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Isla Williams is a seventeen year old senior living in a small town. She’s not rich by any means, so when she comes home from school to find two brand new BMW’s with bows sitting in her driveway she’s a little stumped.

Things get even weirder when her parents come home, almost convinced her once confident mom has been possessed by a demon she’s informed that her parents have struck a new business deal and that explains the cars but it definitely does not explain why her mom is anxious and left without words.

A celebration dinner is to be held at the Pendlebury’s mansion, rich family friends with an equally rich and snobby son, Vincent. Vincent is the definition of handsome. He’s tall, dark and cocky beyond belief. Isla can’t stand him, they’ve not once seen eye to eye in the seventeen years they’ve known each other. So the shock of the business deal teams them up. Running from what is both of their worst nightmares they cross oceans and climb mountains to get away from their evil parents who want to marry them.


Appreciate the feedback!


@Jules_Haigler 6/10 honestly sounds so interesting and intricate! got a bit confusing in the first paragraph when you started talking about her family’s mysterious powers. maybe try to blend that in with the mirror plot that you began with? also, I would suggest trying to make your summary more attention-grabbing than information-filled. ik its probably hard to do this but try to save the majority of the backstory for the book, the summary is all abt making ppl curious enough abt that info, so that they will click on the book to find it! it also helps readers not get too confused right away. thats just my opinion, though :blush:

Colette Cooper knows exactly what she is— an easy-going, silver-tongued, surf prodigy. Or at least, that was until her parents divorced, and her life gets split between her childhood home in North Carolina and her new life in California.

Now Colette’s got to endure an unfamiliar school, coaches pestering her about the surf club, and an elite athletic internship to get into. Her older brother (who is her best coach and best friend all in one) being two and a half thousand miles away doesn’t exactly help.

To put the icing on the vegan cake, a group of boys place bets on who can win her over first. The gist? A rowdy group of three who she just might get along with— in more ways than one. But Colette isn’t fooled, and she sure as hell isn’t going to let them get away from it.

They may think they have this girl bagged, but to win, you have to play the game— or the boys, in this case. And Colette doesn’t lose. Ever.


@seafoamed 9/10. That was an awesome summary! Super fun. It let me know enough about the plot to be interested, with out spelling it all out for me. And you put in some of her personality with the comment about vegan cake and not losing. Really good!

Who is Noah Findley?

If you were to ask Haley Peters, she would have answered like most people at her school would. He goes to Northeast High School. He’s the lacrosse captain. He looks like he has a lot of friends. That’s about all she would have said because, well, she didn’t really know him.

But when Haley walked into Centennial High School on the first day of her junior year, it was clear that wasn’t what the rest of her school thought.

Over the summer a malicious rumor had run rampant throughout Haley’s town and she was going to do whatever she needed to do in order to set it right and save her reputation.


thank you so much!! :relaxed:


@delaneyyrosee 6/10 honestly, it confuses me. I read it several times but it’s still not very clear to me. Haley answers like most people at her school when she is asked about Noah but then you mention that that’s not the case, that people don’t actually share the same thoughts as Haley. The last part doesn’t seem to fit with the first two since you were talking about Noah and suddenly focus on Haley and her reputation. It just makes me wonder why you would mention her reputation out of nowhere.

I like how you started with a question though. That made me want to find out more about Noah. In my opinion, I think that you should play a bit more with the last bit of the summary, what does Haley’s reputation have to do with Noah?

Make Me Meow .

-When Judith is forced to ask a stranger to pretend to be her boyfriend, she half expects him to laugh in her face and tell her she’s gone mad or turn around and run away without looking back. So, when he agrees to play the role, she is totally baffled.

Kind people exist after all, she thought.

Until he said that she has to do whatever he wants in return.


5/10 The blurb tells us that it’s the “fake boyfriend for a day” concept, but nothing much beyond that. Try to think about ways you can add a bit more color to show what’s so special or unique about this situation. The last sentence sort of makes it take a dark turn, and I’m guessing that’s not what you intended, so adding a bit more of that context upfront would help a lot.

The Perfect Snow

When Rhys, heartbroken by his breakup with a cheating girlfriend, visits Peregrine Hollow during winter break, he cannot imagine that he will meet a girl that will make him forget everything before her. In her eyes live all the stars in the midnight sky, but that light is clouded in a darkness and sadness so profound that he will do whatever it takes to make her smile. As they are brought closer together by their mutual attraction that turns into love unlike anything either of them has ever felt before, Rhys learns of her tragic past and realizes much too late that their time together is running out.


Thanks so much!


I like the concept and it sounds like an interesting story! However, the blurb seems a little short and vague. I don’t feel like I know much about the characters, Rhys, his ex, or the new girl. I also thought the female pronouns got a little confusing as the paragraph went on. I’d suggest adding in at least one of the girls’ names to make it a little smoother to read. And the blurb left me wondering where the story was starting. By revealing that the love interest likes Rhys back, has a tragic past, and that their time is running out seems to detract some suspense from the story. I know that summaries are supposed to summarize a story, but I think you also might want to leave a little to the imagination. Maybe that’s just me. Otherwise, seems like a cool story! Rhys and Peregrine Hollow are rad names.

On the Way Out

Ada York hasn’t always had the best track record when it comes to being a good girlfriend, but neither does Clementine Delores. Over the course of high school, they’ve fused their identities into one, lost themselves in each other, and given the relationship everything they have.

Now, in their senior year, the two are at their wit’s end, much to Ada’s despair. She knows that her refusal to come out of the closet and insistence on keeping everything secret is hurting who she realizes might be the love of her life, and she’s finally ready to do what it takes to save their relationship.

But not everything goes as planned on her way out.


Thanks for the feedback! And that’s a good point on the female pronouns, hadn’t caught that!


8/10. First of all, love the title. I also like the way you describe the characters. I really fee like I got a good image of the two characters. You don’t harp on the fact it’s a lesbian story, until the end, where the coming out of the closet comes into the picture. Something I really like is the whole fact that they sound like they aren’t great at relationships, but the way you describe it is humorous. Overall, sounds like a good story.

Testing Daryl

A girl suspects a boy and his younger brother are actually robots but ends up falling for the boy during her investigation.

(I’m not the best at descriptions)


Thank you so much! Best of luck with your story. :slight_smile:


6/10 The premise is unique and interesting, and you’ve done a good job summing it up in one sentence, but it really needs more. I’d suggest giving a little more info on the characters and just why she thinks these dudes are robots? That’s kind of a weird thought, so I’d assume she has a really good reason (or t<blohis takes place in a world where this isn’t as weird).

Whatever Souls Are Made Of

In 57 days, Samoa Kent will receive her soulmark: a pattern that appears on your eighteenth birthday, distinct to you and your soulmate. And even though Cosmopolitan magazine says the odds of knowing your soulmate are about the same as getting hit by lightning while simultaneously eaten by land sharks, Sam knows in her bones that she and Will Monterey are destined to be together. Even if he can’t take his eyes off her best friend.

Enter Israel Fisher. He tells Sam the only way to make Will notice her is to date someone else─ and he’s the perfect candidate. He’s not interested, not her type, and he’s Will’s least favorite person. Best of all, he never got a soulmark, so there’s no chance of things getting serious.

With 57 days and counting, Israel and Sam go all out. They’re so convincing, Sam herself starts to wonder what’s real and what isn’t. Suddenly, she’s falling for someone who could never be her soulmate. Will she be smart and play it safe, or will she finally be bold enough to go after what she wants— regardless of the consequences?


I liked it. The beginning is a bit cliche because I’ve already seen this soulmate plot lots of times but in the end, your story sounds good. 8.5/10


No one ever thinks about the queen bee’s minion. The girl that constantly keeps up with bitchy acts, shallow people and dirty, very dirty secrets.

Aileen Quinn wanted nothing but to quit her spot on Emerald High. She was tired of doing bad things to people that didn’t deserve it, being manipulated by her supposed best friend and having to doubt everyone’s actions due to a hard and heartbreaking situation with the school’s jock.

All it takes for her to completely lose it and become careless is a traumatic event caused by the one and only, queen bee. Now, Aileen wants revenge even if it means falling along with her enemy.

She decides to end the reign that has caused a trail of pain and the mean girl that rules it.

For once and for all.


10/10, At first, I thought her name was different and it ended up that it was different, and I actually like the name Aileen better than “Alexa”.

But I honestly think this is my favorite line in the summary, because of the impact it makes.


The Library Pact

Blake Martin hates cliches, and yet her entire school is riddled with cliches. From the cheerleader and the football player to the queen bee, then to the bad boy and the good girl. Which coincidentally Blake has been labeled as “the good girl.”

Sure, she is a straight-A student, student body president, and works at the local bakery, but Blake does not want those key things defining her. She’s more than just a naive good girl.

In an outburst of rebelliousness, Blake comes across Aaron Hunt in the library’s alcoves and their lips spark the lightning between them. As they try to keep their relationship strictly “no-strings-attached”, Blake finds herself developing feelings for the bad boy despite his dangerous habits and dangerous past.


8/10 I love the fact that you’ve described well the theme, the protagonist, and the storyline. There’s a lot of potential here for a truly interesting story. I think you can abbreviate this and make it punchier, and bring up to the front more about what makes Blake and her story different.

I’d do something like:

Straight-A student, student body president, and local baker extraordinaire Blake Martin is determined to show the world she’s more than a smart cookie. To prove to the world (and herself) that she’s more than a cookie-cutter girl-next-door, she locks lips with bad boy Aaron Hunt. Their relationship is supposed to be no-strings-attached, and this dangerous boy a rebellious outlet for Blake, but she finds herself growing more and more attached to this not-so-ordinary boy next door.

Hope that helps :slight_smile:

Here’s my summary for The Perfect Snow

When Rhys, heartbroken by his breakup with a cheating girlfriend, visits Peregrine Hollow during winter break, he cannot imagine that he will meet Melanie, the girl that will make him forget everything before her. In her eyes live all the stars in the midnight sky, but that light is clouded in a darkness and sadness so profound that he will do whatever it takes to make her smile. As they are brought closer together by their mutual attraction that turns into love unlike anything either of them has ever felt before, Rhys learns of the tragedy in her past and realizes much too late that their time together is running out.


Thank you for your critiques! I’ll try and edit the summary down a little bit.


9/10 - The consistency of your sentences are cohesive and it is very well written.

Summary for Dylan’s Infinite Journey to Find Himself

Dylan Dee is a seventeen year old who has been living in a lie. Day by day, his secrets gnaw at him, eating him from the inside-out. Everything from his family’s acceptance with his choices, and being in love with his unassuming, straight best friend, Ian, who has been unmindful of his feelings in the several years that they have been best friends, doesn’t help him at all.

Living with his secret had been tiresome, and being bullied makes it even worse and makes him hide under his own little shell, but we all know that sometimes, being restrained inside the four walls of your own secret world can only make the voices inside you run wild and free. If Dylan could muster the bravery to show other people who he truly is, then, that is the only time that he would be able to say that his life’s journey started.


Oof, hey! I rated your cover in another thread so I guess this time, it’s for your summary lol.

I think it’s okay: not bad but it could definitely be better. For one, you could have worked out some descriptions in a simpler way, for example:

You already described his straight best friend as unassuming, but now with this sentence, you are being redundant. To emphasize it, maybe you could have said his best friend was ’painfully unaware’ or something a bit comedic like ’ so straight, he wouldn’t have known Dylan’s feelings even if he waved the rainbow flag to his face ’ y’know, that sort of thing! These are just my suggestions.

The second paragraph, I feel the same way about it. I think you should focus a little less on describing his feelings (as this is just a summary) and more on hinting on what his journey entails.



Reece sticks by a certain motto in life:

"If you ever want something to get done, pay somebody to do it for you."

_In this case, people pay HIM to get things done. Anything they could possibly want, from babysitting, to stalking their exes or even doing their math homework. He could do it all with the right amount of money. _
Okay, maybe doing Maths homework is a stretch, but you get the gist.

Trouble arises when the hot mess of a teenager got an offer of getting $10000 per month to protect the new girl in town, Sierra Ferrind, he didn’t exactly know what he was signing up for.

After all, he didn’t really want to knock her out.
But then he met her dad.

And now Reece has to stalk her. Great.

Join Reece Alexander as he rocks out in Junior year with undercover missions, disastrous people and the ever so powerful teenage hormones. After all, who knows what life could bring when you’re a teen for hire.


AW thank you! It means a lot to me!