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to be rated: #19


7/10 Looks good but I don’t understand what you’re going for there. (Sorry I’m bad at feedback)



Its cute and short, I like that. Also I think the cover could let me know more about the story because this title could mean a lot of things.

All’s fair in love


8/10 A great play on a saying! Short and sweet, and gives the idea that this is a romance.

Caramel Sauce


8.5/10 Its really sweet(no pun intended) but I guess a little more insightful title would help you to garner more reads.hope this helps.

Love via Demise


8.5/10, sounds unique!

Brown Haired Thief


8/10. I like the sound of it.



7/10 reminds me more of fantasy gladiatorial than teen fiction but i mean if there’s teenagers in it, it would still count lmao. it’s a very common expression though, there’s probably books out there with it already.

Our Names Don’t Matter


8/10 It’s interesting and I love the way it sounds. It could mean a lot of things too.

When He Cries


Yessss, crying boys are right up my alley. Feel those feelings, my man. Ultimately, this is an interesting title to me because it can mean so many things, but most importantly, what makes him cry?




I really love this title it is so open to interpretation.


You Promise?


8/10, it’s surprisingly rare to see titles with a question mark, and I love how enigmatic it is. There’s a lot of intrigue surrounding this title

Backseat Drivers


9/10 I like how non-cliche the title is, but to be honest it doesn’t surround that much of an intrigue, but that’s just a personal preference I guess. :slight_smile:

Petals and Paper Cuts


Gives off a very delicate vibe… yeah, kind of like that and speaks for a fantasy/romance book. Quite intriguing.

Merry Go Round


7/10 very youthful sounding-- like puppy love gone wrong? it makes me think carousel would be the soundtrack to go with it ^^

Clinking Sweet Nothings


7/10 It sounds like a romance / teen fiction novel / story.
I’m actually interested in the story, so I’m gonna read the summary of your book :slight_smile:

I’m actually not sure what title to use for my new book… So please say which one you like the most, thanks!

Shatter all your fears - Overcoming my fears - Fear - My phobias - Face your fears


I think Shatter your Fears would be good. Because all kinda stops the flow and the others are easily repetitive in searches. 6/10

Majesty: Royal Vying


Oohh! I like it. (Not good at feedback sorry!)

In My Shoes


you can always try guessing genres, the vibes you get, what the title reminds you of if you don’t know what kind of feedback to give ^^

7/10 sounds like a romanceless teen fiction-- more on the coming of age aspect. i would guess that an adult dies and the mc has to fill in the responsibility. or learning to empathise with the person in the ‘shoes.’

Burning At Night


Burning at night = I think of - something historical like The great fire of London, or The Blitz. Alternatively a romance…like hot and sexy at night.