Get Your Title Rated



I like it 9/10

The Flirting Games


This is actually a very charming title and makes me curious. 9.5/10

Life, Love And A Little Coffee


7/10 It’s nice, but something about it just seems…I can’t really explain it, but it’s not great, IMO.

A Book of Fictional Musicals


I feel like I should like it for it’s originality but it’s just not hooking me enough to look and see what it is about. Also, and this is also probably just personal taste, but I don’t like it when novels have the word “book” in it, unless it’s about a really relevant book inside of the story. 6/10

Of Attraction & It’s Collateral Damage


9 or 10/10. It’s a very vivid and interesting title.

Stalking Thursday


8/10. It’s a pretty direct (and unsettling) title, and it definitely catches my attention.

Doves of Insanity



i like the kinda contradiction between ‘doves’ and ‘insanity’ and it makes me wonder what kind of book it would be, but it’s not something that rolls off my tongue very easily but that might just be me

Burning Blue


8/10 - I really like the title and it makes me curious about your book and want to know more. However, I don’t understand what your book will be about when I read your title.

Forgotten Love


7/10 it’s kinda cliché to be honest, but it still has a sense of intrigue to it

No one


6/10 Open ended and intriguing.

The Volt


6/10 I don’t know, just Really don’t know what to think. Lol, it has me confused :joy::sweat_smile:



9/10 Props for something so original. Idk why but my dirty mind made it sexual, although I don’t think that’s what you were going for? But still, it’s unique and it stands out

Yours Truly, Ramona


8/10 sounds like a very familiar title. It’s either a cliche story abt writing letters to your crush or writing letters to someone that’s dead? I honestly don’t know they’re just assumptions. But I like the sound of the title.

Locked up Souls


9/10 sounds interesting just by the title. Definitely would read the blurb!

Until You Came Along


Love it. However, sounds like a Nicholas Sparks novel. Great if that’s what you’re going for!

The Record Shop Thief Wears a Jean Jacket


Interesting title, not sure if I like it that much. It’s definitely original and I love long titles. I think that it’s the word “wears” that’s bothering me a bit, I believe that the sentence could have a better structure. 7/10

Therapy sessions of an almost functioning human


I actually really like this title; definitely relatable to teenagers and is humourous. Extremely attractive title, would definitely click on.10/10

Number One


I like it. It’s short simple and fills me with curiosity on what it’s about.

The Breeders


7.5/10 It’s interesting, but it doesn’t seem to say much.

I Am the One Who Does Not Exist


9/10 It captivates my interest while keeping me guessing about its real meaning

In the Demon’s Grasp