Get Your Title Rated



8.5/10 The title makes your curious.

An Inclination.


8 / 10 Not too ordinary, and slightly different.

Forgive Me Not


8.5/10 doesn’t give away what the story is but still captures the reader’s attention.

White Sails


9/10 Wow! The title is superbly unique and short yet simple!

Everywhere I Go with Summer



I’m not sure why I like this title so much, but I do. If I had to guess I’d say it’s probably a romance story.

Sidewalk Flowers


That’s cute. It doesn’t really give anything to the readers so they have no idea what the story is about. I like that. Not sure what else to say about your title, sorry. And just because the genre is a teen fiction and your title doesn’t have the words ‘bad boy’, I’m happy. 9/10.

The Lies That We Tell


Ok so, I didn’t give a good look with your blurb but the title reminds me of mix of two shows from a few years back (I just heard about them…never watched them) “Gossip Girls” and “Pretty little liars”

pretty original 8/10

“A not so Ordinary day”


I can’t that title say it would hook me in very much, it seems to be a pretty common story title but that’s just my opinion. But it’s cute anyways and I’d probably think this was a romance story, 6/10.

“Like A Virgin”


I’m a bit curious, but on the whole I can’t say it grabs me. 5/10

The Waves


Hmm, a little cliched but not bad I’d give it a 7/10

The Hidden Avalon


I’d say it denotes a fantasy with a sense of mystery, and perhaps a slice of spirituality and romance? It makes me want to know more, so…
I’d give it a 8/10.

Here’s mine:

A Classical Guitar Dream


7/10. It sounds like someone who want to be a guitarist. Does it scream out at me to read it? No, just because it’s not really my thing.

Crazy Love Crazy Pain


It’s an interesting title, but seems a bit clunky. I would want to know what happens, though. 6.5/10.

Reality Is Not a Movie


It could catch a young reader’s attention considering its straight forward and simple…although it may not be interesting to people who are more interested into genres other than young-adult…but yeah, I’d guess its young-adult?
Personally though, it wouldn’t have my full attention, I’d probably resort to the description instead.


In Attempt Of Admiration


9/10 I’m curious to see how admiration can be attempted. I feel like I also have a pretty good understanding of what the story is about.

The Element of Life


I like it but at the same time I feel like it’s a title I have seen around a lot before. I’m not entirely sure what element of life you are writing about but I must admit it does make me curious.



8/10. It’s a strong title.

The Bad Boy’s Prince


6/10 I like the LGBTQ+ twist that’s implied, although in my opinion, the use of ‘Bad Boy’ suggests a cliched story which isn’t my thing.

Ugly Fruits and Vegetables


8/10 It sounds like the story could be about anything. I’m thinking, is the title an innuendo, probably a metaphor for something? I don’t know, but that’s what I like about it. I’d probably fit it into the humour category.

Break My Heart


9/10 I really like the title, just the title shows that it doesn’t contain any fairytale and shows the real side of the world.

We’re Destined To Be Together