Get Your Title Rated



9/10 won’t lie, twenty one pilot lyrics came to mind. Ignite could lead to so many interesting topics, so I’m intrigued by it!



5/10 It’s kind of generic and uninformative.

The Lost Dream Job


Ehh… while it is creative, it personally doesn’t grab my attention and the words seem kind of scrambled and out-of-place. 6.5/10, sorry! :grimacing:

Pieces Of Us


8/10 It sounds like it could be a romance novel.

The Element of Life


7/10 It’s kind of interesting, but I’m not on board with it.

The End of Us


8/10. It’s intriguing and mysterious



I don’t know what to say because it’s kind of just there for me. 7/10

Brown Haired Thief


Very straightforward title. Kind of makes me hope the story will do something to go against it in some way.

The Price We Pay


9/10 Sounds intriguing and dangerous.

The Minerva Prophecy


It sounds like a fantasy and I usually don’t read fantasy but it sounds kinda interesting.

Tangerine Dreams


9/10 this sounds like a really cute teen romance novel and the title is simplistic but aesthetic so it works.

Three Evils of Orchard Catholic


10/10, reminds me of The Cider House Rules but literally only b/c it says Ochard and I’m a fool. The title sounds professional :slight_smile:



10/10, the title cuts to the chase and is short, and also describes a certain character.



Although it could be seen as cliche, there’s an intriguing feel to it, especially since it’s plural - it implies some sort of conspiracy / alliance which is interesting. 8/10

Bat Club


I have no clue what this could be, but it has me intrigued. 7/10

Temporary Love


I am interested. 9/10

The Condemned Six


Sounds mysterious, with some underlying demonic feels.
Out of pure humor I’d love to give you a 6/10 but I’ll go with 9/10 because I really do like that title. :slight_smile:

Hopefully someone gets the pun in my title.



So I know this is 21 days old and I’m not behind you, but I really like the title! Is the reference to the Garden of Eden intentional? Because I love stories that are a spin and/or related to that!

And it does sound like General Fiction (or Historical Fiction, if you take the Bible as truth, I suppose :3 ) something about a spin on the Biblical story.


This has a cool sound to it the way I’m pronouncing it “inside of my head,” if you follow my drift. 9.5/10. Totally like the hyphen; it works well too.

Alpha Domme: The Coyote Goddess with a Dander Allergy


8/10 I like it, it tells you exactly what the book is about.

Not So Perfect