Ghost Writing, the new Plagiarism and Us


Current Events on the Webz have me scratching my head and wondering if I’ve awakened in Wonderland after eating bad mushrooms.

Copy and Paste plagiarism has reared it’s ugly head and now Ghost Writers have been thrown into the mix.

I’m interested in tracking the developments and wanted to open a forum for us to work through this scandal together.

If it’s allowed, can we share links to different posts and discuss this?


There is already a thread with a bunch of links too you might be interested in, here: Don't be a copycat!


Kris Rusch wrote about it today too.


The authors include a lot of bestsellers and favorites, including lawyers like Courtney and writers who have sued plagiarizers before, like Nora Roberts. Nora’s particularly outspoken about what she has gone through, and I have to admit, I snorted tea when I read this comment from Sarah Wendell of Smart Bitches, Trashy Books:

When I saw “Nora Roberts” [on this list] my first thought was, “Everybody, get underground NOW.”

Exactly. This scandal is getting uglier by the hour.

OMG! NOT Nora Roberts!

(runs to follow the link)

Here’s my thing - over on the other post, there’s rumblings about blaming the Ghost Writer. I’m not one of those who thinks it would be a good idea to blame the Ghost Writer.

And I have to say that I didn’t know that anyone beside Patterson hired writers. I guess it has to be common practice, but my immediate circle of writer friends are more interested in finding (and keeping) a good editor to help them, not a Ghost Writer.

This is Cassie Edwards being caught at the same thing in 2008:


Love this thread. Some great links posted, thank you all!


La Nora Roberts has blogged - this is the link.

I’m still having trouble wrapping my head around this scandal - then I read how Janet Dailey did the same thing to Nora Roberts and she found out in 1997.

I understand desperation as well as the next person. But I don’t understand greed - because greed and desperation don’t go together in my head.


That ghostwriter is a scammer. They sold work that wasn’t theirs and then the author didn’t care to vet the service nor check the work they purchased.

It’s upsetting because things like this create a lot of backlash for people that use ghostwriters and ghostwriters themselves, neither of which should be looked upon as a scam.


Apparently, that’s not exactly how things happened.

She would send a bunch of scenes to her editors and ghost writers and they were left to piece things together and have it make sense.

The editor has come forward:


Ahh that’s a whole other thing then. The original article I read (which I can’t find now so I guess it was redacted) said that the author used ghostwriters that sold bad content. I feel bad for this editor. :frowning:


I know right? Everyone were exploited by Cris. And apparently she scammed the ghost writers and didn’t even pay them. :frowning_face:


That was the Plagiarist’s first defensive lie – a lie that harms every Ghost Writer out there. And GWing is a hard way to make a living.

I didn’t know how much of a thing it is to use Ghost Writers.

I do know that KU is a soul-sucking black hole that a writer can’t fill in order to get a fair shake a visibility.


I find KU a lot easier to get reads than trying to get people to purchase a book outright. But it definitely doesn’t pay as well. :see_no_evil:


But herein lies why people use ghosts. Because the more content you have the more reads you get. Some authors write because they want to write, others use Amazon as a business and buy stories to sell and make money. While not wrong, it does open doors for a lot of shady practices.

I do a lot of freelance writing and it took me a bit to build my business but I have solid clients now that I can trust and they can trust me. It’s difficult to get that though and I’ve been very lucky.


Yes, it is. I’ve found that if I give away a couple e-books on the first, people will read the rest.

I can do okay on KU if I have like 4 short stories ready to go. Then I publish the shortest one first, and by the 4th one, I can get a few sales.