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Sounds like a comedy fantasy story. If so then 8/10

We Are Brothers and Sisters in Arms. (Inspired by MLP FiM, Disney and Pixar Movies, and Fantasy tropes)


both titles are very short and simple, I like it! 8/10

The Lies That We Tell


Ooohhh sounds really good. Like I can’t tell if it’s a mystery or a love story. But it’s dark and ambiguous in a good way. 9/10.

Condom Fairy


9/10. I’d definitely click on this book. I really like this title.

Living with an Instagram Star


8/10 I would give it a try when I get time.

Beautiful Disaster


Ironic and intriguing. Sounds like something I would binge read. 8/10.

The Bruises She Hides


8/10. It’s definitely very original. Sounds intriguing. May reveal too much about the plot, but other than that it’s a pretty solid title.

Sea of Agony


I’m actually really intrigued, 9/10, it doesn’t reveal anything about the plot but it’s still a very short and concise hook.

Inkblot Raven


7/10 Intriguing enough to make me want to read the summary, but doesn’t tell me much otherwise.

The Perfect Snow


8.5 / 10 “Perfect” is an interesting adjective in the way it is used here. Mine is a nonfiction help book -

Book Title Champion: Free Kick Ass Titles for All



8/10. Actually it sounds like a really fun title.

Testing Daryl


3/10 sorry but I’m really tired of titles with “[VERB]ing [BOY’S NAME]”, there’s a loooooot of them and it makes me associate your book with a lot of cliches; which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, I just personally am not fond of this trend.

Whatever Souls Are Made Of


It’s a bit big but it sounds intriguing. 9/10

Becoming Bad


10/10 This has kind of a dark urban fantasy vibe to it. I don’t know where it’s going, but it’s got my attention.

The Perfect Snow


A bit cheesy for my usual taste, but I adore the imagery that it brings to mind, and, well, I am living for it. 9.5/10

Of Attraction & Its Collateral Damage


Thanks so much!!


I like it, it seems like a relatable, dramatic book that would make you think. I personally enjoy lighthearted teen fiction books so i might not read it, depending on the summary, but the title definitely draws me in.

Once Upon a Time, I Was a Hoe
I thought it was funny because of the song, and i felt like it really fit with the book :stuck_out_tongue: but feel free to tease me.


9/10. I want to know more about your story. Great title.

Coffee and Flower Crowns


Too simple for me. 8/10




While I really love simple (as you’ll see), midnight tends to be overused. But I love how simple it is.