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She sat in the meadows, he smoked in the alley. She was a hot summer’s day and he was a cold winter’s night. Each small town teens, set in their stone ways; that is until the summer of '96. It’s easy to fall in love but be careful even sugar looks like salt


That blurb is honestly amazing it gets you excited for the story and wanting more without give to much out.


Wow I love this!

First of all, you’re title is great. I know that isn’t the point of this but I had to point it out. I’m definitely drawn into and I want to know more of what the story is about.

I’m actually on my way to add this to my library! I would say the only thing is that sometimes your sentences were a little confusing.



My apologies! I’ve rated the other one now! :+1:


Thanks so much for enjoying the summary! But, unfortunately, I haven’t written this story yet lol. You can check out my other stories though! :heart_eyes:


Thanks so much!



I love the images you blurb brings, but I still don’t feel like I have a good enough idea on what your story is about.


My Messed Up Romeo

“You scare me, Aiden.”

“I scare myself, but I can’t help how I feel about you,” he tells me as he presses his body to mine, trapping me against the wall. “Tell me you don’t love me. Tell me that you’re not mine.”

I take a deep breath, my chest brushing with his. It’s like he’s everywhere, surrounding me. He’s all I can see and feel, and I’m not sure I want anything else other than him right now.

He leans down to whisper in my ear, “you can’t. Can you?”

I don’t answer. I don’t even have time to before he pulls away only to dive back in and smash his lips on mine.

Cassie Eaton only wants a few things for her Junior year of high school, write amazing pieces for the school newspaper, have fun with her best friend, and to stay far away from her mother’s love life. Though there is no room in her plans for boys or dating.

Yet when her best friend convinces her to try-out for the school’s production of Romeo and Juliet, Cassie meets the newest addition to the school body.

Meet Aiden Green. Dark, mysterious, arrogant, and a total pain in Cassie’s ass. With baggage of his own, Aiden might just turn Cassie’s year completely upside down.


9/10, at first it starts off like a typical cliche bad boy story, but I like the twist of Romeo And Juliet being incorporated in the story. The only thing I think could be changed is that “Meet Aiden Green” maybe could be added to the previous sentence.

Princess In Hiding

Westenholme Academy is a prestigious school for the elite, rich and famous. For a school that prides itself on having the kids of popular actors, singers, and models, it never had a student of royal blood.

However, when Princess Magdalena Viola Lovett seeks a chance at normalcy before she becomes queen, Westenholme Academy accepts her into their school immediately. Before Magdalena’s coronation, she finally learns to have fun: love, parties, boys.

To Magdalena and the other students attending, Westenholme Academy has been the perfect, safe space. But when a student’s body is found in the alley beside Magdalena’s dorms, her - and all the other student’s - safety is in jeopardy.


Loved it. 10/10

The Heartbreaker

“She belonged to no boy,
only to herself.”

Losing parents at sixteen is a baggage no teenager should ever have to carry but Amber White still did.

She had to grow up earlier than her classmates. One year later and she is already working on a part-time job, handling school and finding a way to sustain herself along the way.

But when her best friend’s heart is shattered, she decides to break the boy who did that to her.

Rumors spread fast and suddenly, Amber sees a way of gaining money for her university fund. Girls, from many schools, would actually pay her to avenge their broken hearts.

Everything is perfect until the bitchy queen bee from her school, Megan Waldorf, asks her to absolutely smash the golden’s boy heart.

The money is good but there’s only one problem.

Kyle Gray turns out to be the hardest boy she had ever needed to take down.


I know your story summary has already been rated but holy crap it’s good! I’ve added to my reading list! I love love love love it! Can’t wait to see what else your brilliant mind can do! :two_hearts:


I know someone already replied to your story but it sounds amazing and I just had to let you know that I’m adding it to my reading list. Okay bye. :smile:


10/10 I like it. I saw all your previous versions in the thread and this one is my favorite.

Condom Fairy

❝Prince Charming had it easy. His mystery girl left behind a one of a kind glass shoe.❞

❝Yeah, that and he didn’t have to stress about being a baby daddy.❞

In which Melody French is sent on a wild goose chase to help Quinn Porter find his very own Cinderella. A girl that Quinn may have gotten knocked up. And the only clue leading their search for the possibly preggers princess is an ‘Emily’ name-necklace.


8/10. It’s intriguing, but I’m a little bit confused by the “In which”. It sounds fun though.

A year ago Electros City was struck by a disastrous storm that left hundreds injured or dead. To make matters worse, a terrifying serial killer emerged just when things were starting to take a turn for the better.

For Alexis and Daniel, senior year was bound to be abnormal given the severe conditions they faced after the infamous storm. Unfortunately for them, everyone else seems more concerned with prom and graduation.


7/10. I like the stakes in the first chapter, but would like to know what the stakes are that seem to only affect these two.

When seventeen-year-old Abbey learns an underground club has popped up on Majestic Isle, an abandoned island amusement park, she drags her best friend, Callie, out for the night of their lives.

Unfortunately, it might be their last.

The club isn’t the haven for misfits Abbey hoped for-it’s a buffet, and the clubgoers are the main dish.

Stragglers from the gritty club disappear, as shadowy creatures race through the broken-down roller coasters and rusty bumper cars looking for leftovers. There’s no cell phone signal, the ferry is missing, and one by one the constant screams fall silent.

No one is supposed to survive the night, and escape seems impossible. All Abbey wants is to go home and forget, but while trying to escape her promised death, she receives a gift that may be the key to preventing an infestation of these creatures, creatures with an insatiable appetite for human flesh-as long as Callie doesn’t stop her.

Home, if Abbey reaches it, is just the beginning. Monsters are real and they’re coming.


9/10 This sounds so bad-ass. Horror! I freaking love horror! This is unique in terms of plot/story. Romance isn’t even mentioned which is good because I’m not a big romance reader. I read this. Dark. Mysterious. Harrowing. this is a good story for Halloween.

MINE: #slipperySLOPE

Dare Knight is on the verge of turning eighteen, but he’s been a grown-up nearly his entire life; providing for himself and his strung-out mother. Most income comes from busing at a local bar and grill. The rest, and a little more… drastic: keeping secrets. Breaking the law. And spilling a little blood himself. Attributes that dub him Hartland High’s resident Bad-Boy.

And he’s tired. Of the fighting. Of the alcohol, powders, and pills. Of watching his mother’s slow mental and physical decline into ruin. It’s vicious. It’s relentless. And sometimes, it drives him into committing one of two chilling actions: injecting a hit himself, or, more permanently, suicide.

But there are two people that bar him sinking in a needle or burying a bullet in his skull: The sweet, dorky Nick, the only person who’s gotten close enough to warm his icy defenses-and the stoic Aram. A ruthless crime lord with a soft heart who wants nothing but the best for him.
Going to college is his chance to start off with a clean slate–to finally be free. A goal he’s been working at since seventh grade.

But luck has hardly ever been on his side and by doing a single act of disobedience, it abandons him completely and sets off a series of reactions that lead to a staggering event that will destroy his entire world.



Thank you so much!!!


I enjoyed the blurb but I felt it was unnecessarily long cs of details that could have been saved for the reader to discover as they begin reading the book such as his friends. Some words and punctuations were off, like commas in place of full stops e.g [keeping secrets, breaking the law… ]

also full stop not needed between tired of and the fighting. I do enjoy the description and will be taking a look :slight_smile:
Sorry if this was too long!

Twenty to Nevada

Clayton Avalon has two weeks left till graduation when his father ups and leaves, out of the blue.

Blindsided and left to fend for himself, he accepts his plight until his father is pulling him into his mess, barely twenty-four hours later.

Now Clayton’s got to drive miles across the country but maybe it won’t be so bad, after all, he’s got company.


Aight. Back again. 7/10 would read.
It’s a bit short on details about the characters. Maybe describe their relationship a bit more? Does Clayton not have a mother? How is his relationship with his dad? And “his mess” is too vague to intrigue the reader. Try to use a word with a stronger connotation. Try to squeeze in eye-catching details that make this story pop. But overall, I liked it.
Ok, now I’ll shut up.
All these Young Kooks
“I, I will be king. And you…you will be queen…?”

Nobody would ever guess what these two rivaling bands would become. Born from a combination of a dispute between egos and straight up boredom, fate slowly but surely brings Pattison High School’s most strange but talented misfits together.

Fate also brings a pair of said misfits enamored with love in an uneasy alliance, made with a pact of bloody noses. Their enemy? A beautiful transfer student that catches the fickle eyes of Nathan. Unfortunately for her, she also catches the ire of the school legends: The Corpse of Class C101 and Pattison’s Panther. Poor Natalia.

Nothing will stop these crazy teens from quenching their thirst for some fun and heart-wrenching high school years. Pattison High School is about to be turned upside down with All these Young Kooks.


I found myself to be confused by some of this. You start out with a quote, which is not a bad thing, but then you start talking about rivaling bands and misfits with little build up. I don’t even know the band’s name or anyone else until the next paragraph. Fate also seems to be intervening a lot. I would like to see more story here: why are Natalia and Nathan misfits, is this freshman, sophomore, etc, why is Young Kooks capitalized, are Natalia and Nathan in different bands, different grades? Many questions here.

Mirror Me

Living in a home where mirrors are forbidden and a glance in one could bring disaster, Hope Martinez has found her life to be filled with questions. Struggling to survive as a Latina family in South Texas, Hope never believed her family was anything special that is until her family’s mysterious power awakes within her. For three long years she has promised her mother to avoid mirrors fearful of the consequences. Now at sixteen, Hope learns she has a terrible destiny. Hope is to destroy the world.

One day, after a fight with her mother Hope breaks her promise and glances into a mirror. She slips through the glass into an alternate world where she meets her reflection, a boy named Owen. His thievery has gotten him into a deadly chase with the Half-Life, Desire, one of ten cursed humans who lack reflections and claim incredible power. The two escape and are thrust into a war between three rival kingdoms.

Hope’s arrival, though once a blessing, has brought a devastating prophecy into action. Hope learns she is a Mirrorbender, part of a great family whose power to manipulate reflections allows them to see the future, heal the sick, and alter the balance of magic. The ten Half-Lives have sought to tip that balance in their favor and after generations of waiting a Mirrorbender has come again. With her family exposed, a war brewing, and all life at stake, Hope must choose: accept her destiny or fight an impossible unchanging fate.