Getting notifications from an author I don't follow and a book that's not in my library



Yes. They need all data they can get I think to solve it


@Beautifully-mixed Tried uninstalling/reinstalling/updating the app? Restarting your phone also helps. If anything doesnot work, please send a ticket -


… you’re right. I can change my book preferance to English, but not the actual app


I’m going to send a ticket because I’ve done all of that like I’m uninstall the app when it first happened. And then I reinstalled it. And then I did everything that you said and it’s not just on my phone it’s also on my computer. So I sent an a ticket and they said that it was something that they were working on. But it’s been since like June July and it’s still that way


It’s a Known issue-

Please don’t report if you have already reported once

I’m afraid that sometimes things aren’t an easy fix. My apologies for what you are facing at the moment.
You can add to the ticket you sent before.


You begin to sound like a bot-


but don’t they need feedback if their recent updates helped?


Maybe she is a bot. Maybe we are all bots.

At least some old politicians say that we are, when we don’t agree what they are doing currently


I’m one, at the moment :joy:


It’s okay I understand just thought with all the updates that it would of fixed it by now


They [the Wattpad technical team and Support] will definitely fix it :slight_smile:


Awesome well I sent in a ticket I haven’t done one since last year and I put a picture so they can see


Lol I like you guys tag me for bugs :joy:

And I can say, this is one I’ve never experienced. I’ve heard of it happen, but people usually had to send a ticket to get it to stop, if I remember correctly.

But since it’s on the “known issues” list, I think there’s nothing to do but wait. Or add the books to your library and remove them again? Maybe that can change things up a bit.


I found a way to do it
Simple change the language of your device, then the language on wattpad change automatically


But I like my device being Dutch




It happened again. I was just about to sleep, too.


Leave me alone, Bereft!

FYI: still don’t follow rentachi, still don’t have that wretched book in my library or any public list