Getting notifications from an author I don't follow and a book that's not in my library



I had that too
Put it once in my library, but I am sure I deleted it before


Fancy woordgebruik hier O.o meestal verstop ik dat ik nederlands ben, maar ja. Geen zin om mn apps op engels te zetten.

Fancy use of words here O.o usually I hide that I’m dutch, but oh well. Didn’t feel like changing my apps to english.

I think we aren’t allowed to speak dutch though


Maybe it is a bug that takes time to fix.
Rome wasn’t build in 1 day :laughing:


why do you think that?

Ich darf hier Deutsch reden wenn ich will.
Zwar versteht mich dann hier nicht sehr viele, aber ich darfs


Oops, sorry! I’ll hide my Dutchness again :wink:


Because this is Feedback n News. All on topic here


I believe that the more people report, the faster the issue gets prioritized. Please send a ticket so that Support knows about the problem. I’ve faced this too :slight_smile:


I’m not sure if it is a real bug. Maybe this is one of the new ways to make advertisment for a next book, even when it is a bit strange.

I mean I and @FireAlwaysReturns live in a country where we can’t buy coins, so… Idk


I honestly don’t think speaking in your native language is forbidden anywhere in the forums. A kind request to please add the English translations along side so that we can follow :slight_smile:


But it says that I have 46 reading list


There you go. Translations added


Thank you! :sparkling_heart:


Please report it to HQ.
Seems like a new bug (Nablai?)


You have it in German. I appreciate that


You scared me. That’s the thing I have reported it several times. And they tell me the same thing that a lot of people have this issue and that they’re working on it. But I’ve had this issue since last year over the summer


Not sure what you mean :laughing:


That you didn’t change your WP settings to English


Ups. Sorry


It’s okay so should I report it again


Tbh I don’t know how to do that on the app :joy: