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so this has been happening ever since i started writing and i’m not sure if i’m the only one experiencing this. anyway, whenever i start a paragraph on my computer, i always add an indent in the beginning. but it always seems to go away whenever i make slight changes to the chapter on my PHONE. so when i go back to check the chapters again on my computer, all the indents are gone and i have to start all over with the spacings. BUT the weird thing is that on my phone, the indents are still present and it doesn’t affect the already published chapters as well. i know it’s not a big deal but i’m just paranoid that one day everything will glitch and my published chapters turn into the unedited versions of the chapters. please help!


This has been happening to me too! I’m going to stalk this thread to see if anyone has an answer :sweat_smile:


Does this describe your problem?
If not send a report ticket to HQ and explain the problem you have


How are you indenting? Spaces? Paragraph formatting?
What word processor are you using?


Don’t indent on Wattpad. The system isn’t set up for it. Instead Wattpad uses extra space between paragraphs.


spaces. i don’t use any word processor i just add spaced on the wattpage itself


That’s the problem. A wattpad page is HTML and HTML drops duplicate spaces.

Don’t indent. Instead, put a blank line between paragraphs.




Hi, this isn’t really a topic for the Industry Insider, but Im pleased to see the issue was identified for you. In case issues persists when not indenting the text, I suggest you raise a ticket; this you can do easily by clicking on the “Help” button under your profile.
I’ll go ahead and close this thread for you

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