Getting notifications from an author I don't follow and a book that's not in my library



Bereft has been added to Next.

How do I know that? Because of the six forced notifications saying, “There’s an update from the people you follow!” (In English no less, while my settings are in Dutch)

I have read the Bereft series once, on another account, roughly two years ago. I haven’t touched the books since. They are not in my library. I do not follow Rentachi. Yet I still het notifications. Why is this? Is it because this book is for Next now? Because they want more attention? Because sure, the story is great, but not great enough to spam me six times.

Anyone else have this? Is this one of Wattpad’s many schemes or glitches?




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@AWFrasier is basically the god of knowledge at this point. But DAT SMILE THO :fire::fire:


I thought I was the only one! I mean it’s nice they’re updating, but I don’t really want to know if I’m not following them :joy:


Are you sure you didn’t put it in your archive for some reason? Because when a story in your archive gets updated, it wanders back into your library.

And no, I did not get this notification.


This hasn’t happened to me. I think it’s just another glitch.



(In English: no)


I had that problem for a while I actually had reading list of authors that were not in English. And I would not following them. Right now I’m struggling with trying to get my reading list back to normal. Cuz it says I have 46 or 47 reading list and I don’t have any of those.


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Wij zijn erg zeldzaam hier

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I only see one reading list with two stories on your profile.


Sorry, then I don’t know.

It has happened to me a couple of times that my library wouldn’t synch or stories that where in there didn’t show up when I scrolled through it.
It might have to do with the fact that I have like 500 stories in there though, you probably don’t have as many.



I just got the notif again. I swiped it away twice before


I have 51 stories in my library. Only 51. None of them is Bereft, as I read those on my old account so I didn’t look at them again


It’s a Known Issue. You can read this article for more info-


You should be an ambass ._. You have more info than they do


Please feel free to send a ticket-


I swiped a notif like this away three times (for a story in my library) since I came into this thread so yeah, I think there’s something up with the push notifications.


This article is from feb 5th. They haven’t fixed it after 17 days? (Plus like 9 extra before they acknowledged it as "known)


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