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Okay, thank you for your help :slight_smile:


8/10 they look cool! The second one gives me sort of horror vibes. Would read.

My and Skai


6/10 i don’t know how i feel about it since it’s definitely odd sounding. i’d assume skai is someone’s name? and ‘my’ is used so it rhymes? it gives me romanceless vibes, like those contemporary novels about self reflection but without the tropey pretentious title.

Warm Engines


8/10. Sounds pretty unique. I’m not too sure what it might be about, though.

Two Against Nature


8/10 Quite unique I have to say. I’ve never heard it before, which is good. I kind of like it, makes me think of an adventure romance story? Dunno. If it’s more of a metaphor then I lean more towards romance but if it’s in the literal sense of the word then it sounds more like adventure. Maybe a dystopian world?

The boy with the double-dragon tattoo


6/10 Sounds like a fanfic for The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, and it lacks proper capitalization. If it is a fanfic for TGWTDT, I think the title could be a little more unique than just changing one word to double.

Sadie Breaks The World


8/10 It sounds like it had an interesting female protagonist and I’d instantly click on it. The name is quite unique and enticing.

Vaguely White


7/10 It has me curious as to what or who is vaguely white. XD



Thanks! Actually, it’s an LGBTQ Romance, and “My” is short for Myna (one of the main characters), and “Skai” is short for Skailer (other main character).


8.1/10 I like it! Sounds like a play on Hollywood. I’m guessing someone named Hazle becomes a star and goes to Hollywood or something.

This is for a future book which is also a sequel:

Cherry On Top


I’d read the description 7/10. Kind of cliché for me personally.

She’s the one


7/10 I like that we know that for once a book on (what I think will be) romance is focusing on the boy’s point of view. I have the impression that love stories almost always are about the girls and I’d love to see how a boy handles falling in love. That being said, the title is (to me) kinda predictable.

Holding on to you


8/10 Sounds like it’s a teen fiction or something and the character will fight to not let go of someone. Dunno. Makes me think of Before I Go? I think that’s the title of the movie, it’s the one with Chloe on it. But it gives nostalgic feels or sad undertones, while sounding like there’s going to be some personal growth on it? Dunno.

Accepting Darkness


7/10 i think it’s a little on the nose with it’s theming so it doesn’t really speak to me. i would hope that it’s mostly about self discovery and self love rather than that of a loved one.

Our Names Don’t Matter


Clever, makes me think of a multi-POV that follows outcasts, sort of a Breakfast Club kind of thing. 10/10

Sadie Breaks the World


8/10 - I don’t know why but it made me think of either a girl getting a makeover and shocking everyone or about a girl who goes from nobody to somebody in a snap. I just picture a geeky girl going all Hercules with the whole ‘zero to hero’ thing. Lol. But teen fiction or something that involves self-discovery and becoming a very outspoken person.

Going Under


8/10 interesting. I notice it does leave a lot of room for interpretation about what exactly the story is about because it could be used in many contexts. But short and catchy.

The Running of the Mind


8/10 - To be honest, I don’t really know what to say about it besides it makes me think about someone who thinks different than the rest of the people around them. Dunno. The words ‘running’ and ‘mind’ reminded me of the movies the Darkest Minds, something that has nothing to do with the what your aiming for. Lol. I think it would be along the lines of teen fiction and young adult if not non-fiction. It kinda makes me think about different things so there’s that.

Dear Grandpa,


8.5/10, it sounds different and it reminds me of something Frederik Backman would do, so obviously that’s awesome! Might recommend putting the comma between “Dear” and “Grandpa”, though, as it might be a bit less awkward-looking.

When The Monster Comes


8/10 dark and gloomy, definitely atmospheric sounding. if i had to think of a plot for it, a child hiding from their abuser comes to mind. maybe even some fantasy sprinkled in. though i don’t expect it to typically be a teen fiction story.

Clinking Sweet Nothings