Get Your Title Rated



6/10. It’s a little long, and very cliche.

The Playwright’s Prince


9/10 I like that it’s a bit of an alliteration with the 2 p’s. It’s a very simple title but it already tells a story.

When Time Runs Out


8.5/10 It’s a little cliched, but it’s an evocative title.

Karaoke Nights


10/10 I dig I dig. It gives me a sense of action and also there is so much that can go wrong and can go right. I am down with it. It’s familiar enough to invoke a good impression of what could happen to a reader.

Cursed Gardens


8/10 Interesting combination but I think there is a little room for improvement because cursed------ or ------- garden is fairly common. Could pack a little more punch but I like it.



7/10 Short and simple but I like that. Despondent means a lack of hope so I’m guessing your story is dark or at least a bit sad?

Bitten by History


Sad at times, I’m trying not to be too explicit with it cause it does touch some dark themes.


Bitten by history, an intriguing title. 8/10

Suicide Bridge.


Oooo, that’s an interesting title. It would probably turn some readers, but I think it sounds interesting. I might actually go check it out. 9/10

Sidewalk Flowers


9/10 It’s an interesting title and it makes me curious, though not overwhelmingly so.

Life on the Fringes


7/10 it’s a bit attracting but not to the limit that it might have a huge impression on the reader.

Personal Assistant


8/10 I think it’s intriguing because it doesn’t give me a hint of the genre.

Forsaken, Forbidden Forgotten


7/10. It’s a good title, but I think there needs to be a comma after forbidden, and maybe the word and.

A Bad Girl’s Ballad


9/10 It’s a memorable title, and it makes me want to know what will happen.

The Provocateur


9/10 Short and sweet but also mysterious, I like it. I’m thinking it might be a mystery-thriller or even potentially a dark romance with lots of action.

On The Line


7/10 It’s a little vague and overused but I like it. I can’t really figure out what the book would be about but I would guess the MC had something she wanted on the line.

Amour Next Door


8/10 I love the language twist! It makes the title go from borderline cliché to intriguing :blush:

There’s a Snake in the Garden

(Let me know what genre this sounds like in your opinion)


General Fiction or maybe Humor? It’s a bit strange for me your title but depending on the story, it can works. 7/10

Becoming Bad


6/10- Interesting. Could be dark or comedy. Definitely a title that a cover artist could play with.



8/10! I really like it, it makes me curious to know who Sarin is and why the person needs to survive them.