Get Your Title Rated



This is a forum that we’re in the old clubs, so I thought I would re-introduce it.

The rules are simple, and like any other game you see on here.

  1. No posting links to your story
  2. ALWAYS rate the title before yours or you will be skipped.

I’ll start first.

When We Leave



I like it! It’s short, but catchy. I just can’t tell anything about the story from this title. I think it might be about loss, but I can’t garner anything else from it.

Daughter of Calypso


8/10 - Sounds like a fantasy book! Intriguing and mysterious! Would pick it up. :slight_smile:

Sweet & Sour


6/10 - It’s simple, I like that. Sounds like some teen fiction romance story so it gives me some cliche vibes. But it depending on the cover and blurb it has I think I would pick it up. Gives me high school love story vibes, to be honest. But at least is something short and catchy so it’s a good call.

A Game of Immortals


7/10 I like it. It gives a really cool vibe. I’d suggest you capitalize the ’ of’ too or take of the ‘A’ in the beginning.

All’s Fair In Love


7/10 - It’s a romance story, there’s no other way around it. Did you get it out of the saying “all is fair in love and war”? Okay, that feels like a stupid question. Lol. Anyways, it makes me think of a romance story where there’s definitely going to be like a competition for the love of someone. Dunno. High school romance vibes. Sporty girl against cheerleader. Lol.

Also, I’ve tried the title without the A and it just makes me automatically think of Game of Thrones and I don’t know how I feel about it.

Accepting Darkness


I couldn’t pass it up, but 10/10 because it reminds me of sweet & sour chicken :joy:



It’s giving me fantasy vibes but also supernatual vibes, and I like that. I also get the feel of some darkly theme fiction novel.

Shots and Charlotte Bronte


I like it. It’s very quirky and original!


Life, Love And A Little Coffee


Lol, you’re not far off the mark there. :laughing: A lot of food worshipping in my bakery-themed story XD



I like the alliteration and what you’re going for, but it’s a bit of a mouthful tbh. I would struggle to remember it, but it tells me what goes on in your story.

Sweet & Sour


For me it’s 6/10

That kind of title “Sweet & Sour” is just like common, sorry for my criticism but for me it’s common and mediocre. For me just come up with new title, but if your story is already famous, well, I’ll eat my words LOL. Make a new, unique and adorable title. Its also catchy about something love. :wink:

"If I Could Only Change"



I like it. It make me wonder what to change? Change yourself, or something else. Like something that person did. Seems to be something related to some regret.

"Dark tears"



I love it. Especially the play on words. It feels ironic, since tears are usually clear, but at the same time you usually cry at your ‘darkest’. Creative! :smile:




It seems difficult to comprehend. I’m surprisingly confused and pleasantly surprised.




I like it, it’s short and sweet. Also it’s unique!

Loving The Famous


8/10, I like it but the whole “Loving The-” is a little cliche since I’ve seen so many books with that kind of title. It reminds me of a fangirl or fanboy meets their favorite famous person.

Golden Days


9/10 - I like it. Dunno. It reminded me of The Golden Compass movie at first, so the name could have a fantasy side to it. But it also made me think of something along the lines of teen fiction, young adult romance story. It sounds cool so good call.

Wolfe Academy


7/10 I’m okay with it if Wolfe is supposed to refer to a person’s name rather than an actual wolf ^^ I don’t know how else to feel, but I think it’s just that the main focus would be on the school than the characters. I assume this isn’t realistic YA moreof the fantasy-ish? It reminds me of The School For Good and Evil.

Too Much Of A Cynic


It’s more on the teen fiction, young adult, kind of coming-of-age story.