give me some short, undiscovered stories to read


i am looking for stories which is not so popular on wattpad if you know some of the books then recommend them to here.

the story should be in english or in hindi
i can read all type of story except

  • unicorn or fairy tail
  • the book should make sense
  • the MC should not be a idiot

I will add your story in my reading list and if you don’t find it there you can always pm me.

that’s all. hope so u will have some good and interesting stories to share :wink:
please attach link of the story


What do you mean by fairytale?

Hello! I have a YA paranormal thriller novella that may interest you :bluehearts:

Title: Touch: Saving Ai

Blurb: Evelyn White was born with a gift - or rather, a curse: the first time she touches someone, she sees when and how that person dies. Meeting new people is sickening. Walking through a crowd is hell. Not to mention that when she opens her big mouth to tell people what’s going to happen to them, most treat her like she’s crazy - even after she saves their lives.

But meddling with the future has consequences, and Death is not all there is to fear. As Evelyn races to find a way to save the new transfer student from being murdered, a voice starts whispering in her ear. Someone or something lurks in the shadows. Watching. Waiting. Trying to get close using mind games and tricks.

It knows about her powers. It knows she can change Fate - and it’s not alone.

Status: Complete

Otherwise, I recommend the gritty superhero-detective novella by @Eleven_MA. Her story is shorter than mine and most definitely an undiscovered gem :blush:

Title: Scent

Blurb: ‘Around the turn of the millennia, a fraction of the nineties’ kids developed powers beyond human limitations. Some used them in a responsible manner. Others abused them with impunity. Most were simply confused, so they turned to the modern mythology: The superheroes and supervillains.

'Now, two decades later, you get them around every corner: Vigilantes and criminals, costumed and plain-cloth, fighting for justice, ideals, vengeance and profits… And it’s my unfortunate job to keep them within the boundaries of the law.

'Welcome to the Empowered Crime Investigation Squad, the police unit that keeps the super-powered chaos in check. Understaffed, underpaid and under-equipped, we stand between you and that costumed freak on a power trip. Considering what we are against, it’s an uphill battle.

‘The silver lining is, not only heroes and villains have superpowers.’

~ Morgan Sun, an ECIS detective

Status: Complete


where the female of the story wait for her prince charming to rescue her because she is too naive to do anything or the plot where she was abuse by her relatives or parents then she run out meet some guy, falls in love blah blah…


Ah ok.

If you’re okay with paranormal romance mixed in with some crime/mystery, here is the one I am currently writing:

Title: A Deadly Game
Blurb: A case that keeps multiplying…

Zara Crones, a strong and ambitious Omega with a troubled past, suddenly finds that her own backyard is piling up with bodies. And to make matters worse, those six bodies have only belonged to females, mutilated in a horrifying way. With panic beginning to grow from the general public, answers are needed and the killer caught. Fast.

Brings two people together…

When Nate Sanders, a highly decorative Alpha and one the Prime Minister personally recommends gets called in on the case, many expect for everything to be resolved. There has never been a case he could not solve… until this one. Mysterious things begin to happen when he’s partnered with Zara, and willing to not lose the one partner he finally feels comfortable with, he’s prepared to shield her from it all.

Only for the killer to hate it all.

Yet the killer sets his eyes on another victim and this one is hitting too close to home. It’s up to the powerful duo to stop him before things take an even bloodier turn. One that can’t be brought back to life.

This book is rated mature

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Sariel book cover fixed
(Click on cover to read)

Servant to the goddess Siren and part of the angelic-like Ibis race, Sariel has fought through her own share of battles. She’s witnessed the birth and downfall of civilizations, seen the origins of stars and traveled the universe. When Sariel was assigned as part of a mission to help a particular planet’s species grow and develop in the right direction, she encounters a new threat she’s never considered; another Ibis.

Gabriele, the Ibis sent to lead the mission, is more interested in having the lands worship the Ibis, rather than actually help them survive and thrive. As their clashes grew ever more fierce, Sariel eventually made a mistake she regrets in the years to come.

Now, Sariel works as a graphic designer for Skybird PR firm. Her office mate Etta remineds Sariel of her past, and her voice helps Sariel see from a new perspective the choices she made, and how to work to fix them.

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Hey if you are looking for a completed short story please check out
Synopsis: A nurse and a wounded soldier fall in love over a series of conversations. How will their love end as his condition worsens?

If you are looking for something ongoin, check out
Synopsis:Riley is a 24-year-old who became financially responsible for her two younger brothers when her parents suddenly got deported. One day, after coming home from work, Riley runs into her handsome new neighbor Noah while moving in, who is looking to get a fresh start. When she offers to help him finish moving, she never expected that she would end up breaking a 15K gaming computer. Knowing she can’t afford to pay him back for the computer, she strikes a deal. The deal will make her dive into a world of games that she had long forgotten.

Thx in advance, lmk what u think

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A Sister’s Gift
Genre: Teen Fiction / Short Story (single chapter)
Rating: General Audience
Blurb: Gur is a few weeks away from his initiation into adulthood, and the Paratroopers, which has only heightened his little sister’s anxiety and hostile manner. So Gur takes Krista hiking in in a last effort to resolve his sister’s fears about their changing world, and to offer her the protection of a devoted friend to cover his absence. (Set in 2013)

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Hey there, I just posted the first chapter to my new book. It’s a military spouse book about the struggles of learning how to live with your husband again when he comes home from deployment. <3 I’d love for you to check it out.

Title: Meet In The City

Author: @Vintaginity


He’s been gone…

She has been doing everything all by herself.

But now he is back.



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Hi!! I have this one, it’s a romance/YA :blush:

Title: Love is Black and White

Blurb: The aspiring writer Leon has an old and secret love for his best friend Jade. Frustrated by reality, he writes a book with two versions of the same story: his real friendship with her and the love story created by his own mind.

‘Love is Black and White’ is a new perspective on the concept of love, its colors and phases, from the pure love of childhood to the fears and challenges of young adult life.


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I have two short Paranormal stories you might enjoy!

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Hi @bookloveranddreamer3

Welcome to the forum from a fellow Indian. I am glad that you didn’t specify any particular genre. I have written stories in different genre and I am sharing a few here, which haven’t got the readership I was hoping for. Please check them out. I hope you find them interesting.

My current Mystery/Thriller story “Spies and Spice” is split into two books for easy reading and is ongoing.

I would love to know your thoughts on my story, if you chose to read it.

I am writing a collection of romantic short stories titled “Once upon a heartbeat”

I have written a few romantic stories as well and an action thriller with romance as subplot.
All the stories can be found here.


Title : Spies and Spice

Genre : Thriller/ Mystery/Crime/Action

Status: Completed


He was known only by his codename Victor.

Fear was his weapon and anonymity his asset…

His junior officers whispered tales of his ruthless and daring heroics while his seniors put up with his unconventional and often barbaric tactics, only because all his missions were successful.

Always… Until he went in a loneman mission, which turned out to be the biggest challenge of his career.

A casual hunch, that his trained instincts found hard to ignore, led him to unravel a huge operation whose tentacles spread from Afghanistan to Delhi, Mumbai to Kerala.

And then came the gruesome murder of his boss and mentor, Intelligence Bureau Chief J.P.Nanda.

He was unstoppable now, hell bent on rooting out the culprits behind this dark world, in spite of facing several dead ends, caught in a maze of deceit, betrayal and never ending danger.

In the midst of it all was an innocent girl, caught between these two extreme and dangerous worlds.

Meanwhile, near the south coast of Goa, the fishermen noticed two bodies that floated ashore to their village. One was their fellow villager and the other unknown…

It was not an unusual sight for them, as the neighborhood in the north was filled with Drug Lords. They informed the relevant people and began the funeral arrangements.


Title : Spies and Spice – A Web of Lies

Spies & Spice story continues in this sequel, A Web of Lies.

Genre : Thriller/Mystery/Action/Crime

Status : Ongoing


Victor has a different battle on his hands now!! To unravel the web of lies his enemies have successfully trapped him under, so that he can prove his identity and eventually avenge his mentor’s death.

But Victor’s enemies, DJ and his gang, are equally determined to complete the unfinished business of silencing him forever!

Victor and his freinds are ready to go any lengths to punish the culprits for their heinous crimes.

And their enemies can’t wait to show the fate that awaits them, for daring to target their crime syndicate.

The stakes on both sides are at an all time high!

As the saying goes, a true victory in a war is achieved by defeating your enemy and not killing them. And Victor wants to do just that.

Truth is on Victor’s side, but is that enough?


Title : Once upon a heartbeat


Genre : Short Story /Slice of Life /Romance /

Status : Ongoing

A collection of short n cute romantic stories that will make your heart beat a little faster. They also feature slice of life stories which are inspired from my personal experiences.

A magical date that was hard to forget
And sweet romantic tale with a beautiful twist.

It will also have my observations or comments from everyday life.

Impulses… Inspirations… ramblings… snippets… call it whatever you want.


Title : Confessions
Genre : Short Story / Young Adult / Romance

Status : Completed

Dev murmured ‘Happy Birthday Chandni’ as he fed me a small piece of cake.

He never called me Chandni and why was he sounding so husky all of a sudden?

Stop it!

As usual, I was imagining things.

I shook my head as I sliced a piece of cake with cherry and tried to feed him. But the icing was soft, and the cake began to slip away from my fingers.

Dev grabbed my hand…

(Oh my! I will remember this day forever!)

…closed his mouth around the cake and my fingers!
… and a hot rush which started somewhere in my core began to spread inside with lightning speed and I felt my cheeks burn.

His mouth was so warm and his lips, they were everything I imagined them to be, and more.

My lips parted as I watched him close his eyes and lick my fingers. Was the cake so good?
Damn it!

Why couldn’t he look at me when I was looking at him so desperately, ready to confess my love that I had buried for five long years?

Dev was Chandni’s best friend once, but they hardly shared a happy moment now a days, even though they met frequently. As next door neighbours.

He had become a hot Pilot and she was leaving for Australia in a week’s time to do her Master’s in IT.

No point in confessing her love for him now, right?

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Hi there! Both of my completed stories are relatively short. If you’re looking for a particularly brief read, I’d love it if you checked out my short story.

Title: Reconnect
Genre: Teen fiction, romance
Blurb: When Emma gets a text from her longtime crush Hayden one afternoon, she embarks on a tour of her memories aimed at answering one question: What should she respond?

If you’re want a longer read, I have a novella that’s 14 chapters and about 35K words.

Title: Social Distancing: A Novel Written in 14 Days
Genre: Teen fiction, LGBTQ, slow-burn romance
Blurb: When school gets cancelled due to a virus outbreak, high school junior Sam couldn’t be more frustrated and stressed. But a chance encounter with her neighbor Olivia turns what Sam thought would be the most stressful weeks of her life into the experience of a lifetime.

Hope one of these piques your interest!

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I can’t promise the MCs aren’t idiots, but I can promise that’s the point.
Chads on Duty series cover
Chads on Duty

Brad, Matt and Tyler are a trio of dudebros just tryin’ to hold a job while they scope out hotties and shoot the breeze. But this world is full of complaining Karens and belligerent bosses out to take a bite outta chill guys like them. And they soon find it’s gonna take a quick wit and a whole lotta Chadly charm if they wanna keep makin’ stacks. . .

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Portal Fantasy

Four teens try to keep a secret for themselves, they’ve been traveling to another world after school, and they’re doing everything they can to keep it a secret. War consumes their fantasy and the authorities are starting to catch wind that something is going on with these kids.
DOVE is running from what he’s done on Earth and he wants to bring his girlfriend with him. MITCHEL explores the possibilities of magic, but how far will he go? SHRIVER just wants to be there for his friends yet they seem to be leaving him behind. KILGORE unsure how to handle growing pressures goes to his father, the Bishop of his Ward, for help.
Even with guns and magic these teens find themselves in over their head in a world that doesn’t care if they’re the heroes. Any misstep could lead to an untimely demise and with the fate of multiple worlds at stake boys will still be boys.

Vile 2

Status: The story is complete, but not all published. I’m posting regular updates every week as I edit the story.

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Title: Losing Reality
Status: ongoing
Genre: Mystery/ Thriller/Romance/Humour/Action
Blurb: Keva Ivanova didn’t know who she was. She didn’t know where she came from, and she didn’t know how to persevere on her own. At sixteen, her biological brother, Genesis Ivanova, saved her from their adopted parents, yet at twenty four, she is still dwelling in her past. All she wanted was to find out the truth about who she was, but this was better said than done. Her existence was punctured by the past, was squandered by the present and was destroyed by the future.

Ezekiel Elijah Jacobs, the ruthless CEO of Leonard corporations, was the only one who put Keva on edge. He annoyed her, he infuriated her, and most of all, he pushed her to do things she never thought she could do. She detested him, but through his eyes, she could see who she was. Through his eyes, she was autonomous, strong, and fierce. Through his eyes, she was capable of doing whatever she wanted to do. Through his eyes, she was losing reality.

Two sparkling green eyes, one broken girl, and a whole lot of secrets. What could possibly go wrong?


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What about short story compilations? I have one full of stories you might like


Title: First and Final
Genre: Short Story
Description: First and Final is a collection of short stories and descriptive pieces. Initially written as schoolwork, they were then edited and published to Wattpad.

I hope you enjoy reading it :smiley:

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Fair enough.


Ever wondered what happens after the events of ‘Restoration?’ Well, these are a collection of short stories.

Those deepest desires desires which becomes a reality. The eternal fight being no more, and what is left is a future of endless possibilities. Those endless nights, those endless sorrows, after three millennia’s of strife, the fruits of her efforts finally pays off.

The deepest desires of Cyra, and the endless possibilities of the future ahead. It is hard to say what will happen, but certainly there will be one adventure after the next. No matter how small or large it is, to live such a life again, and those words which were finally spoken, there is no telling where the future can lead.
These will just be additions overtime, and are technically complete on its own. So just check in now and then, there might be a new short story to read. Also, no further information will be of necessity. Meaning, you will not have to read any of the ‘Restoration’ series, or ‘Night of the Blood Moon.’

Short stories can be read in any order ^^

If you wish to read the main story, then start from ‘Restoration(Book 1)’

And continue from there.

This book is an after story of the ‘Restoration’ trilogy, and ‘Night of the Blood Moon.’


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