Give my blurb life


So apparently the wattys are coming up which gives me no excuse not to fully edit what I have of my story now, and that starts with the blurb. Give me your opinion on it and be brutal, I will consider each suggestion :blush:

Kingdom Of Ash

"A Queen is not afraid to give her life. A Queen must fall with her kingdom.”

The Queen of the Spring casters can summon great lightning storms with a blink of an eye.

The Queen of the Summer binders can weave fresh currents of water around her fingers.

The Queen of the Autumn raiders is supposed to be able to flicker deadly, hungry flames across her body with no damage, but rumours say otherwise.

The Queen of the Winter keepers can suffocate the land in terrifying sheets of frost and ice.

Four Queens, five kingdoms, one King and a world of lies. That’s how Purah summed up the miserable land of disaster and disappointment. Her parents disappeared when she was seventeen and they were given a year to return before their weak daughter was forced to take the crown.

They did not return.

Purah is now forced to carry the burdens of the maiden Queens without guidance from her parents and without the help of magic that every other Queen has the access to. Can she keep to the laws? Or will her wild nature take hold of her?