Get Your Title Rated



Ooh. Me likey. 9/10 for how vague enough it is to be interesting. A tiny, tiny, tiny bit on the nose but it’s probably just me.

All these Young Kooks


8/10 . it sounds good and i like how it’s different from other writers book titiles.

Scene of My Life


8/10, I just like it. Like there’s no reason to why I like it xD

Brown Haired Thief


8/10 I am actually intrigued…like, what is special about a thief having brown hair? why does he/she have brown hair, and steal? and so on as the questions pile up…



7/10 because I love one worded titles, but ‘Mythical’ says so little and seems so common I don’t know if I would pick it up. Totally getting fantasy/faintly-horror related vibes. Depends on the blurb after that.

Diamond Illusion


8/10 I like the sound of this title, it makes me think of some pretending to be something like an illusion but because of the word Diamond I keep thinking that maybe their a hard person in some way. I could be completely off but that’s just what I’m picking up

My Messed Up Romeo


7/10 sounds like a teen romance and I hope to God they dont kill themselves… lmao but it sounds intriguing enough, however doesnt really catch my attention.

Kaneji: A curious world unknown


3/10. I don’t really think it’s a title that will hook readers.

Becoming Bad


8/10. Definitely hooks readers, I want to know more.

The Magician’s Club


8/10, it gives me a kind of nostalgic feeling just because the title reminds me of The Magician’s Apprentice.

When We Leave


7/10. It’s a catchy title.

Baby Blue


8/10 sounds cute and simple but I can’t tell if it’s about a baby named blue or if it’s a color from the title lol. Makes me want to find out

Paper Tiger


9.5/10 I really like this title! I don’t really know what the genre is, but it sounds very cool. I would def check it out.

Pain and Sedulity


7.5/10. It’s very dark, but it sounds like an interesting read.

Coffee and Cuddles


4/10 Seeing “cuddles” in a title just makes me immediately not take the book seriously. This sounds like a romance, which I’m not a fan of, so that could be why I don’t like it too much, so don’t take this too personally! :blush:

Chasing Paper Planes


7/10. I don’t really know what your story is about, but it’s also not a title I’ve seen before. Overall, pretty solid.



6/10. I’m kind of confused on what the story’s about.

Coffee and Crayons


I think I get it-- LA Ex as in an ex BF/GF whatever in LA, a play on the airport LAX. I like it-- I’m thinking Romance? Bit o’ drama maybe?


6/10 Okay-- trying to think what Coffee and Crayons may be about-- just based on the title-- a cover view would obviously help the reader get it more. Someone who spends time with kids and loves coffee? Or maybe it’s going right over my head?

Werks, Queens, and Other Dangerous Things


Exactly right :wink: