Get Your Title Rated



8/10 I like it but, and while it catches my eye, it doesn’t quite as make me want to find out its meaning.

Of Attraction & Its Collateral Damage


10/10 I really like it and want to know more.

Hearts Standing Still


9/10 I really like the title. It has a crisp precision and seems like one which involves romance and tragedy…I guess?
Here’s mine:
Crimson Love



I feel like it is generic but it still has a good ring to it!



9/10 it’s really unique and grabs my attention, it sounds like something I’d read

Number Z


I like the title because I want to assume that Z is a number in Roman numerals (i could be wrong), but it gives a little insight but not too much into the story. It is most likely a little on the darker side I’m assuming. Overall, I think the title is a 9/10.

Beauty of a Crimson Soul


10/10 It makes me want to know more.

The Soft Palace


7/10, it’s a nice title but it doesn’t grab me in the way that it should.

After the Fire


8/10 It grabs my attention, it makes me want to know more.

Soulmates aren’t just lovers.


7/10, I like it but it just tells me straight up what the story will be about and doesn’t grab my attention as much.

The Library Pact





It sounds like it probably has a lot of really funny moments, but also a lot of deep and weighty moments as well. I can see how you would be able to create many interesting dynamics within a book with this title, and I like that.

Law of Tyranny


6/10 I don’t know it seems like the title of a children’s book. Also, I feel like it reveals too much.

The Truth We Hide From


7.5/10 Interesting, but somewhat cliched.

Laugh into the Abyss


8/10 sounds like something I might be interested in reading

Naked Flame


10/10 it sounds unique. I have a feeling it’s a rated M book ¬.¬ hahaha!

Wattpad Letters: A Vintage Twist into a Modern Love Story


10/10 its really unique and memorable and instantly sparks a lot of questions



7/10 it sounds like a zombie book and if it is the title feels a bit cliche.

somebody to you


4/10 It’s pretty generic and I probably wouldn’t give it much thought, honestly.

Help Me Sing the Blues


7/10, it doesn’t really sound appealing to me.

Becoming Bad