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5/10 doesn’t give much of what it’ll be about

Title: How to Breathe


6/10 It peaks my interest but I can’t tell anything about the story from it.

Mine is: The Most Powerful Scream


I like that it has a strong impact as soon as I read it. I can’t quite tell what it’s about, but I suppose it’s someone who lets out their inner strength.

Jackets and Stars


My first thought upon reading the title was - “Whaaaat?”. But after thinking about it for a moment I realised that you wear jackets when it’s cold and you see the stars at night (when it’s cold). I like the creativity this title displays as I don’t suspect I’d find another book titled as such and at the same time, I’m still a bit thrown. I can’t help but wonder what about the jackets and stars in this novel would make them worthy of using as the title.



7/10. I want to know more, and the title is very versatile.

Astrum Lumen


7/10, I think the words are Latin (don’t quote me on that), but I have no idea what it means and it doesn’t give me an idea on what the story is about.

Princess In Hiding


9/10, I think it’s very intriguing. Gives enough information to make me curious, but not too much to spoil anything!

Navigating Noah


8/10 - Navigating Noah, gives me that “Its Adventure time” feeling, nice title.

The Upcoming Future


8/10. it sounds really interesting and it draws me in. i really like it!!

You’ll Be Okay.


10/10. I would definitely pick it up and read the blurb!

Chasing Her


7/10. It’s a pretty good title, but it’s not very original.

Astral Adventures


9/10. i’m a fan of alliteration so i found this one cute!! it feels like something i’d pick up to investigate!!!

Sunset Boy


7/10 It seems intriguing but it feels cliche. I could be totally wrong but what pops into my mind is a cheesy romance.

The Only One


Hmm, 7/10. In context with a cover or a synopsis I could see it being a very decent title, but on its own it does nothing to give me even the slightest hint of what I might be reading.

Mr McFlibbit and the Curious Case of the Clockwork Children


Your title is amazing omg 10/10


Haha thank you :smile:


10/10 Amazing title! Is quirky and fun and it gives me “miss peregrines home for peculiar children” vibes!!!

The sinners – The ultimate guide for imperfection


9/10, it reminds me a little bit of Rick Riordan’s books (don’t know why I do), but it’s just that I’m not a fan for long titles. …but it’s just my preference.

The Library Pact


I like it, mostly because I like libraries. 10/10



10/10 I like how creepy and mysterious it is.

Insanity Leads to Love