Getting your story out there

For writers new to wattpad, can anyone give advice for getting your story out there?

We all want our stories to be heard, but what are some tips?

Please do not post your books here, this is for advice.

Thank you!


Make a Twitter. Be active in the forums. Apply to the official undiscovered reading list when your story is still relatively new. Then apply to other official Wattpad profile genre reading lists when they have applications open.

Reading lists and Twitter play a huge role in getting discovered, in addition to being active in the forums. Do NOT obsess over the story tag rankings as they tend to shift around and aren’t very accurate most of the time. Though if you’re like me and have OCD this can be difficult. XD


Some people are going to no doubt say to join a book club (which isn’t entirely bad) but I would browse through the share your story club for SYS threads and story request threads before joining a book club.


Thank you! I’m still really new to Wattpad, so I’m trying to find other ways than read for read lol.

I have a 1 year old daughter and fulltime job.

My schedule is a little hectic.


If you can, publish chapters on the weekends. That’s when I seem to get most reader activity.


That’s a great idea!

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Stay active on these forums. More people read your posts and comments than what you know. Read and interact with similar writers. Be careful with read for read. In my experience it killed some idealism and authenticity and made me second guess actual praise.


Yeah… and then people just vote and you see 20 votes in 2 minutes. I want people to actually read my stuff lol not just try to grab my attention.


Exactly. I’m also weary of those who add my story to a thousand book reading list or follow my profile and a hundred others during the same day.


I followed a whole bunch of people right in the beginning… which I now wish I didnt.

I didnt realize there was a cap and that’s why people unfollow.


I did the same. But I stopped very early. I’ve only been on wattpad since October, but it seems the answer to the equation is the fine line between letting things happen naturally, and making them happen.

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This could also be from offline voting and the system registering they’ve voted. Haven’t tried it myself and I don’t know if it’s true or not, but that’s what I’ve heard. Again, don’t believe me just because I say it, but I have heard it’s possible to vote offline and then everything kicks in once they sign back in.


I’ve had a weird case of someone voting first then reading the book, oh well, at least they read it. Though now I think they’ve been emotionally traumatized…meh…


I did good…


Did anyone link @AWFrasier’s Big Thread on How to Get Reads? I can’t as I’m on phone

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Do you mean make a twitter for your book or for you wattpad account? Either way this is great advice because I don’t want my personal one. Thank you!


I’ve gotchu:


Thanks fam :slight_smile:

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I’ve got to say, being active, supportive, and most importantly, friendly, on these forums is what’s most important if you’re looking for readers on the forums. As for main-site readers, ensure you upload consistently and choose the right dates and times for your audience.

If you’re on PC you can use the Demographics tab under story statistics if you have a few readers to see where they come from, try to manage your uploads to fit that time. Most of my readers are American, so i try to upload when its daytime in America, appealing to your audience once that tag becomes filled is extremely important.

Speaking of tags, making sure you have the correct, relevant, but also popular tags on your story/s is extremely important as this is the WP main site’s primary method of individualised advertisement. Generally the broader tags will be more popular, taking a look at others stories will tell you which tags exist and which don’t. Even if they’re constantly breaking, its useful to have them.

Another passive thing i would recommend, is being open to do R4R’s and reviews on the main site. It’s gotten me several followers and friends now and is a great way to meet new people, for a payment of course :slight_smile:

I hope this is helpful for you, getting your story noticed is all a waiting game, then all about seizing that opportunity once someone sees your work and advertising it, making it appeal to people’s interests. :slight_smile: Good luck.

Oh, i just finished reading the entire thread.

Keep your family as your first priority, ignore all the third party advertisement and don’t worry too much about it. You have a family to attend to and a job to maintain. It’ll take longer to get readers, but so long as you’re consistent and friendly, they’ll come :slight_smile:


I’ll also drop my two cents here. You said you had a daughter and a job, yeah?

Skip all the advertisement. Don’t make extra profiles on Facebook or Twitter or Instagram. Don’t go out of your way to make it to the top of the SYS every week. Hell, if you still lack time, don’t even join a book club.

The most important thing is having a steady publishing schedule, and actually finishing books. The sweet spot for publishing is 1-2 times a week, no matter the day or time. I myself publish every Wednesday at noon Europian Standard Time. The ones from other timezomes simply come and read later.

If you’re consistent, readers will come. It may take longer, yes, but managing real life and Wattpad will be significantly easier like this.

Also, another big one: reply to all comments you can. You get too many reading list adds in the end, but comments are always special. Plus, replying to them encourages the poster and other readers to comment more.


contradictory advice incoming

you want reads, you need to be ruthless on the market and outside it. this means you market the fuck out of your book. stoop as low as you can afford without breaking rules, you want your name and your book to be everywhere, simultaneously. remember the 45th rule of acquisition: expand or die. but also be smart in how you do it - don’t advertise where it is least expected to yield results, like here on the forums. find the people who’d care about your book and market it there

play the algorithm, too. sure, it breaks from time to time but there’s a form and structure to how you should update that coincides with wattpad’s reader traffic. so friday evenings US time is prime real estate for updating your book - do so once a week, no more, no less. the algorithm likes consistency but it also hates spam.

being active in all the communities you establish yourself in (while also advertising your book on, say, your profiles) may also be enough to get some traffic here and there, but don’t rely on it. somebody adds your book to a reading list? thank them. do they spam vote you? oh boy you better thank them. do they comment? reply to their comments and try to draw them into a conversation. why? because you need those comments and votes as much as your reads if you want to succeed. the algorithm favours reader engagement (comments/votes), and you should for optimal success be meeting a weekly quota of ten of each.

coupled with the obvious write-a-good-damn-book, this should get you above the competition (keep an eye on that competition, by the way. if they’re doing something you’re not, and they’re doing better than you, you’re doing something wrong). best of luck out there