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Nikoli: Just chose one of the three. You can’t have all three at once. They deserve to find their own men. Why did you have to work with one, for one, and on one? Your best case scenario is probably with someone else. If you want to break ethics than I would say work with your wife. He is a psychiatrist.

Sarah: I know you love him but you were too busy trying to get him that you drove him away. You drove your psychiatrist away from you and he is forced to be with you, especially if he wants to get paid.

Irina: Why did you have to be related to Sarah. You and Nikoli would have never met. You can’t control your family though. You have a chance with him though. It is either you or his co-worker, by the way don’t kill her. It will spell the end for the two of you.

Jasmine: Just do it. Don’t let your dreams be dreams. Yesterday you said tomorrow. So, just do it. Do it, NOW. Go for him, work with him. Just jump into the love for Nikoli. Even if you don’t feel it now, you will feel worse without him. Especially now that you’ve had a taste.


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Archie: Not everyone is going to be nice. There are horrible people in the world, especially in the Trials, and they will not hesitate to use you to get their goal. I know you always want to see the best in people (it’s one of the reasons why you’re pure of heart) but not everyone is like that. Some people are just darkness, and you need to stay away from them.

Moses: You don’t have to follow Archie around. I know you feel responsible for him, especially since you’ve known him since you were both young, but he needs to find out about the world by himself. Don’t be afraid to go by yourself–just because you entered the Trials together doesn’t mean you have to stay together. Just remember that.

Priscilla: You have got to stop looking out for everyone. If you don’t, you’re going to end up dead. You and Archie are going to end up in Paradise together, but no one else. If you keep hanging on to everyone, you will never reach it.


Anonymous: Being what you think you’re supposed to be won’t make you happy. You can find your happiness by letting go and giving yourself freedom. You do not have to be trapped by this, and you can find the courage to live without those chains.

Cosette: I know you’re having a hard time resisting the darkness, but you can find your way out. Nothing is strong enough to crush your spirit.


Logan: Honestly… Only a therapist could give you any concrete advice. But I’m proud of you for not just priming your spear at your throat and ending it. You’ll find something new to live for.

Nennabethe: Logan needs you and you know your memories won’t be coming back for now. So focus on right now, and try not to do anything stupid out of jealousy when he starts to smile again.


Aldo: Realize that you are in no way prepared for the job you’ve taken. Seriously, this isn’t some generic ‘you’re way in over your head’. Go somewhere else before someone kills you.

Clara: You can literally go home at any point and your life will be all the better for it. Consider it?

Junas: Stop being such a whiny bitch. This self deprecating thing isn’t endearing, and not everything is your fault. I know you’re seventeen, but you sound like a stereotype.


Rosyn: If you take a step back and look at what all your problems have in common, it’s you. Maybe try and change something about that?


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Katara: You are a precious, beautiful person. Even if someone (like your evil ex boyfriend) tries to drag you down, DON’T LET THEM. Show everyone that you’re a strong woman, and that you are worthy to be the captain of the army. Those sexist biatches know nothing about how capable you really are.

Grace: …Continue being a sassy queen.

Kayden: People won’t always agree with you. People will not always want to be friends with you. If you meet someone who’s being a jerk, let them be. Even though you can’t control someone’s actions, you CAN control how you react. I know you want to believe that there’s a little good in everyone, but that doesn’t mean that everyone is trustworthy. Just be careful with your allies, okay?

Luke: FOR THE LOVE OF CHEESE STOP MURDERING PEOPLE! I don’t care if you’re a sociopath, it’s just not nice.

Layla: Don’t forget that humans have feelings, so be nice to them and don’t plan their deaths no matter how much they piss you off.

Timothy: Go and be a curious little kitty. You’re fricking adorable.


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