try framing the problem like above and see if that helps you clarify things?

But He’s Going to Die Soon

Dulcie glimpses a person’s death the first time she touches them. Most people die in beds, with grey hair and wrinkles. But not Anselm. When Dulcie watches him breathe his last, he’s underwater…and he still looks about sixteen.

Anselm is concerned by her reaction to his death and keeps asking her questions. But Dulcie knows what happens when she tells people how they die: they live in fear and still die exactly as she saw. Somewhere between avoiding Anselm’s questions and trying to help him tick items off his bucket list, she realizes he sees more inside her than anyone else has dared to see. And she starts falling for him.

Does she get closer to Anselm, knowing that he’ll eventually learn the truth from her and this will destroy his final days? Or does she continue to push him away, breaking both of their hearts, and leave him to die feeling rejected?


thx for the feedback :gift_heart:


You’re welcome, it sounds interesting! You mention Dani’s struggle with learning that the grass is not always greener. I’d like to hear more about that in your summary. That does sound like an internal conflict–sorry I forgot about that the first time around! :slight_smile:


8/10, I’ve seen the concept before but this is a unique spin on it! I like the characters’ names and how you give hints about the plot. It isn’t enough to spoil the book for me, but it is enough to get me interested, which is great since a lot of people tend to struggle to find moderation there. I feel as if I can see a little bit of who Dulcie is and a lot more of who Anselm is.
The whole “he sees more inside her than anyone else has dared to see” part reads a little bit strangely to me, though. Maybe a little bit of different word choice to make it clearer?

They Could Never Guess (releasing soon)

Rafaella “Ella” Gage, known to most only by her surname, eats lies for breakfast. They make up her entire miserable existence at JSH, her high school. When she befriends the mysterious Slade Beckett, she thinks she might finally be able to tie up all the loose ends that strangle her. But in the end, it’s not a complete story Gage needs…
It’s a silver lining.
And those can be pretty damn hard to find.


Thank you for the feedback! I will try to re-word that one sentence and add in a little more about the characters.


I love it. 9/10

The Heartbreaker

“She belonged to no boy,
only to herself.”

Losing parents at sixteen is a baggage no teenager should ever have to carry but Amber White still did. She had to grow up earlier than her classmates. One year later and she is already working on a part-time job, handling school and finding a way to sustain herself along the way.

But when her best friend’s heart is shattered, she decides to break the boy who did that to her.

Rumors spread fast and suddenly, Amber sees a way of gaining money for her university fund. Girls, from many schools, would actually pay her to avenge their broken hearts. Everything is perfect until the bitchy queen bee from her school, Megan Waldorf, asks her to absolutely smash the golden’s boy heart.

The money is good but there’s only one problem.

Kyle Gray turns out to be the hardest boy she had ever needed to take down.


6/10 I like it, but imo it’s too long. Imo it should be a couple of sentences, leaving the reader wanting more. I think it’s too much information for a summary. (Just my opinion I don’t mean to be rude) :no_mouth:

Between her traumatizing past and her choice to live in silence, Tally realizes that she is tired of letting her past control her. It’s her time to find her voice, and get rid of her most powerful scream.



Part of what makes this hard is that you didn’t give the title of the book, so I have very little to go on. I see from your review of @allymullerstories that you prefer short summaries - which I think is great, but I think yours is a little too short. It’s lacking the necessary details to hook me. I have no context for what is in her past, and I’m not sure what it means to get rid of her most powerful scream.

A little setting would be helpful. Is this a typical high school setting, or is she on the run or in trouble?

On the plus side, I’m definitely getting a vibe of drama, inner-strength and finding herself - which I love!

THE GUYS’ girl


"I’m pretty good at math, but even I’m not sure how 1 goes into 5 and doesn’t end up a complete mess. "

Avery Taylor is sixteen when her family decides to follow her older brother’s boy band dream, moving her away from her small town and onto a worldwide tour. Unsure of her place, she feels destined to become the little sister mascot. What she doesn’t expect is for the five hottest guys in the music industry to bring her in as one of their own. Avery grows up on tour under the protection and watchful eyes of THE GUYS, becoming a friend, sister, confidant, and even a secret girlfriend.

But when heartache sends her searching for her identity apart from THE GUYS, will she find what she’s looking for?

What if THE GUYS that love her aren’t willing to give her up?

Can the 22-year-old version of herself find her way back to becoming their girl?