Give Your Characters Meaningful Life Advice



These characters are in a mystery story…so I have to be kinda vague or risk giving the culprit away.

Brian: You really should stop obsessing over finding Anonymous. You are neglecting your safety, the safety of your team and your best friend to solve this mystery. I know you are naturally curious and you love solving puzzles but need to let it go and allow the police to handle it, before it’s too late. You are not a professional, you are one teenage boy. Tell the Dean.

Kat: You need to let go of the past. You also need to stop putting yourself and your friends over the safety of the camp, especially since you are the student camp adviser. You are taking on too much and you need to open up to other people. Most of all, you need to stop admiring your crush from a distance and GO AFTER YOUR MAN!

Serena: You need to admit when you’ve treated someone wrong. Quit being a bitch to everyone you know, including your friends. Your bullying is what caused your situation in the first place. Life isn’t all about popularity or pushing people down to bring yourself higher. And stop seeking revenge on Anonymous. They already took you down once…they can do it again.



Kate: Everything is not about Jessica. People are trying to help you move on and love you but you are obesessed with someone who is perfectly fine. Take care of yourself, have a breather.

Jackson: Although it might be hard to win Kate’s heart she doesn’t need a lover. She needs someone to help her move on.

Beatrice: Deceiving Jessica was a bad idea. You should have kept quiet. If you fins Jessica, tell her how you feel.

Jessica: Be careful with your choices. You are walking on thin ice


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Kai: If you keep on being a A**Hole for the rest of your life, your going to lose the people you truly care about. So have a little compassion to the people around you.

Robin: I can’t stand the fact you are too nice, but I like it that way and don’t ever change even if it’s for Kai. Being nice is not weakness nor vulnerability. It’s a weapon. Keep killing people with kindness, it always works.

Is what I would say…teehee


I like this so I’m going to give it a go.

Avril: you need to stop to have trust in Erik’s decisions, he’s just trying to better the both of you. You need to stop having this fear of the future and being hard on yourself every time something goes wrong, you’re not under your parents’ control anymore. It’s okay to make mistakes regardless of the outcomes, you’re human. No one expects you to be the poster woman for having complete control of your life. I want you to live your life to the fullest.

Erik: I know your life has been hard and seeing what happened to your mother at such a young age is terrifying, but you need to let people in. Being open with people is healthy and your cousin will get better with time, but you also need to get better. She may have self destructed now, but you are heading down the same path. So, when Avril wants to be there for you, don’t push her away. You want hero be happy and you think she could never be happy with someone like you, but you are the reason she is happy; you show her a whole new world she has never seen before!


Ignatius: Seriously, stop trying to fight everyone. I’ll give you a lifetime supply of chill pills if I need to. And find some better sources of energy aside from your tea. It’s over-stimulating your already-over-stimulated brain, geez. (Also, Tross isn’t worth your time. He’s not as much of a threat as half the government, get your priorities straight!)

Sylph: Change is normal. Change requires adaptation. Don’t resist it- you’ll be left behind.


Connie: I get it you want to be a rock star and doesn’t want to be part of your step-mom business. But, you have to take responsibility and face your problem with no hesitation, also next time don’t make a deal to a shady government running in a dark dimension full of monsters, aliens and demons ever again. Rock all the way to your goals!

(separate story)

Zee: I know what ever I say won’t help patch up the trauma and despair you’ve been through. The world that you and your siblings are stuck in is no different than your own, there is no hero or villain. You have a hard choices whether you pick or not, consequences that take you to different paths, and changes that shapes you in many forms. This might sound bullshit, even though you’re mute make your action speak louder than words.


Jeen: It’s okay to cry. It’s okay to ask for help. It’s okay to show emotion. You’re still human, and human’s can’t be strong and tough all the time. I know you hate change, but don’t fight it. If you don’t accept the change coming you will never move forward. Some things can’t go back to the way they were. I also know how much you care about Roman, he’s your brother after all, but he can take care of himself. It’s you that you need to worry about sometimes.

Roman: I’m sorry you were lied to. It sucks. One day you’ll be okay, but for now try to stay out of trouble. I know you want to help, you want to get back at Lionel, but just keep your head down - even if you hate it. Don’t shove your pain and feelings away, because if you do that they’ll never leave. And for once just listen to Shane.

Wen: stop being so sullen. Jk, you’re pretty cool, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise


Dyllan : Goddammit, kid. it’s okay to live! You don’t need to constantly think about work and the future to the point where you neglect the present and the people around you. It’s okay to breathe, and rest, and embrace your feelings - especially since one of your main allies is very good at emotional shit.

Also, not part of the novel I’ve begun to publish, but - James : Stereotypical as hell, but believe in yourself! You got a lot going for you, and some really great people helping you along the way. Also, don’t idolize, and try working more as to what the terms “good vs. evil” really mean. It will really help you in the long run.



Dmitri: You sir, you need google maps.

Anyways in seriousness…

Dmitri: You need to stop running away from your problems and be stronger than that. The past and your experiences make you stronger, but they don’t truly define you. You didn’t choose to become a cambion, but there may be a reason why you’re born like that. Your world, your country, may be against you for something you did not wish, but being able to stand up and prove them that you are like no other evil cambions that they believe to be.

Rin: You need to learn how to move on. You promised your younger brother you would see the other side of the world yourself, right? Dmitri gave you another chance to keep being the loving big brother you were. Don’t let that fade.

Ratesh: Don’t be so harsh on yourself. Being in the midst of two cultures is rough. Being a prince makes it worse, because everyone is aware of your existence. Everyone stares at you because you’re darker in skin color than everyone in your ruling country. Tell your kingdom this; you will be the greatest king of Aggora, and your unique appearance will make you stand out even more in history.

Keri: You prove yourself to be a strong woman, defending the oppressed men in your matriarchal country. Never let that dignity fade, as you are the messenger of the world. You know both extremities of power, and you know what true equality looks like.

Greta: Never hide who you are. Know yourself that you can trust people when you need them. It is a man’s world in the Kivan Empire, but as long as you have the will and strength, anything is possible. Show them you are worth to this world!


Carolina : sit down and meditate before you drown in your emotions. You’re going to be fine babe. You always feel crazy and overemotional but you’re okay and it’s going to be okay. You’re beautiful hun.

Rory : just because things aren’t going well for you doesn’t give you a free pass be an asshole. Let go of all the anger and stop ruining good things for yourself. Let yourself love and be loved.

Marla : you’re a beautiful girl inside and out. your options are open. Don’t be bitter because it feels like guys only want your body. You’re worth it and you deserve all the love in the world.

Isabel : you’re a caring, sweet little hunny bun, don’t let anyone take advantage of that. Don’t let anyone ruin your innocence and your curious little spirit. Everyone needs you or the lights will get dim.

Lucas : stop being so indecisive, you know who you are and what you want. Recognize yourself. You’re a smooth, charming, funny boy and everyone knows it but you. You need to sit down and appreciate yourself.


To all my characters: “D.T.A.” - Don’t trust anybody.


Elena: You are too impulsive, you need to think before you act. You also need to watch your mounth, there is a clear difference between what you want things to be and how they are! You want free speech, perfect, that doesn’t mean you can have it right now, there are several occasions where Claudio stopped you right before you said something that could end with the police at your door if there happened to be Internal Intelligence Undercovers near. And you should always assume there are

Isabel: You really need to start caring more about the world that revolves you, your apolitical viewpoint is dangerous. I know you fear the Authority, and you and your family really feel like, if they keep their collective heads down, they will be safe. They might be somewhat right, but trust me, being apolitical is not a good choice. Something funny is that this advise would probably end up killing her if she truly took it by the first chapters. But in the ending she has severe deppression because she feels like a coward for not doing anything

Claudio: You are a sweet person, there truly is no intention to harm anyone in your heart. And you always look for a way to please everyone. And that’s the problem. You live in a dangerous world. And unfortunaly your family decided to take the Collaborationist Path and you followed them. You must understand the kind of society you live in and what your decition truly means: You are with the Authority. You can’t have this infantile vision that all that truly matters to you are your friends. You are part of the Authority, it’s members are expected to have an absurdly blind loyalty, and the formula to get a painful death is to betray them. I know that Elena has been your best friend since you were babies, but she made a choice to join a rebel group. While fully counciouss that this could and most probably would end with her death

Maria, your thirst of power is strong, to the point where it doesn’t let you see clearly. The Authority knows when they are looking at a power-seeker, and not a true devoted member, you are a High School Director. And you should be happy with that. Usually power-seekers work as accountants permanently trying to get a promotion

Teacher Miguel. YOU ARE AN IDIOT, you were successful out of pure luck, but you basically created a rebel group composed of TEENS, FROM THE SAME FUCKING SCHOOL, do you know how easy it was for Internal Intelligence to relate enemy casualties with students from that school simply dissapearing? It took them three days to notice the pattern, THREE DAYS MATE. Look for better strategies on how to overthrown a global totalitarian government next time, my dude

Julia. Relax a little, politics doesn’t have to be all your life. I mean, the objetive of the Authority is to create a society in which it is, but you don’t have to give example. Relax, go drink a beer, make friends, be happy. You act like if the Authority is all that matters to you, but deep down in your heart, you can’t let another human being die, this is what ended you. I’m sorry, you were the one who choose the Collaborationist Path

Amanda, you big fucking idiot. Double-agent? Seriously? You don’t have the trust of the Authority, the Authority simply sees you as a tool of controlling student movement and behaviour, you are quite literally the lowest rank in the Authority, you are part of the Law Enforcement that does not even provoke death or torture, you are the part that takes care of fucking kids, you are not valuable for them, you should not try to fake reports to move them away from rebels, you are not even designed to follow rebels unless extreme circumstances happen. If you just realized this in time…

Gabriel, you are the Governor of a piece of the world, a piece of the world that used to be a country. You are quite literally the President of that country, even though it’s no longer called like that. It doesn’t matter how small it is, it was a country. You live under a Global Totalitarian Dictatorship, so your position is more akin to a Mayor or a Governor (Which is the title actually), and people still haven’t fully assimilated into the new culture. Since Global Authority hides their identities, you are literally the person they think about when people here try to think in the responsable for all the shit happening… GET BETTER FUCKING SECURITY DUDE

Beatriz. You are so cute yet so dark… Can you stop your loyalism for one minute and fucking look at what is happening around you? Can you stop living in a high-class bubble and look at what the Authority is doing? Deep down you understand everything happening is bad, but you are in denial, your parents are important members of the Authority, you are of the High Class, of course, your social status depends on how much do you blindly praise the Authority. But stop fooling yourself. When the Authority literally nukes a city because it was under Rebel Control, killing millions of innocents, you can’t just say “This is not wrong and if you disagree you don’t understand the importance of The Authority”. Think a little for yourself, you don’t have to be so loyalist, at least be a little bit free-thinker in private. I’m not asking for saying things that will get you shoot, just, don’t agree with them so much, they are monsters and you know it

Javiera and Agustin: DON’T JOIN THE ARMY


Daniel: You are a disgusting piece of shit. My advise is to shoot yourself

Macarena: Ironically, this is the opposite of Isabel, you were too scared to do anything but you decided you simply couldn’t keep arms crossed at the end… Maybe you shouldn’t have done that

Ansel: Choose your fucking side. You can’t help the Authority the way you did and then just decide you hate the Authority and are a rebel. I understand that you thought it was “neccesary” but the people of France will never truly trust you after relating your face to the Authority


Victoria: It’s okay to forgive yourself for your past misdeeds. It doesn’t matter who you were as long as you use every day to become the best possible version of yourself. You worry so much about what other people think about you, that you miss out on what a beautiful soul you are. You’re not going to get it right every time, but that doesn’t make you criminal. It makes you human.

Nifylus: Take a deep breath. You can’t do everything by yourself all at once. Also, those weird sensations that accompany your thoughts? Those are called emotions. Every human has them. Experience them and then deal with them. You can’t get rid of them by pretending they don’t exist. Be the better person; holding onto your resentment is going to poison you and everyone you want to be close to.

Dueydalor: Violence solves nothing. Try diplomacy instead.

Domakatet: There are different personalities, and not all of them are going to fit into your idealistic expectations, so stop trying to mold them to be.


Avery: If you want to lead people, you have to be willing to listen to them and accept them for who they are. Trust others to help you.

Vihane: You’ve been taught that you’re worth is tied to a single person’s expectations for you, but that isn’t true. I know it is too late, but if someone had just told you that it is okay to smile, and laugh, and dance, you’re story would have been so different.


Susan: Okay, so you did plenty of bad things in the past. You even destroyed a good dozen or more lives. But it doesn’t mean you have to stay bad. You can change and do the right thing. It is never too late to do the right thing.


Devaki : Life is not for you to please others. Take control of your life my girl and don’t let others decide what you should do and what you shouldn’t.


Serenity: You may be in the service of two different gods and are losing yourself a bit right now. But keep a steady head and keep to your morals. Don’t let either one make you chose what you don’t want to do.


Leo: If you want to live, good. If you want to die, live anyway, someone out there wants you alive.

Zephyr: I told you those elves were crazy.

Jax: Try to get past it, Sam doesn’t see you like you do her, move on.


Sarah, aprende a controlar tu lengua se que no te puedes mantener callada cuando algo te molesta, pero algunas veces es mejor callar para aprender a escuchar lo hermoso de la vida. No te molestes con tu madre muy seguido se que puede ser frustrante escuchar el sueño de vida de tu mama que no es el tuyo y que te lo obligua a vivir pero ese no debe de ser motivo para que te pelees muy seguido.


Dear Nate and Lorenz.

Stop lying and trying to dodge the truth…