Give Your Characters Meaningful Life Advice



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They’re actually related so ew please don’t

And no my story is not Star Wars


Cinder: trashing your stepmother’s house is bad, killing your stepmother’s cat is bad, stealing your stepsisters’ makeup is bad, sneaking into the prime minister’s son’s ball is bad


when you ask Millenials to give meaningful advice Xd


cinder sounds…interesting


Annabelle: Fuck monogamy! You two handsome husbands who can give you more than James.

Alexander&Nathaniel: Not all women are deceitful and insane.

Damien: Don’t be an asshole and the girl that you are pursuing is your cousin.

Lilith: Don’t be afraid of new relationship, you have to move on.

I swear my story is not that crazy :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


Auralee: You’ve got to learn how to deal with loss, and fast. Fighting this battle is not as impossible as you think it is, but it requires sacrifices, even if those sacrifices are currently in a relationship with you. Or maybe I won’t kill your boyfriend? Just… be ready, if it does come.

Lumino: Yeah, it’s a suicide mission. No, you shouldn’t stop yourself from doing it. Yeah, you might die. Yeah, you might need to destroy the universe and create a new one. Yeah, it’ll be epic.

Radiance: Lumino and Auralee missing the ceremony isn’t the end of the world. The solar eclipse and what it entails probably will be.

Destina: Stop. Just… Stop. Actually, don’t. You’re driving the plot here. Just… Be prepared for a showdown. Because trust me. It will happen.

Everybody: The Infinity War tagline: It’s all been leading up to this.
Good luck. Have an epic battle. And may the odds be ever in your favor.
Now, let the epic battle begin. I hope. I am terrible at finishing what I start.


Nassandra: I know you are just getting to know that there is a you so don’t be harsh on yourself. Aidan leaving you isn’t your fault she will come back for sure. Just take care of yourself and don’t believe what adults are telling you, remember Aidan and Conn.? Yeah, they didn’t believe everything told to them for better or worst they acted like teenagers and did their own thing. Sometimes what you think is bad isn’t bad at all you are too young to think you murdered someone she is still alive feel her around you she is there you two got intertwined as souls for a reason. You can still live even without Aidan in there to help you. Don’t blame yourself for everything you did nothing wrong you are just a child in an adult life okay? You’ll do great. You are my good girl after all :wink: don’t let anyone make you think you are a bad one especially Elmis he doesn’t know what he is talking about.

Aidan: You are doing great as you are just make sure you aren’t pushing yourself to be the mature one. You can be a kid too Nass. wasn’t the only one childish you too are. You don’t have to look after every child you see I know you miss being with Nass but children spirits can’t substitute that you might actually more harm than good. They will connect to you and you can’t bring them all back to the world of the living you are different than them if you want to help find people who are already in that form and help them that way. Keep a close eye on Nass you never know what that girl will do thinking she killed you.

Conn.: Just because you are her brother doesn’t mean you figured her all out! She could’ve been thinking of suicide and you wouldn’t have known! Get to know your family being family doesn’t mean you know each other in and out you can’t even describe your sister correctly! A part of her died and you wouldn’t have noticed because you witnessed them breaking apart not knowing where your sister actually is. I know you are now protective of the little girl but please let Nass. be a kid she hasn’t shown herself alot in the past so take it easy. It isn’t your fault for them to be taken away just take your time to get to know this one part of your sister

Elmis: You better think logically about this whole thing! You just made your daughter run away and now not even you can return her to her body and you only seem to be able to blame a FIVE-YEAR-OLD CHILD! Nass doesn’t even know what’s happening and you making her state unstable is definitely not helping anyone but the person that want to steal her and you know how many times it happened before you can’t keep your eyes on her and still hate her. They are both your daughters now they only have one body whatever your excuse is they are together and now that you and Garmond tried to separate them for all you know your daughter could be dead

NB: don’t you all act! Be yourselves yes you are all connected by one soul but you are still you and don’t you even think about saying this is all a dream! If you keep saying you are in a coma sleeping that as well can be true! and believe me your coma won’t be pretty

Nada: strong girl teach those NB’s how it is to be themselves you connected them and now you can connect them to their true self believe in yourself and it willl all come back to you


When you’re younger than a millenial and can give legit life advice :joy:


Hoy I give good advice.


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Keala: You don’t have to prove yourself all the time, just be content with yourself.
Chase: I sound like a parent, but let go of the ‘bad girl’ identity. You’re only hurting youself and those you love.


Ekko: Dearest Ekko, just because someone’s dying anyway, it doesn’t mean you should just kill them. I get that you’re trying to be nice, but there is no way it ever ends well.


tuesday: just open up to people, okay? maybe the reason they avoid you isn’t purely because they know what happened to you and don’t know what to say to make it better, but also because you’re so damn unapproachable.


… I feel bad for Tuesday


Aneira: Don’t be so reckless. There’s no need to rush head first in to situations. You could get hurt or worse. And don’t be so stubborn. Your friends are just trying to help you. They aren’t trying to get in your way. And be just a little more trusting. Just a little bit.

Lydia: You can’t trust everyone Lydia. Some people just are no good. It’s fine to talk to them and be friendly. But don’t put your trust in people who will ultimately betray you. Use your head more ok?

Kit: You know this. I know this. But I’m just going to say it anyway. Curiosity hurts sometimes. You can’t be too curious. It will get you in trouble. I know you want to know but knowing isn’t always good. Remember that ok?

Rain: You can’t save everyone, Rain. You’re only human after all. You can’t save everyone. But that doesn’t mean you can’t save the ones you love or the ones near you. Remember that.


Margo: Life is going to get better. Yes your sister Savannah died and your trying to make sense of it all. Just remember to make something of your life because life is short. Accomplish your dreams and don’t be afraid. If your sister can do it, so can you!

Steve: Losing a wife and child is hard and so is being alone every night. Don’t be afraid to grieve. Eventually it’ll get better. You’re young, so it shouldn’t be hard to find love again. Keep your heart open and take it one day at a time.


Amaranth: Don’t concern yourself with what “could be” or “could’ve been”. You have as many options as you could wish for now. For those you might think are pressing, do believe they are indeed not pressing like they are telling you, because I am sure your burning soul can wait until the world’s safe before deciding the girl with the privilege to host you during the War Vacations…

Sydney: Indulge into your more base instincts. You’re elegant and attractive and wear very little for a pretty boy. Why not put those sultry legs to good use with your tomboyish crush?

Aston: Trust me when I tell you your future will not be horrible and definitely not normal. You’ll be joining the club soon.


Oh boy, this is a fun thread.

Isaiah: Focus on yourself for once. You don’t need to constantly make sure that literally everyone else in your life is okay- you’re going to burn out pretty soon, and then you’ll be the one who needs help. Yes, continue to be supportive, but you need to learn to accept help as well as you give it.

Trent: You’re going through a horrible tragedy- but it’s not because of you. You were involved with it, but what happened was not in any way, shape or form deserving of your blame. Mourn for your loss, but don’t let it destroy you.

Shannon: I understand completely that you’re trying to be helpful, but you need to stop centering yourself and your opinion every time you speak about the tragedy. You are not the center of it, Anna is. And don’t ever say that you understand your girlfriend’s pain. Breaking up with a partner is not and never will be comparable to the death of a close loved one.