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Welcome to my Graphics Shop

I’ve been doing covers for a few
months now, and I find them a lot
of fun to do; however, I’m no

So, here’s the deal:

I’ll make a cover for you. All you
have to do is fill out the form and
complete the payment after you have
been accepted and before I deliver
your cover. Simple!

Payment Options:

~Permanent follow (you must do this)
~Credit to @xangientx either in story description or somewhere in your book
~Read and give an honest and full comment on one of my books

Now, the first payment option is a MUST. The other two
are completely optional, you do not need to do them.


01. Please refrain from cover hopping.
02. Please be patient.
03. Fill out my form.
04. I do accept requests for books yet to be published.
05. Pickup within 3 days of delivery or cover is permanently deleted.
06. Password is favourite candy.

Description: (give me a feel of your story)
Ideas: (please include at least ONE idea)
Inspo: (please include pictures/links and at least one cover I can use for inspo)
Anything Else:


tfs 1572308535-removebg-preview 1572297047-removebg-previewWhen%20She%20Calls

theshadoww misconceptions12tdcmockup

Thank you for stopping by and/or
for requesting. Goodluck and au


  1. @JasmineTheDreamer C/W 198
  2. @haileyvanisko1 C/W 207

~IP = In Progress
~P = Pending -semi-accepted-
~NS = Not Started
~C/W = Completed and waiting for pickup


Title: Rogue to Alpha
Subtitle: NA
Author: morgansmith159
Description: (give me a feel of your story) It’s still evolving but a rogue werewolf forms her own pack made of other rogues and they fight against the packs that tortured and starved them.
Mood/Colours: Dark and challenging
Ideas: (please include at least ONE idea) White wolf is the main character, her human form she is blonde headed with brown eyes, maybe in a foggy forest?
Inspo: (please include pictures/links to inspiration I can use for your cover)
Anything Else: I’m super excited! And thank you! Milky way.


Please re-read the
rules and fix your
form before I can
fully accept you.

I think it is fixed now, if not I’m not sure what I am overlooking :sweat_smile:

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Perfect! I’ll get your cover to you as soon as possible :slight_smile:

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Hey, @morgansmith159 !
I finished your cover
and ended up making two.
Please tell me if you’d
like any minor changes.
If you like one, please let
me know so I can give you
just your cover without the
mockup. Thanks so much
for requesting!


Title: To Slay A Vampire
Subtitle: N/A
Author: H.L.Wright
Genre: Vampire/Fantasy/Romance
Description: (give me a feel of your story) One fine morning, in the middle of a wedding, Rosie meets a vampire. A royal vampire. And promptly falls head over heels in love. Which is a shame, as Rosie’s father hunts vampires for a living.
Mood/Colours: Dark, blacks and reds.
Ideas: (please include at least ONE idea) A simple black background with a wooden stake going through a crown and blood dripping from the crown.
Inspo: (please include pictures/links to inspiration I can use for your cover) Not sure there is any that i can think of to find.
Anything Else: I’m english and not a big fan of sweets, so I would say Maltesers chocolate. and thankyou for considering!


Let me see what I
can do for you! If
you find any inspo,
please feel free to
post and share with
me, thank you. :slight_smile:

I love them! I think I like the first one more! But no changes are needed! Thank you

Awesome, here you

Can click and download from here.

Thankyou! Crown-wise, I would like something like this:

Awesome, thank you!



Hey, @HLWrightSV !
I finished your cover
and ended up making
three. Each as a small
variation from the last.
Please tell me if you’d
like any minor changes
or if you’d like to use one.
If so, please complete
payment so I can give
you just your cover
without the mockup.
Thanks for requesting!

[cover not picked up on time]

holy hell they’re incredible! Thankyou!

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I’m glad you like
them:) Do you have
a preference or any
changes you’d like
to one?



Title: A Thin Line
Author: Just Another Newbie
Genre: Romance
Description: Randhir Singh Shekhawat hates his classmate Sanyukta Agarwal more than anyone else in the world. Too bad he has to deal with her in class. And the library, laboratory and after school club. Lately, she’s even been in his dreams.

It’s a college romance, it’s set in India
Mood/Colours: I’d like it to be bright colours and not too crowded. The story is light-hearted, a lot of pranks and fights along with the romance.
Ideas: Something with the title on top and an image at the bottom, really simple, and a bright background
Inspo: (please include pictures/links to inspiration I can use for your cover) !
These two people are how I picture the main characters (param singh and harshita gaur are the actors, in case you want to google) and I like this image since it’s playful, but if you can find one with them annoying each other, that would be perfect! If you want to use other Indians, that’s cool too.
**Anything Else:**My favourite candy is Mars Bars

Title: MIST
Description: Its about a woman(werewolf) who has been wrongly accused and framed for the deaths of countless werewolves. (The story contains witches and hunters. In the story, one of her love interest is a witch while the other is a hunter)
Mood/colors: Dark and mysterious (Like dark romance type)
Ideas: Main male protagonist is a witch named MIST. He should have hair covering one of his eyes and his other eye should have an iris which is a mixture of white and light blue. His hair can be raven black or black with shades of blue blending in. You don’t necessarily need to show his complete face. It could be like the cover in the link below but with a fantasy element.

Anything else: Thank you! My favorite chocolate is LINDOR.